Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1053: New Master of the Divine Hall (One)

o were still in the mazes before and had yet to reach the final floor learned about what had happened. They were filled with despair and regret. They all left the divine hall in low spirits after a short while.

People constantly left the divine hall, causing the number of people to rapidly fall. In the end, only around a hundred people remained, including the Winged Tiger God and Xie Wang. All of them stared at the formation where the Saint Kings were trapped in worry.

The illusory fairy Hao Yue had already left where she sat before in the sealed room. She left the piece of jade for You Yue. Currently, You Yue lay on the piece of jade and was enveloped by a thick layer of moon essence. With her eyes closed, the dense Moonlight Force around her constantly seeped into her body, rapidly improving her body.

Fairy Hao Yue stared at You Yue in mixed emotions as the moon essence enveloped her. She thought, “The Mirror of the Moon God was specifically created by my father for me. The cultivation method is extremely profound in that it takes from nature itself. My father once told me that I was the only person who could cultivate with it. Any other person who uses it will become eternally doomed. I wonder if passing this cultivation method onto You Yue was the right decision…

“Though, father also once told me that the people who try to use this cultivation method will face the drawbacks once they break through the Origin realm and attain Godhood. Meanwhile, it will be extremely difficult for You Yue to reach Saint Emperor within her life. Even with the support of heavenly resources, her limit will only be Saint King at most. If she cultivates the Mirror of the Moon God right now and has her body modified by the moon essence, she will be able to reach Saint Emperor in the very least. If origin energy was still present, she might even be able to reach the Origin realm.

“She may never attain Godhood from today on, but at least she can live much longer. In that case, I wont really be harming her…”


It had already been half a month since the divine hall had appeared, and it had become extremely crowded outside the divine hall. The air was filled with densely-packed figures everywhere, ranging from Heaven Saint Masters to Saint Kings.

Several great elders had come from the protector clans, and even the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tian Jian, had personally come. The ancestors of many ancient clans had come as well, resulting in the gathering of many Saint Kings. All of them stared at the divine hall with furrowed brows.

The people who had just left the divine hall brought out the latest news with them, allowing everyone to learn that fairy Hao Yue was still alive and that her figure remained in the divine hall. At the same time, they learned how an extremely weak woman had obtained the sceptre and was sent to some unknown place by the throne of the divine hall.

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