Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1058: Xiao Bao

Chapter 1057: Infant

You Yue roughly explained her encounter in the divine hall to Jian Chen, so Jian Chen gained an understanding as well. He felt happy for You Yue fortuitous encounter.

You Yue was only a Heaven Saint Master now, but there were extremely few people who could become Heaven Saint Masters at her age even with the entire Tian Yuan Continent in perspective. You Yues cultivation talent had also undergone an overwhelming change, so her speed at cultivation greatly increased.

Many of the experts from ancient and hermit clans who stayed behind went up to the two of them to congratulate them. They smiled amicably and congratulations constantly rang out. Their attempts to get on Jian Chens good side were obvious, and even two experts from protector clans had gone up to congratulate them, wanting to pull Jian Chen to their side vaguely enough.

Although the ten protector clans were envious of the Winged Tiger God that followed Jian Chen and wanted to take it for themselves, Jian Chen was no longer the weakling from before. He was strong enough where even they themselves needed to be wary and powerful enough where they dared not provoke him easily. The Winged Tiger God following Jian Chen had already become a matter set in stone, so they obviously had no wish of lingering on Jian Chens bad side.

Jian Chen was rather mannerly. He would thank the people who came up to congratulate him politely regardless of actually being acquaintances. You Yue, on the other hand, was once a princess, so she behaved in a very refined manner as well. She thanked them with a faint smile.

Now that the Bright Moon Divine Hall had a master, the disruptions caused by the divine hall finally came to an end. All the experts gathered in outer space dispersed with mixed emotions. Tian Jian spoke a few words to Jian Chen out of courtesy before leaving immediately. Soon after that, only Jian Chens group remained in the same place.

“Yueer, lets go back first,” Jian Chen said to You Yue, before extending his hand around You Yues thin waist. The white tiger and Xie Wang had already entered the artifact space to heal.

You Yue did not stop Jian Chen. She smiled happily as she was embraced around the waist, leaning gently on Jian Chens shoulder. The divine hall had already disappeared silently into her hand.

Jian Chen left outer space with You Yue and Rui Jin, returning to the Tian Yuan Continent. They directly descended to the air above Fragrance River. Although over a month had passed since the divine hall had appeared, its effects still lingered on all the people. Many people had stayed by the river and some people had even set up tents on the two riverbanks. They stared at the sky days on end, wanting to know who the divine hall ended up with in the end.

Jian Chen did not tarry when he returned to the City of God. He found Quan Youcai and Yang Ling, bidding farewell after just a short conversation. He left with Yang Ling.

Hong Lian and Hei Yu remained in the artifact space to recover their strength, so only Rui Jin accompanied them on the way back. He ripped open a Space Gate, going back to the Changyang clan in Lore City.

Zaar Veimos stood on the roof of the Zaar family estate, staring deeply in the direction where Jian Chen had disappeared off to, “Kara Lot of the Kara clan and Kazda Jianxiong of the Kazda clan have both lost all their strength. Theyre extremely weak, and without the two of them, the Kara clan and Kazda clan are extremely fragile. How good of an opportunity, too bad Caiyun… Sigh, I sure do regret the past, I sure do regret the past.” Zaar Veimos was filled with regret.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue currently sat on a huge rock on the mountain of the distant Three Saint Island. They faced the vast ocean where the sea blended with the sky, quietly playing their zithers.

Their abilities at the zither were nowhere near the Heavenly Enchantress, but they possessed an extremely great achievement nonetheless. Not only were their zither tunes graceful and able to calm people, they also possessed a natural beauty.

A white-robed woman sat behind the two of them. She was the young lady of the Tianqin clan, Qin Qin.

She was not playing the zither. Instead, she sat on the cliff with her eyes closed, carefully listening to the music played by Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue. Her zither, modelled from the Zither of the Demonic Cry, was placed firmly on her legs.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue finally stopped playing a long while later. They slowly put their zithers away and stood up, calmly staring at Qin Qin. A while later, Xiao Yue said, “Junior Qin Qin, have you sensed the existence of the Heavenly Melody?”

Qin Qin slowly opened her eyes and a sliver of confusion flashed through. She shook her head, “Seniors, Ive heard you mention this Heavenly Melody many times, but just what is it?”

“We cant explain it clearly either, because it was what our master told us back then. All we know is that its a feeling. Its an odd feeling; a feeling of tone. Only by sensing the Heavenly Melody can you be considered to have grasped the basics of the way of the zither,” said Xiao Yue as reminiscence appeared in her eyes.

“Looks like our comprehension of the way of the zither is not enough; we dont have the power to let junior sense the Heavenly Melody just by ourselves. Maybe itll only work if master personally plays. Its a pity that masters been in seclusion for many years already. I wonder when shell come out,” Xiao Qian said rather regretfully.

Suddenly, Xiao Qian and Xiao Yues eyes froze. They suddenly turned their heads to look into the distance, where the sky and sea joined as one. A streak of violet light rapidly enlarged, approaching Three Saint Island at an unbelievable speed. It was still at the horizon, yet it had arrived on the island a second later. It was only ten meters away from Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue now; its speed was shocking.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue grew solemn. They immediately became cautious when such a great expert suddenly visited the island, but they saw who the violet figure was very soon. They stared blankly as they became extremely shocked, calling out in unison, “Master!”

The violet figure was the mistress of the island, the Heavenly Enchantress.

In violet robes, the Heavenly Enchantress stood honorably and coldly. She stood with her back from Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue as her black hair fell naturally from her shoulders like a fountain.

“Master, its you. Werent you in seclusion? Why have you suddenly appeared outside?” Xiao Qian was filled with shock. She had never sensed the Heavenly Enchantress leave in the past few years, always believing that she remained in seclusion.

“In my seclusion, I just happened to go out for a journey. Ive only just returned. Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, has anything happened on Three Saint Island during these recent years?” The Heavenly Enchantress ignored the question and replied icily. Her voice was emotionless.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue immediately understood the Heavenly Enchantress explanation. Xiao Yue replied, “Master, all because of you, Three Saint Island has remained as peaceful as before. Nothing big has happened.” Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue walked toward the Heavenly Enchantress happily as they spoke.

Although they were disciples of the Heavenly Enchantress on the surface, they were actually more like sisters.

When Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue arrived by her side, they discovered that she was currently carrying an infant wrapped in a cotton cloth. They immediately became astonished.

“Hmm? Master, whose child is this?” Xiao Qian and Xiao Yue said together. They immediately leaned over, curiously staring at the infant.

A sliver of mixed emotions appeared in the Heavenly Enchantress eyes. She lowered her head to look at the sleeping infant and said, “There was war in a small kingdom on the continent. The child was lying among mountains of corpses and pools of blood. His parents both passed away, so I took pity on him and brought him back.”

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