Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1085: Treasure of the Protector Clans

Chapter 1084: Inauguration

With a deep bellow, Chaotic Force surged within Jian Chen and a powerful force shot out. It shook off the three Saint Rulers that had grabbed him.

Jian Chen exploded with the strength of the third layer of the Chaotic Body. It was equivalent to the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint King, far greater than anything Saint Rulers could withstand. The three Saint Rulers all shot back as they vomited blood, now heavily injured.

A few people immediately flew out of the crowd to catch the injured people. When they checked their injuries, their expressions changed in surprise.

“Do you really think that I wont do anything to you just because were in the protector clan? Ill spare your lives this time considering we are in the same clan and come from the same ancestor. If something like this happened on the Tian Yuan Continent, your lives would be dancing at my fingertips,” Jian Chen coldly said as he glanced past the five Saint Rulers. He showed them no respect, nor did he bother to ask which faction they were from.

To Jian Chen, he recognized no one else in the protector clan other than Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun.

With a wave of his hand, Changyang Qing Lengshuang was thrown toward the crowd like the carcass of a pig. His eyes so cold and sharp they appeared like knives, as Jian Chen said, “Changyang Qing Lengshuang, its best if you hold back your pride as a member of a protector clan and not flaunt your seniority. Otherwise, I can kill you even if you have the path lord of carnal desires supporting you.”

No one went to catch Changyang Qing Lengshuang. She hit the ground heavily in the end and became caked in soil. She was reduced to a rather horrible condition.

Although it was packed with people right now, only a deathly silence existed. No one said anything, all stunned by Jian Chens strength and arrogance.

Five Saint Rulers had personally moved together, yet they were injured in such an easy fashion. They were even more fragile than tofu. Moreover, the one who did all that did not even fear the path lord of carnal desires, which had shocked all of them deeply.

As one of the protector clans, the Changyang clan was one of ten most powerful clans on the Tian Yuan Continent. They were an existence close to being divine, dignified and supreme. They were admired and looked up to by people. They had welcomed a junior today with nine chimes of the Bell of Grand Clarity, so was that junior really a Saint Emperor?

Changyang Qing Lengshuang was extremely prideful since young. Coupled with her impressive talent, she was greatly favored by Changyang Qing Yun, and along with the fact that the Qing faction was the strongest of the three, she believed that she towered over everyone else. She immediately lost her rationality due to anger. She had been embarrassed before everyone, so she obviously ignored Jian Chens threats, screaming out, “Changyang Xiangtian, how dare you lay your hands on a senior! Where are the disciplinary elders? Where are they? Why dont you quickly tie up this disrespectful person and hand him over to the great elders for punishment!?” Changyang Qing Lengshuang was no longer as glorious as before. She was currently disheveled while her clothes were soiled, even ripped in some places. She seemed more like a beggar.

A middle-aged Saint Ruler covered her mouth, but his hand was flung away mercilessly. She was like an angered lion right now, except she had yet to charge up to Jian Chen and maul him.

Six well-dressed, dignified, and righteous old men walked out of the crowd together. They stared at Jian Chen with mixed emotions and felt troubled.

The six of them were disciplinary elders of the Changyang clan. They were all Saint Rulers of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, and their status and authority was only second to the great elders.

“Disciplinary elders, why dont you quickly punish this disrespectful clansman?” Changyang Qing Lengshuang had become irrational from her anger, but she still knew that she was not Jian Chens opponent. As a result, she yelled at the six old men.

The disciplinary elders all sighed inside. They understood Jian Chen extremely well. When he had returned from the sea realm a few years ago, they had all personally witnessed the great disturbances that had occurred on the continent. They knew that he was young, but he was someone that even the ten protector clans wished not to offend. They obviously dared not to intentionally offend Jian Chen.

The disciplinary elders arrived before Changyang Qing Lengshuang, and one of them extended a finger to her neck. She was silenced, and the old man then gently sighed, “Lengshuang, how can you offend a valued guest that was welcomed by nine chimes from the Bell of Grand Clarity? Today, it is all your fault. Once the great elders return, we will tell them what has happened.” The six of them did not say the same thing to the five injured Saint Rulers, however. They were not thick-headed; they knew exactly who they could afford to offend and who not to.

Seven vast presences appeared in the distance. The seven great elders of the clan had all returned from outside, arriving on the floating piece of earth very quickly. Looking around, they immediately discovered that something was off. One of them asked with a deep voice, “What has happened?”

The six disciplinary elders immediately reported to them about what had happened. They reported Jian Chens deeds as lightly as possible, placing almost all the blame on Changyang Qing Lengshuang.

The six disciplinary elders were normally just and straightforward people, but they knew how to talk at moments like this.

Changyang Qing Lengshuang stamped her feet and became flustered on one side. Her face was filled with an unwillingness for this to occur and a feeling of being wronged. It was just a pity that she could not talk and that she was immobilised by two disciplinary elders beside her. She received no chance to challenge what they had said.

Changyang Qing Yun slightly frowned after the disciplinary elders gave their report. However, before he could speak out, Changyang Zu Xiao growled, “Changyang Qing Lengshuang, you cannot be forgiven for treating a valued guest like this. Disciplinary elders, immediately imprison her in the Thousand-year Ice Cavern for a hundred years.”

“Yes sir!” The disciplinary elders bowed in response.

The three great elders of the Qing faction frowned even more, Changyang Qing Yun in particular. A sliver of anger had even appeared in his eyes. Changyang Qing Lengshuang was one of the most talented members of his Qing faction. Imprisoning her in the Thousand-year Ice Cavern was like robbing her of a hundred years of cultivation.

“The seven others who dared to attack the valued guest will be imprisoned for a hundred years too,” Changyang Zu Xiao continued. He was extremely solemn, to the point where he could not be denied.

In the end, Changyang Qing Lengshuang, the two women who followed her, and the five Saint Rulers, all suffered severe punishments. Those who wanted to punish Jian Chen but were stopped in the end all sighed inside for their luck.

“Great-grandson, are you satisfied with this sentence?” Changyang Zu Xiaos seriousness vanished as he smiled amicably at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen slightly nodded, “Has the seal in great-grandfather Yunkongs head been removed?”

“My great-grandson, its all because of you that the seal torturing Konger for so many years has been successfully removed. From today on, Konger can finally continue his cultivation,” Changyang Zu Yunxiao chuckled aloud. He was relieved.

After talking some more, Jian Chen was brought to the divine hall by the great elders. Huang Luan was left outside with Changyang Zu Yeyun.

Soon after, a great voice boomed from within, echoing through the entire independent space.

“From today on, Changyang Zu Xiangtian of the Zu faction will be a great elder of our Changyang clan, the eighth great elder…”

The announcement was made by the seven great elders together. They declared Jian Chens identity, but they added the extra characterZu in Changyang Xiangtian to indicate he was a member of the Zu faction.

Once the news broke out, the clan was immediately thrown into an uproar. Various discussions broke out everywhere. Though, around half of them were objections. After all, Jian Chen was still an outsider in the eyes of many people.

Immediately, a group of people who didnt approve of Jian Chens inauguration as a great elder gathered together, objecting the matter outside the majestic divine hall.

However, their objections were clearly nothing before the seven great elders. They werent able to do anything at all. The seven great elders stepped forward together to quell the crowd.

The seven great elders possessed absolute authority in the Changyang clan. They represented everything—as long as they all agreed, they could decide everything for the clan.

Jian Chen possessed the strength of a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, and by his side stood the Winged Tiger God as well as Rui Jin and Hei Yu, two supremely powerful experts. It was impossible for the protector Changyang clan to not pour everything they had to pull someone like that to their side. Once Jian Chen became a member of the protector clan, the great power in his hands would also fall into the hands of the protector clan.

Not to mention, Jian Chens fiancee, You Yue, had been accepted by fairy Hao Yue as a disciple. She had obtained the Bright Moon Divine Hall, and her future accomplishments were unfathomable.

On the top floor of the divine hall was a grand and majestic hall. It was well-decorated, where the level of extravagance far exceeded the imperial palaces of the three great empires. This was the ancestral hall of the protector Changyang clan.

The hall was filled with memorial plates, reaching an innumerable about. All of these people were former great elders of the clan, and there was no lack in Saint Emperors among them. However, all of them had passed away already.

Jian Chen stood with the seven great elders in a row before the vast numbers of memorial plates. They paid respects to the people that the plates represented since they were all ancestors of the clan.

Jian Chen had expected this to happen before he had come to the clan. He did not want to take up the position of great elder in the clan, but a single sentence from Changyang Zu Yunkong changed his mind.

“Great-grandson, you are a member of our Zu faction; you will become the glory of our faction.”

Jian Chen changed his mind because of that exact sentence. He did not reject his inauguration as great elder, as all of it was to glorify his great-grandfather Changyang Zu Yunkong.

“Alright, the ceremony has come to completion. Great-grandson, we should take you to the library of the clan next. All the records collected throughout the years by the clan are there, including many matters regarding secrets that happened in the past. There are also various cultivation methods, Saint Tier Battle Skills, and the experience and comprehensions left behind by ancestors. Now that youve become a great elder of the clan, you have the right to view these records,” smiled Changyang Zu Xiao. He felt glad inside.

Jian Chens interest was piqued. He was extremely interested in the records of secrets from the past. He did not really care about the cultivation methods or Saint Tier Battle Skills since they were not suitable for him at all.

Jian Chen did not visit the library immediately. He said, “Great elders, someone has planted an ancient secret technique on Luaner that ties Luaners fate with his own. May I ask if you have a method to remove it?”

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