Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1066: Huang Tianba Saved

Chapter 1065: Disaster at the Doorstep

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan sneered, “Huang Tianba, your precious great-granddaughter has already become a Saint Ruler now, and my great plan is about to come to an end. You are already someone at your end, so it doesnt matter even if I tell you.”

“Huang Tianba, have you ever heard about the Water Spirits Body?” The ancestor said.

“The Water Spirits Body? What Water Spirits Body? What has that got to do with my beloved great-granddaughter?” Huang Tianba questioned. He had no idea about the specific constitution.

“I can understand why you dont know.” The Huanggu clan ancestor sneered, “The Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower I practice is a water-attributed Saint Tier Cultivation Method. The Water Spirits Body is recorded in there.”

“The Water Spirits Body is an extremely rare and special type of constitution on the Tian Yuan Continent. It very rarely appears on the continent. Its difficult to come across someone with it even over the span of a hundred thousand years. Anyone with that constitution is endowed with great talent for water-attributed cultivation methods. Not only do they improve at an astonishing speed, their future accomplishments are immeasurable. They have the potential to reach Saint Emperor.” A powerful gleam of yearning began to glow in the ancestors eyes when he mentioned Saint Emperor.

“Are you saying that my great-granddaughter is in possession of this Water Spirits Body that you mentioned? But what intentions do you have by taking her in as your disciple and passing the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower to her?” Huang Tianbas eyes shone with interest as he stared tightly at the Huanggu clan ancestor.

“Correct. That girl indeed is in possession of this rare constitution, but it has not been completely activated yet. If it were not for the wonders of the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower, probably no one would have been able to discover her constitution beforehand,” chuckled the Huanggu clan ancestor.

“You mongrel, so you want to control Luaner and turn her into a puppet of your clan!” Huang Tianba became enraged. He struggled furiously against the chains as he hung in mid-air, producing clanking sounds.

“Control? Hahaha, Ive spent so much effort, and even passed the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower to that girl. Its not going to be as simple as controlling her. Im just helping her unlock the potential of her constitution, which Ill then absorb all her talent and pure water-attributed Saint Force through a secret technique. My strength will skyrocket and I will reach Saint King. At the same time, I will have hopes of reaching Saint Emperor in the future.” The ancestors eyes burned with greed.

“You bastard, you wont succeed! My great-granddaughter is Jian Chens woman! Not only is Jian Chen a prodigy with unlimited potential, he has close ties with the grand elder of Mercenary City. If you even touch my great-granddaughter, Jian Chen will never let you go,” Huang Tianba roared hoarsely as surging hatred filled his eyes.

Fear immediately appeared in the depths of the ancestors eyes upon hearing Jian Chen. Although he had never left the clan in the recent years, he had an extremely clear understanding about the matters outside, especially with matters regarding Jian Chen. He knew even more than Huang Tianba; Jian Chen had resisted the ten protector clans all by himself and had even caused them to back off. That was Jian Chens power.

But the ancestor seemed to think of something very soon. The fear in his eyes immediately vanished and he sneered, “Huang Tianba, youre still thinking of Jian Chen even know. I must admit that he is a junior with shocking talent, but why would he come to my Huanggu clan? Even if he comes, he wont do anything to me.”

His lips curled into a sinister smile, “After all, your beloved great-granddaughter has already reached Saint Ruler successfully. All her potential has been completely unlocked. Ill go find her right now, and very soon, there will be one more Saint King on the continent. No matter how great Jian Chens abilities are, its impossible for him to learn about what is happening here.”

“You mongrel, I will never let you go even if I come back as a ghost,” Huang Tianba roared furiously as his body trembled violently. However, his voice lacked power.

With the current circumstances, he was indeed at the mercy of the ancestor. His strength was sealed. He did not even have the power to resist.

“Hahahaha, Huang Tianba, you better stay here and personally witness the birth of another Saint King,” the ancestor wildly laughed, as if his future of reaching Saint King was already set in stone.

The complacent smile on his face slowly vanished. However, just as he wanted to leave the room, a mighty voice suddenly rang from outside.

“The captain of the Flame Mercenaries, senior Jian Chen, has come to visit the Huanggu clan.”

Jian Chens voice was rather plain, but it spread out in all directions in the form of a visible sound waves. Not only did it cause all of the buildings in the clan to shake slightly, it passed through various obstacles, allowing everyone to hear it extremely clearly. Even those who were in completely sealed rooms, in seclusion, were not an exception.

The ancestor of the Huanggu clan reacted abruptly as he was about to close the door to the room. In that moment, any joy of his completely vanished, and his complexion took a horrible turn. Deep fear and dread began to flood his eyes.

“Jian Chen, its actually Jian Chen. Jian Chens come to my Huanggu clan.” The ancestor struggled to maintain his calm and composure as before. His heart began to heavily thump. In that moment, without even realizing it, he had already begun to tremble slightly.

“Crap, itll be troublesome now. How has that bloody Jian Chen found his way here? Why cant he come a little later?” His heart grew cold. What he dreaded the most was finally about to happen.

“Hahahaha, its brother Jian Chen. Hes come. He has the support of the grand elder from Mercenary City. You mongrel, Id like to see what you do now.” Huang Tianba became filled with vigor once more. In that moment, he seemed to catch the glimpse of a ray of light in pure darkness. He had seen the hope of breaking out.

Bang! The ancestor of the Huanggu clan slammed the door shut, as if he was afraid that Huang Tianbas voice would make it to Jian Chens ears.

His complexion was extremely horrible, and he became unsettled. He wanted to run, but once he thought about Jian Chens current strength, he immediately gave up on that thought.

Suddenly, an idea crossed his mind. He thought, “Jian Chen may have come to my clan, but he has no idea about how Ive been dealing with Huang Tianba and Huang Luan. In other words, the situation still hasnt reached its worst point. I still have a sliver of hope, and I also have a final trump card to keep me alive.” He immediately calmed down by quite a bit with that before quickly dismissing his thoughts. He left the tower as if nothing had happened, personally going up to welcome Jian Chen.

“Hahaha, so its my friend Jian Chen whos suddenly paid a visit. Youre fame on the continent these days is like the noon sun—just as dazzling and unstoppable. It truly is an honor for you to visit my clan. If this news breaks out, my clans status will definitely skyrocket on the continent,” the ancestor of the Huanggu clan laughed excitedly from afar, flattering Jian Chen.

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