Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 107: The Strange White Stone

Chapter 106: The Peculiar Dantian

Following that, Jian Chen and the Flame Mercenaries began to talk about the many interesting things they had heard about while traveling through the Tian Yuan Continent. As they talked, Jian Chen and the Flame Mercenaries had subconsciously grown closer and became friendlier.

But what was worth mentioning was that every single one of the members of the Flame Mercenaries were straightforward with their words, Captain Kendall included. All of them were quite emotional, and even though Jian Chen had revealed that he was a D ranked mercenary, not a single one of them had held him in contempt or treated him badly. On this continent where power was the ultimate ruling power, people like this were extremely rare..

And thus, Jian Chens impression of the Flame Mercenaries had grown quickly.

Unaware of the passage of time, the afternoon glow quickly came in as a knock on the door alerted everyone on the inside of visitors.

“Thats definitely Kabolds who is knocking.” Hearing the knock, Xiao Dao revealed a happy smile as he went to open the door.

As Jian Chen watched the door open, he wondered what the remaining two people of the Flame Mercenaries were like.

The door opened as two plain clothed people walked into the room. The first person looked to be around 30 years old with a relatively built stature that matched Jian Chens own physique and eyes that shone just as bright. The one following behind was a person who resembled someone around Captain Kendalls age. While his face was rather ordinary looking, the shine in his eyes were anything but ordinary.

“Kabolds, Deere, you two finally came back.” Captain Kendall laughed. “Come, let me introduce you to Jian Chen here who just recently joined our Flame Mercenaries. From this point on we are all brothers here, so it is important that we pay attention to one another.”

Kendall then turned to look at Jian Chen, “Brother Jian Chen, the younger person is called Kabolds. Not only is he quite strong, but he is the most intelligent person within our Flame mercenaries. Whatever action we considered on doing was suggested by Kabolds. The person next to him is Deere who is similarly the strongest mercenary within our group after me who is at the Peak level Great Saint. I believe that in 3 years, he will make a breakthrough and become a Saint Master.

Jian Chen cupped his hands in salute towards Kabolds and Deere as a sign of greeting and respect.

“Jian Chen, just by looking at you, Im guessing youre around 20 years old so Im not quite sure how strong you are exactly.” Kabolds stared at Jian Chen with a calculative look and a curious tone.

Jian Chen merely laughed without saying anything more before taking out his mercenary badge from within his Space Belt, “It wasnt too long ago that I became a D ranked mercenary.”

“Oh!” Kabolds nodded his head as he continued to stare at Jian Chen, his eyes revealing the curious glint that shone brightly. Then, he took his Space Belt and handed it towards Kendall, “Uncle Kendall, Ive already prepared everything well need for the operation tomorrow.”

Taking the Space Belt from Kabolds, Kendall said, “Thats good, then now that all the preparations for the trip is done, we will set out tomorrow morning. This time, well definitely hunt plenty of magical beasts. Brother Jian Chen, do you have any complaints?”

“None, I will listen to Uncle Kendall.” Jian Chen laughed.

“Alright, then everybody should rest up for today, tomorrow will be another day to go all out.”


Leaving the house afterwards, Jian Chen began to stroll around Wake City by himself. In regards to the operation tomorrow, Jian Chen didnt care at all for it because with the Flame Mercenaries strength, if they didnt want to die straight away, then they would first go hunt for Class 2 Magical beasts. Although the Flame Mercenaries had 1 Saint Master and 4 Great Saints, they werent able to compete with a Class 3 Magical Beast without trouble. So the Flame Mercenaries had no choice but to hunt for Class 2 Magical Beasts for now, but in Jian Chens case, it could even be said that there was nothing that could pose a threat to him but a Class 4 Magical Beast.

Even if he were to come across a Class 4 Magical Beast he couldnt beat, Jian Chen was confident in his ability to run away at the very least. Because of these reasons, Jian Chen did not feel any type of pressure on him about tomorrows operation.

After he had talked with the other mercenaries about what other supplies he would need, Jian Chen had already collected the majority of them and continued to stroll around Wake City.

It had been over a month since Jian Chen had first come to Wake City but the majority of his time was spent in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. He had only spent a few days inside a room, and even then, almost all of that time was spent cultivating. He didnt have any time to himself yet, so Jian Chen had wanted to take advantage of this free period to take a break.

Even though Wake City wasnt an immensely huge city, it was still large in its own right. Even with its expansive iron wall that encircled the city, a person would be able to reach the west side from the east if they walked fast enough in a single day. Because of its close proximity to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the borders of the city was always lively, so a third of the lands in Wake City were owned by restaurants and private personnel.

Jian Chen continued to slowly stroll down the street and look at the many street vendors by the side. Many of these vendors were mercenaries, only a few of them were actual merchants. These stalls would hold many items, including herbal medicine, monster cores, and even toys for children. Yet, the majority of the monster cores sold here were Class 1 ones, with Class 2 cores rarely showing up. Because of this, Jian Chen did not have much of an interest in this.

There were many magical beasts within the continent, but if a mercenary were to sell a monster core through a merchant they would only get 70% of market price. Because of this, many mercenaries would rather sell the items themselves since monster cores were always in high demand on the Tian Yuan Continent anyways. Even then, many people would still hire mercenaries to go and kill magical beasts instead of going themselves.

As Jian Chen enjoyed his leisurely walk, the azure and violet glow within his dantian began to pulse so wildly that it began to impact both his dantian and his body. Before, his dantian was like a still lake with not even a single ripple, but now, the lake had become a raging sea with waves threatening to drown anything in its path. Even with the use of his Saint Force, Jian Chen was unable to control this storm.

Jian Chens face changed as he realized that the azure and violet glow was no longer controllable. This was the worst case scenario Jian Chen was afraid of. Although the two glows would generally float around within his dantian and take the majority of the energy within the Monster Cores, Jian Chen knew that sooner or later, these two glows would bring about a huge amount of trouble for him. And it seems that today was finally the day that the azure and violet glow would no longer stay peacefully within him.

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