Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1074: Bi Daos Revenge

Chapter 1073: Changes of Hellfire City

The middle-aged man suddenly stood up and a vast presence immediately began to radiate from him. It shook the surroundings with raw force, causing the entire mountain to shake slightly.

“Venerable Poisonsword, dont worry. I am a person who keeps his word. I will do it since Ive agreed to you. Once I take revenge for the devastation of the Bi family, my body will belong to you. I will not resist.” Determination flowed through the mans eyes. He was not afraid of death.

“Kakakaka, alright, alright, good. I trust you, but I do hope you move a little faster, so that I dont have to wait too long.” The horrible, husky voice rang in Bi Daos head again. It sounded impatient.

Bi Dao said nothing. With a wave of his hand, the sword in the ground immediately erupted with extremely great energy, which collided with the mountain. With a boom, the entire cavern collapsed. The rock was actually reduced to pieces by the supreme power that erupted from the ordinary-looking sword.

“My dwelling, my dwelling! Bi Dao you brat, do you know that I constructed this dwelling all those years ago with so much work? Y- y- y- youve actually destroyed by dwelling! You drive me mad!” The venerable Poisonsword hiding within Bi Daos head immediately bellowed out in anger with the destruction of the cavern.

“Venerable Poisonsword, you will be able to see the light of day again soon. Do you still care that much about a mere dwelling?” Bi Dao said coldly and emotionlessly. He had already grasped the sword tightly in his hand.

The sword was no ordinary weapon, but a King Armament left behind by a Saint King at Great Perfection. It was the Heaven-quaking Sword, the Saint Weapon of venerable Poisonsword who had once shaken up the continent twenty thousand years ago.

Venerable Poisonsword immediately shut up because of what Bi Dao had said.

Bi Dao remained silent as well. With the Heaven-quaking Sword in hand, he shot off like a cannonball, climbing up into the sky in an instant. He shot off into the distance after determining his directions and immediately disappeared into the dense mist.

Hellfire City was a king city in the Karl Empire. Regardless of size, area, or prosperity, it was only second to the seven capital cities of the continent.

Hellfire City possessed several tens of thousands of years of history in the Karl Empire. Its walls were entirely made from essence metal. They were extremely tough and could resist the attacks of Class 5 Magical Beasts with ease. Throughout history, the walls had fended off over a hundred magical beast hoards, allowing the city to come out unscathed each time.

Several millions of people lived within the city. Coupled with the everyday flow of people, the number of people that Hellfire City could accomodate was close to a hundred million. Many experts rose from Hellfire City since there was such a large population, along with countless clans of different sizes.

The Bloodcloud clan was the most powerful clan in the city. It was originally the second greatest there, but ever since the Bi family had been wiped out in a single night fifty years ago, they had completely replaced them. They were now unquestionably the greatest clan in the city.

This was because the Bloodcloud clan possessed a new Saint Ruler. He was not an ancestor of the clan, but a talented junior. With his supreme talent, he reached Saint Ruler in just a few hundred years, and he even became the disciple of an Imperial Protector of the empire. He was deeply valued and was raised as a pillar of support for the future of the empire, causing the clans status in the city to soar, becoming admired by everyone.

A vast presence suddenly appeared outside the city. A figure made its way past the great walls of the city in the form of a blur. Without any decrease in speed, it flew to the center of the city with a threatening presence, alerting countless people along the way.

The figure brazenly flew through a small portion of the city and descended before a large manor in the very center of the city. It was where the Bloodcloud clan resided.

The figure wore black robes and radiated with a presence so vast that it would make people suffocate. His long hair danced in the windless air as his robes fluttered as well. He stared at the manor in a daze as reminiscence filled his eyes. Deep sorrow was also present.

The four burly guards at the entrance of the clan stared at the man in shock. Without saying anything, they ran into the clan to report what had happened. They dared not stay for even a moment longer.

The presence from the man had utterly frightened them, causing their legs to tremble. They believed that they had seen quite a few experts themselves, but this was the first time they had sensed such a great presence. Vast pressure came from the presence, which made the guards feel like their souls were going to shatter.

Before the guards could even report what had happened, all of the experts in the clan sensed the frighteningly-vast presence as well. Immediately, an energetic and polite voice rang out from within the clan, “May I inquire who you may be to have come to my clan as a guest? I am You Zixing, the patriarch of the Bloodcloud clan. I welcome you to the Bloodcloud clan on behalf of all clansmen.”

A dashing, middle-aged man in golden robes slowly walked out of the manor. Although he was unhurried, each step of his covered several dozen meters. He arrived at the main entrance with a little more than ten steps, before politely bowing to the black-robed man.

You Zixing was the same genius of the clan who had reached Saint Ruler in less than a thousand years. He had also become a deeply-valued disciple of an Imperial Protector of the empire. At the same time, he was the patriarch of the Bloodcloud clan.

Afterward, the clan filled with blurs. Several Heaven Saint Masters and a group of Earth Saint Masters hurried over from all directions, all gathering behind You Zixing. They stared at the black-robed man sternly, unsure about his intentions.

The black-robed man stood dead-straight, like a stick outside the Bloodcloud clans doors. He stared in a daze at the two large words—Bloodcloud Clan—written on the amethyst board above the main entrance. His expression was extremely mixed, filled with reminiscence, sorrow, and anger.

“I never thought that Hellfire City would change so much after leaving for fifty years. The once-prosperous clan from then has also become memories of the past; nothing of it remains now. Nothing,” murmured the black-robed man. His sorrow grew deeper and deeper, before quickly turning into an icy killing intent. In that moment, all the pain and reminiscence in his eyes disappeared. It all became abnormally cold.

Suddenly, the man stabbed his sword into the ground. A terrifying storm of energy erupted, charging toward the Bloodcloud clan with an unstoppable force, as if it was under someones control.

“Senior, what are your intentions?” You Zixing paled in surprise, immediately backpedaling. At the same time, Saint Force gushed out of his body, turning into a barrier to protect himself as well as the experts of his clan.

No one sustained any injuries from the terrifying storm of energy, but the main entrance and walls of the clan were not as fortunate. All of them collapsed, throwing dust into the air. Even the board hanging above the main entrance fell down.

The black-robed man advanced with a single step. He threw a punch at the board as it was falling, turning it into dust.

More and more people gathered from within the clan. All the guards as well as many clansmen had come, all hiding behind You Zixing as they stared in shock at the collapsed walls and entrance.

The disturbance at the clan alerted nearby people as well. Very soon, many people gathered from all directions to watch what was happening. There were even a few Heaven Saint Masters hanging several hundred meters in the air as they watched from afar.

You Zixings complexion became extremely horrible. He growled, “I am You Zixing. My master is Imperial Protector Mo Jian. Senior, may I ask if my clan has offended you in any way? Please enlighten me.”

The man finally looked at You Zixing. With an icy, emotionless gaze, he said, “Do you know who I am?”

You Zixing observed the man carefully, and a sliver of doubt appeared in his eyes. He said, “Junior is very limited in his knowledge, so I hope senior can forgive me.” You Zixing dared not be impolite. He could already tell that the person before him was someone on the level of his master from presence alone. It would be extremely difficult to protect his life even with his master if he offended someone at a level like that.

“My name is Bi Dao,” the black-robed man said emotionlessly.

You Zixing immediately jolted all over when he heard the name. He became shocked as he cried out, “What! Your surname is Bi! Are you a person of the Bi family?” You Zixings heart began to churn as great fear began to pervade his insides. The manor of his Bloodcloud clan was constructed where the Bi family originally belonged.

Fifty years ago, the news of how the Bi family had been wiped out in a single night shook up the entire city. Now, not only did the Bloodcloud clan replace the Bi family as the number one clan, they even took the Bi familys territory. If a member of the Bi family with terrifying strength accidentally connected the Bloodcloud clan to the destruction of his family, You Zixing could not imagine the possible consequences his clan would face.

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