Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 104: Joining a Mercenary Group

st killing magical beasts for money. Very rarely did they accomplish any missions, so for that reason, they remained to be a D ranked group without having a single chance to prove their strength.

Including Kendall, there were 9 other members within the group, so including Jian Chen, the Flame Mercenaries now had 10 members in total.

According to Kendall, in those 8 members, aside from himself being at the Primary Saint Master stage, 5 members were at the Great Saint stage while the remaining 3 were only at the Saint level.

After he said that, Kendall slapped his forehead as he turned to Jian Chen with a smile, “Ah thats right, brother Jian Chen, I still dont know what type of strength you possess right now.” Although Kendalls heart could only guess that Jian Chen was only at the Saint level due to his young age, but this was only a guess. Until he got a straight answer from Jian Chen, he didnt dare to make a rash conclusion.

With a small chuckle, Jian Chen took out the badge representing him as a mercenary from his Space Belt. This mercenary badge was given to Jian Chen when he first became one, proving that he was a D ranked mercenary.

Seeing the badge, Kendalls face didnt change at all. “Then our Flame Mercenaries have just added another Saint to our ranks. With this increase in strength, hunting magical beasts will be that much easier.”


Jian Chen walked with Kendall for about the time it took for an oil lamp to burn out before finally arriving at an ordinary looking house with broken cobblestone steps leading to it. The house was not very big, and the eaves of the house had plenty of cobwebs hanging about it. Even the walls had many scars from the passage of time and nature. It was clear to see that this house had been in existence in Wake City for many years, but no one had taken care of it.

Kendall walked up to the door of the house and lightly knocked on it. Not too long after, the wooden door opened slightly to reveal the dark skinned head of a person. Judging from his skinny face, the youth looked to be around 26 years old and looked like the type of person to be a snatcher if put within a group of people.

Upon seeing Kendall, the youths face revealed a smile as he said, “Ah, Uncle Kendall, I just knew it was you.”

Soon after, Jian Chen followed Kendall into the room. While the light within the house was dusky, it did not affect Jian Chens vision at all. As Jian Chen looked around the house, he began to take in the sight in its entirety.

The house from the inside wasnt too big, and the layout wasnt complicated at all. Aside from a few plank beds, there was a single long table along with a few stools. In fact, the rooms layout could even be said to be quite crude. On top of the plank beds were a few bored people lazing about with a bottle of wine in their hands. However, when Captain Kendall entered the room, everyone immediately stared at him and started to gather around him.

“Gather around everyone, let me introduce you all to brother Jian Chen. He has just recently joined our Flame mercenaries, and is the youngest out of all the people in our group. Starting today, I hope everyone can take care of him.” As soon as he entered the room, Kendall had pulled Jian Chen along to introduce him.

At this, Jian Chen knew he had to say something. Standing with his feet together and cupping his hands in a salute towards everyone, he smiled. “I am a newcomer here, I hope that everyone will help keep an eye on me!”

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