Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1086: Ancient Records

ared out of nowhere, possessing supreme strength as soon as it had appeared. It was unlike the white tiger, who was known throughout the world before it had even matured.

At that time, the war between the three races had yet to erupt. The magical beasts inhabited the same continent as the humans. The current Cross Mountains was the location where the magical beasts lived. As soon as the Winged Tiger God appeared, it lead the magical beasts out of Cross Mountains to the Beast God Continent where they drove the Hundred Races away. This lead to the war between the three races.

Afterward, Jian Chen checked on the records regarding the war god Aergyns. They said that he was born into an ordinary farmers family, and golden blood was discovered as soon as he was born. He also possessed great strength, virtually the same as Tie Ta in his youth.

Soon after, all the hall elders of the Hundred Races gathered. They invited the young Aergyns to the great War God Hall excitedly and courteously. After that, there was no sound of him.

This lasted for five hundred years. Then, Aergyns emerged from the War God Hall. At that time, he had already surpassed Saint Emperor. He grew at a stunning rate where his name rang through the world. As soon as he emerged, he became the leader of the War God Hall.

Afterward, Jian Chen checked up on the sea goddess. Perhaps due to the fact that the Sea race was the only race that did not take part in the war, there was even less information regarding her, just a few lines.

Jian Chen then found a record regarding the Beast God Hall. It mentioned that on the ninety-ninth floor of the hall was the first Winged Tiger Gods legacy. Only magical beasts with the bloodline of the Winged Tiger God could enter and obtain it. Though, no one knew whether it was actually true or not.

Very soon, Jian Chen found another ancient record regarding the arctic Ice God Hall. It reported the organization as mysterious and powerful and that it had always remained in the arctic.

The Ice God Hall had existed for an extremely long time. The first Saint Emperor of the clan had once written that in ancient times, before the ten protector clans had existed, before the war between the three races had erupted, the Ice God Hall had quietly stood in the arctic for countless years.

In the eyes of the ancient protector clans, the arctic Ice God Hall was a powerful and mysteries force. They never moved on the Tian Yuan Continent, nor did they interfere with any conflict on the continent. Even when intense battles erupted during the war of the three races, the Ice God Hall continued to act as it wished, remaining in the arctic.

If the Ice God Hall was weak, then so be it. However, Jian Chen had also found the messages from many previous Saint Emperors to never provoke the Ice God Hall.

Jian Chen sat on the ground as he slowly flipped through the ancient record regarding the Ice God Hall. He reached the end very quickly, which suddenly made him narrow his mind. He discovered at the end of all that was a newly-scribed paragraph.

“The arctic Ice God Hall descended on Lore City on the XXX of XXX, year XXX. Snow filled the skies, summer turned to winter and ice sealed up a radius of ten thousand kilometers…” The information near the end included records of the holy maiden of the Ice God Hall, Changyang Mingyue. It included when she was born, what she went through as she grew up, and so on.

Jian Chen slowly closed the book as he constantly thought about the Ice God Hall. It was just a pity that the records did not contain many details about the origins of the Ice God Hall, shrouding it in mystery.

“Just what kind of an organization are you?” Jian Chen was filled with suspicion inside. He knew from the records that for all the years the Ice God Hall had existed, it had only descended once, and it was for his sister, Changyang Mingyue.

“Since both Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God of the ancient times were born on the Tian Yuan Continent, why is there no record of you two growing up at all. Has it all been forcefully erased?” Jian Chen pondered.

“Out of the four supreme experts of the ancient times, the war god died in battle. The sea goddess passed away due to age and now exists in the form of a soul because of the Winged Tiger Gods kindness, yet the Winged Tiger God who is powerful enough to help the sea goddess has disappeared with the Dragon and Phoenix clans.

“And the Winged Tiger God disappeared at a similar time to senior Mo Tianyun. Did the two of you disappear at the same time? Did you two really die, or did you go to another place as described by Xiao Ling?” Mysteries blossomed in Jian Chens head at that moment.

“Dragon Island was occupied by magical beasts. It was the territory of the Winged Tiger God. In ancient times, the Yinyang Saint Rock fell on Dragon Island, and then it was moved through the void to a distant region of space by Mo Tianyun and his powerful formations. Afterward, Dragon Island underwent a great change, while the Winged Tiger God, the Dragon clan, the Phoenix clan, and Mo Tianyun vanished without any news, causing many people to believe that they all died.

“In that world created by the Yinyang Saint Rock, the sliver of consciousness left behind by Mo Tianyun recognized the sword spirits. Therefore, its extremely likely that senior Mo Tianyun came from the same world as the sword spirits.” Jian Chen deduced inside. Afterward, his eyes widened and an audacious possibility crossed his mind. Maybe Mo Tianyun did not die, and the Winged Tiger God did not die either. They just had some unknown connection, leaving behind the sea goddess while they disappeared themselves, maybe leaving for another place as companions.

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