Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1037: Meeting Yang Ling Again (Two)

Chapter 1036: Meeting Yang Ling Again (One)

“Caiyun, youre so muddleheaded. You really are so muddleheaded. Why did you do something like this? Why?” Hao Wu was torn with grief. He touched Zaar Caiyuns pale face with his coarse hand. His heart ached.

Zaar Veimos face was streaked with tears. He too was in great sorrow when he saw the pained state of his great-granddaughter since she was like this due to him. It was because of the matter all those years ago that led to the horrible relationship between him and Zaar Caiyun.

“Sigh, I regret, I regret,” Zaar Veimos said painfully. Zaar Caiyuns state would severely affect the power of the clan.

“Caiyun, wake up. Quickly wake up. Ill take you back home, to the home that belongs to us. Well live the life we once had,” Hao Wu murmured quietly since he wanted to wake her up. However, Zaar Caiyuns eyes did not even twitch, as if she had not heard him at all.

“Hao Wu, give Caiyun to me. The Zaar family will use everything we have to save her,” Zaar Veimos said to Hao Wu.

A sharp light immediately flickered through Hao Wus sorrowful gaze when he heard that. He stared at Zaar Veimos in resentment and coldly said, “Zaar Veimos, think about what you did all those years ago. What dignity do you have left to take Caiyun from me? You dont even have that right. Zaar Veimos, if it werent for Caiyun, did you really think that your Zaar family would have been able to be as carefree as it is now?”

Hao Wus words were like drenching Zaar Veimos in cold water. His entire body became cold as he stood there blankly. His soul seemed to have left his body.

Then, Hao Wu looked at Jian Chen. He quickly glanced past Rui Jin and Hei Yu from the corner of his eyes. A sliver of fear appeared in the depths of his eyes as he said, “Jian Chen, Caiyun is no longer a member of the Zaar family. Now that she has fallen into such a miserable state, I hope you can wipe the slate between you and her. Any matters of the Zaar family have nothing to do with. Does that satisfy you?”

Jian Chens expression was extremely mixed. He slowly nodded and said, “Senior Hao Wu, allow me to ask you one question. What is your relationship with the Heavenly Enchantress?” Although Jian Chen had already guessed that Hao Wu was her father, he wanted to confirm it.

Hao Wus face immediately darkened with that. He said dejectedly, “Shes my daughter, but she does not recognize me as her father.” Hao Wu became filled with pain when Jian Chen mentioned the Heavenly Enchantress. His heart ached.

Although he had known it would be like this beforehand, Jian Chen still gasped inside after he learned this news from Hao Wu personally.

Jian Chen calmed down very quickly. He slowly flew to Hao Wus side and stared at the unconscious Zaar Caiyun with mixed feelings. After hesitating slightly, Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes.

Immediately, a ball of extremely dense, milky-white light began to radiate from Jian Chen. It encased his entire body and obscured his appearance. Jian Chen seemed to have become a radiant god that was bathing in the light. His stern expression was filled with a divine awe, as if he could not be impinged upon.

“This is the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force. I never thought he had already reached the 7th Class.” The president and grand elder of the Radiant Saint Master Union both cried out when they saw this. They were astounded. Although Jian Chen had taken away the saint artifact of the union, it was not easy for a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. It was definitely unprecedented on the continent for someone at Jian Chens age to reach the 7th Class.

“He really is a prodigy. Though its a pity…” The president shook his head as he sighed. Pity flooded his face.

Jian Chen had personally used the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force to heal Zaar Caiyun. His decision regarding Zaar Caiyun was displayed through this action.

Although he and the Heavenly Enchantress were not married, matters that only occured after marriage had happened between them. The Heavenly Enchantress was Hao Wus daughter while Hao Wu and Zaar Caiyun were deeply in love with each other. Their deep affection had moved Jian Chen. Jian Chen had no idea just what had happened between the three of them to cause such a complicated situation, but just from their relationship on the surface, Jian Chen was certain of his choice.

If he continued his attempts on Zaar Caiyuns life, Hao Wu would definitely fight him to the death. His relationship with Hao Wu would also become one of hostilility, which was not something Jian Chen wanted to see.

Also, the Heavenly Enchantress had secretly prevented the battle between the two of them just as they were about to clash. Perhaps, the Heavenly Enchantress did not want to see her father fight with Jian Chen in such a life-or-death fashion.

He had learned from Hao Wu that the Heavenly Enchantress had never recognized him as a father, but they were still father and daughter after all.

The wound from Rui Jins Sacred Dragons Sword was rather severe. The powerful origin energy had devoured her flesh and formed a fist-sized hole, but with the regenerative properties of Radiant Saint Force origin energy, Jian Chen only needed a single strand to completely heal Zaar Caiyun. However, she did not awaken.

Jian Chens actions greatly moved Hao Wu, and he constantly thanked Jian Chen. He knew Jian Chens background very well. Jian Chen was someone that even the ten protector clans were helpless against. Moreover, he was followed by two extremely powerful experts that even human and magical beast Saint Emperors could do nothing but flee against.

However, Hao Wu had no idea about the connection between Jian Chen and his daughter even now.

“Ive healed all her wounds with my Radiant Saint Force. Though I am helpless when it comes to the injuries of her soul.” Jian Chen gently sighed.

“I will find ways to cure Caiyuns injuries of the soul. Its me who cant make it up to her as well as me who caused her to become like this. I will use the rest of my life to make it up properly to Caiyun.” Hao Wu focused his attention on Zaar Caiyuns face. Then, he left with her in his arms. He disappeared into the horizon very quickly.

“Caiyun!” Zaar Veimos sorrowfully cried out as he stared blankly in the direction she had disappeared in. He was filled with worry and a deep unwillingness to part with her.

At this moment, more and more Saint Rulers hurried over from the surroundings. They watched from afar. They had all been drawn over by the great battle earlier.

Jian Chen casually glanced past the empty space up ahead. His soul was extremely powerful, so he could clearly feel the Saint Kings hiding there. Within them included the ancestor of the Kara clan.

Jian Chen was no longer in the mood to settle his disagreements with the eight clans and the Zaar family after what had happened with Hao Wu. He coldly said to the people of the eight clans, “I will not pursue the matter of you heavily injuring me all those years ago because of senior Hao Wu. You may have escaped death, but you have not escaped punishment.”

With that, all the Saint Rulers of the eight clans relaxed. All of them revealed expressions of relief, like they had just escaped a disaster. What they feared the most was Jian Chen taking revenge for what had happened all those years ago since they would be helpless if he actually took action.

“Jian Chen, my Cheng family is filled with deep regret regarding what we did to you all those years ago. To thank you for not killing me, I will heavily injure myself as the price, to give brother Jian Chen an explanation,” The Saint Ruler of the Cheng family spoke first. He then punched himself in the chest. Blood sprayed from his mouth into the air as he became heavily injured.

Afterward, the other Saint Rulers of the eight clans all heavily injured themselves as well. They were paying the price for what they did all those years ago as well as giving Jian Chen an explanation and thanking him for not killing them.

This scene caused a great discussion to break out among those who were watching. They all began to whisper to one another.

The enmity between Jian Chen and the eight clans from all those years ago could be considered to have reached a complete conclusion. Although Hao Wu and Zaar Caiyun disrupted Jian Chens plans and made him deviate from them, it still could be considered a perfect conclusion.

Then, Jian Chen arrived before the group of people from the Radiant Saint Master Union after he dealt with the eight clans. He clasped his hands and said with mixed emotions, “Jian Chen greets the president and the grand elder.”

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