Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1036: Meeting Yang Ling Again (One)

After Zaar Caiyun buried her feelings in her heart for so long, they finally exploded without restraint. Her bone-piercing tenderness, and her unchangeable stubbornness deeply moved Hao Wus heart and caused it to tremble.

“Caiyun, it was me who has no right to see you. I have no right to see you. Im the one who cant make it up to you. Its me.” Hao Wu sobbed painfully with his eyes closed, as sorrow filled his face as well.

Bright blood constantly flowed from the corner of Zaar Caiyuns mouth. She slowly raised her jade-white hand and gently touched Hao Wus weathered face. Her eyes were no longer as cold and emotionless as before. Instead, tenderness filled her eyes. She said softly, “Hao Wu, I dont blame you. Ive never blamed you, nor have I been mad at you. Because back then, before my family, you had no power to resist. Even I could not avoid the arrangements of my family.”

“But its different now. We both possess great strength now. We both have the authority to speak and make decisions before the clan. Hao Wu, did you know that I longed for you in every moment of those years, longing to be with you, to spend our days freely like before and living by the sword. Are you willing to be with me now?” Zaar Caiyun stared stubbornly at Hao Wu, as anticipation filled her.

At that moment, the sky became abnormally silent. Other than the wild wind, there was only Hao Wu and Zaar Caiyuns voice.

All the Saint Rulers from the eight clans flew over. They stood silently in the distance, as they watched everything unfold. All of their expressions were extremely mixed, while quite a few of them stared fixedly at Zaar Caiyun.

Very few of the people among them knew about Zaar Caiyuns past. They all found it extremely unbelievable that their most powerful ancestors love for Hao Wu was so deep, and that it did not change even after several thousand years.

Zaar Veimos stood with the many Saint Rulers of the Zaar family, as they stared at the two of them with mixed emotions. Deep regret was present.

Back then, they had ignored the painful pleas of Zaar Caiyun and forcefully separated the two of them. This was because Hao Wu was just a slightly talented mercenary. He drifted through the continent without a definite residency, and did not possess any background. How could someone like that catch the eyes of the Zaar family that controlled one of the seven capitals of the city?

Meanwhile, Zaar Caiyun was the most outstanding person of the family. She was talented, clever and a devastating beauty, the previous ancestor of the clan viewed her as a treasure of the clan. They loved her dearly, but how could they let such an impressive clan member marry a mercenary that did not even have a home? As a result, a series of matters followed.

However, the Zaar family had never thought that the mercenary who could only be considered as slightly talented would actually have such great potential. He became one of the few supreme experts of the continent after several thousand years and became an existence that the Zaar family needed to treat with importance.

However, the Zaar family had just committed too many things that could not be made up to Hao Wu. With the mistakes already committed, it was extremely difficult for them to avoid the consequences, which was why Hao Wu had always stayed in the Holy Empire. However, his relationship with the Zaar family was ambiguous, it was uncertain whether it was hostile or not.

Also, Zaar Veimos knew that with Hao Wus connections, he possessed the power to take revenge against the Zaar family many years ago. However, he never did it, all because of Zaar Caiyun.

Jian Chen put away his Emperor Armament and hovered in the sky without any presence like an ordinary person. He stared quietly at the two of them as mixed emotions filled his eyes. The light in his eyes flickered, as he was thinking of something.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect silently stood with Jian Chen.

Hao Wu closed his eyes painfully once more, as he listened to Zaar Caiyun. He did not reply even after a very long time.

Zaar Caiyun stared at him for a very long time, before she became dejected. Tears rolled uncontrollably down her cheeks, “Hao Wu, I know you still love me. Youve always loved me, right?”

Hao Wu nodded his head gently without saying anything.

“The main reason why youre unwilling to be with me is because of your daughter, right? Youre afraid that your daughter will never forgive you, right?” asked Zaar Caiyuns in a pained voice.

“Im sorry, Cai Yun!” Hao Wu rubbed Cai Yuns cheeks gently as pain filled his heart. Clearly, he had always been deeply in love with Zaar Caiyun, but he could not be with his lover due to certain reasons. He had not even met her in three whole thousand years.

Zaar Caiyuns lips curled into a smile, as she slowly closed her eyes in a satisfied manner. She said gently, “Hao Wu, I may not be able to be with you, but I am already very satisfied to be able to feel your embrace once more.” With that, her body suddenly jolted. Immediately, blood sprayed from her mouth. She also began to pale, and her expression became horrible. She was close to death.

Hao Wus expression greatly changed. His eyes snapped open in that instant, as he stared at Zaar Caiyun in disbelief. He cried out, “Caiyun, Caiyun, what are you doing?! Youve severed your meridians to your heart! Why are you so muddleheaded!?”

“Since living means pain, I might as well just die. Itll be better than suffering every day. Hao Wu, I hope we can meet again in our future lives.” Zaar Caiyuns face was ashen. She wanted to die now and did not desire to continue living.

Afterward, a faint ball of flames emerged from Zaar Caiyuns head. She was currently using a secret technique to burn her soul.

“Caiyun, dont, dont do this…” Hao Wu paled in fright. He became stunned as everything had occurred just too suddenly.

“Caiyun, stop!” Zaar Veimos also paled, as he cried out in a panic.

“Ancestor…” The Saint Rulers all became shocked as well, as they called out sorrowfully.

Jian Chens expression also changed slightly, as he stood from afar. He turned to Rui Jin and said, “Senior Rui Jin, please stop her.”

Rui Jin nodded and silently arrived before Zaar Caiyun. He directly struck toward her head with his palm.

“Dont harm Caiyun!” Hao Wu thought that Rui Jin wanted to kill Zaar Caiyun. He immediately tried to block the attack, as he cried out.

“If you dont want her soul wiped out, dont interfere,” Rui Jin growled. His left hand changed between seals, and he immediately cast a secret technique of the Dragon clan to immobilize Hao Wu. His right palm continued mercilessly toward Zaar Caiyuns head.

Rui Jin immediately extinguished the flames on her head, and her soul stopped burning. Rui Jin had forcefully obstructed her suicide attempt, but her soul was greatly injured. She became unconscious.

Hao Wu recovered his freedom very quickly. He retreated hastily with Zaar Caiyun in his arms, and he pulled far away from Rui Jin. He stared at Zaar Caiyun in panic, as he constantly shook her.” Caiyun, Caiyun, what has happened to you? What has happened to you?”

Zaar Veimos also arrived before Hao Wu. His expression was filled with sorrow, as he stared painfully at the unconscious Zaar Caiyun. He was filled with regret over the decision he had made all those years ago.

“Her soul is currently extremely heavily injured, and she has fallen conscious. Coupled with the fact that she only wants to die, itll be impossible for her to wake up in a short amount of time,” Rui Jin said nonchalantly, as he stared deeply at Zaar Caiyun.

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