Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1034: The Heavenly Enchantress? Muer?

Chapter 1033: Fighting Zaar Caiyun (Three)

The sudden change in Jian Chens presence immediately lead to a change in Zaar Caiyuns expression. She could not help but slightly slow down her strike heading at Jian Chen.

This was all because in that moment, Zaar Caiyun seemed to feel that Jian Chen was no longer made of flesh and blood and was instead a sharp sword that stood in the world, radiating with a shocking sword Qi. Zaar Caiyun felt like she was looking at a sword when she faced against Jian Chen, which shocked her greatly.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian all tensed up as well. They stared at Jian Chen in surprise. Thoughts similar to what Zaar Caiyun was experiencing appeared in their heads as well. The current Jian Chen did not seem like a person to them, rather a sword, a divine sword.

“I- is this a battle skill?” Hei Yu stared unblinkingly at Jian Chen as he murmured.

The Saint Rulers of the eight clans and the people from the Radiant Saint Master Union all stared at Jian Chen in shock from afar as well. Disbelief flooded their faces; in that moment, all of them held their breaths, unwilling to inhale any of the air in the surroundings since it seemed to be filled with sharp sword Qi. Just a breath of it would cause piercing pain to their organs.

A sliver of haziness appeared in Jian Chens eyes, but it quickly cleared up. He seemed to have understood something right now, having obtained a grasp on something unclear. With the Emperor Armament in his hand, he slowly stabbed out according to a feeling that had sprung up from nowhere in his head.

Jian Chens stroke seemed slow, but it was extremely fast. It was disillusioning. An extremely pure sword Qi erupted as the sword traveled, causing the surrounding space to collapse.

This was true sword Qi. It was extremely sharp and acute, much, much mightier than sword Qi condensed from power. It made people feel like it was unstoppable.

As the Emperor Armament struck the sword in Zaar Caiyuns hands, the sword Qi actually knocked her sword away while the Emperor Armament continued on with no reduction in force. It stabbed at Zaar Caiyuns chest with unstoppable momentum.

Spurt! The Emperor Armament stabbed into Zaar Caiyuns chest, impaling her. In that moment, the sharp sword Qi and destructive Chaotic Force wreaked havoc on Zaar Caiyuns organs, turning them to mush.

Zaar Caiyun groaned as she stared at the Emperor Armament in her body in disbelief. He refused to believe that she could be injured by Jian Chen with her current strength.

But the next moment, her left hand struck Jian Chens chest with lightning speed. Terrifying Saint Force surged from her palm, breaking through the defense of Jian Chens body with supreme power and knocking him away as he vomited blood. Meanwhile, the sword in her chest was withdraw as Jian Chen catapulted away.

“Jian Chen, I never thought that youd have a Saint Tier Battle Skill as well. Since Ive seen your Saint Tier Battle Skill, its time for you to taste mine.” Zaar Caiyuns power did not decrease. Despite the sliver of paleness on her face, she remained extraordinarily mighty, as if her injuries were nothing to her.

A terrifying presence began to radiate from her body, filling up the surroundings as it made the sky shake. At that moment, Zaar Caiyun seemed to have become a war god as she radiated with a tremendous presence, able to destroy her surroundings.

The surrounding air became thick as even space began to solidify bit by bit. A terrifying pressure descended. It seemed to originate from the surroundings, immediately causing mountains to collapse and the ground to sink.

Casting a Saint Tier Battle Skill with her strength at the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint King, possessed the power to destroy the surroundings.

Jian Chen was knocked a thousand meters away before coming to a halt. Blood ran down from the corner of his lips as a temporary sense of confusion and doubt clouded his eyes. He was still thinking about the moment when he had attacked before.

Jian Chen seemed to have entered a wondrous mental state earlier, as if he had become a sword and was no longer a human. The attack before was also performed casually as he followed the feeling, yet the power within it far surpassed what he should have been in possession of, strong enough to injure Zaar Caiyun who was at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

However, he had lost that wondrous feeling now. He could not use a similar attack again.

“Way of the Tyrants Sword, Galaxy-devouring Sword!” At that moment, a cry rang through the sky. Zaar Caiyun had already reached an altitude of ten kilometers as she glowed with a deep azure light. Terrifying ripples of energy radiated from her body as a huge, hundred-meter-long sword condensed above her. It shot towards Jian Chen with incomparable force.

As the sword shot through the sky, the originally-bright sky began to darken. Even the energy of the world and invisible World Force that filled space itself vanished. The sword of energy seemed to have devoured all the energy and light.

Jian Chen became unprecedentedly stern. Zaar Caiyun, even without casting the Saint Tier Battle Skill, was not someone he could defeat, and with the Saint Tier Battle Skill, it made it even more impossible for victory. Just resisting would become extremely difficult.

With a thought, a golden streak of light immediately shot out from the center of his eyebrows. It quickly transformed into a hundred-meter-tall golden tower that shined with a blinding light.

The Octoterra Divine Hall had already been devastated by Kaiser, so it was unable to be used so soon. Only the saint artifact could block Zaar Caiyuns Saint Tier Battle Skill now.

Boom! A deafening sound erupted when the Saint Tier Battle Skill collided with the saint artifact. Casting a Saint Tier Battle Skill with her strength as an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King was already on par with the casual strike of a Saint Emperor. It was extremely terrifying, knocking the saint artifact far away.

“Way of the Tyrants Sword, Void-annihilating Sword!” Zaar Caiyuns cold voice rang out in the sky once again. She did not stop with her attacks. Another hundred-meter-long sword condensed above her head, shooting towards Jian Chen at the speed of lightning.

The sword was filled with destructive energy, reducing the space of wherever it passed into darkness.

“Way of the Tyrants Sword, World-obliterating Storm of Swords!”

The Way of the Tyrants Sword was a Saint Tier Battle Skill with three attacks. As soon as the second attack was launched, Zaar Caiyun followed up with the third attack.

Immediately, a hundred, or even a thousand, swords appeared around her. All of the swords were condensed from energy, and every single one of them was ten meters long and radiated with a terrifying aura. None of them were any weaker than the first two attacks.

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