Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1093: Saving Bi Dao

Chapter 1092: Devastating the Yama Hall (Three)

“Bi Dao you brat, how dare you place me in jeopardy, almost dooming me eternally. Once I get out, Ill let you have it real good. Dont blame me for not showing you mercy now that youve acted so heartlessly,” venerable Poisonsword viciously said.

“Venerable Poisonsword, arent you going to keep the promise between us?” Bi Dao coldly asked. His voice was hoarse.

“Keep it my ass. Youve made it so difficult for me. I almost died to the Yama Hall. Your bloody promise can go to hell.” Venerable Poisonsword was completely without fear now. After controlling Bi Daos body for so long, his soul had grown much more accustomed to the body. He was very confident that he could suppress Bi Daos resistance and thus gain full control over the body.

“Once I get out of here, the first thing Ill do is devour your soul and make up for the overconsumption of my soul,” said venerable Poisonsword. The two of them communicated in their consciousness, so no outsider could hear them.

At this moment, the divine hall swayed once more and shook violently. It almost caused venerable Poisonsword to lose his footing.

The top portion of the divine hall had been completely destroyed, revealing the interior to the sunlight. Hei Yu did not seem to want to chop the divine hall in half with a single stroke, so he currently shaved away at it stroke by stroke.

Hei Yu and Hong Lian did nothing, standing coldly by Jian Chens side. They stared coldly at the ruined divine hall.

At this moment, Rui Jin and Hong Lians eyes suddenly narrowed. Just as they were about to move, Jian Chen turned in an instant and drew the Emperor Armament at the same time, stabbing out with unbelievable speed.

With a boom, Jian Chens Emperor Armament collided with a black dagger that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Afterward, the black-robed Yama appeared there, quickly retreating with the dagger in his hand. Bright red blood sprayed from his mouth, drifting through the air in the form of mist.

“Your hiding technique is extremely great, but tricks like that are useless against me,” Jian Chen wielded the Emperor Armament as he sneered at the Yama.

As soon as he said that, another ten Saint Weapons appeared out of nowhere, silently stabbing at Jian Chen with a dark light.

The ten Protector Kings of Yama Hall had struck out at the same time.

Jian Chen smiled scornfully. With a jolt of his arm, he stabbed out ten times in an instance, and it became difficult to distinguish between what was real and false with the blurs. Every stroke cut through space, creating a small crack. They were all extremely accurate, striking the ten Saint Weapons with the utmost precision.

The Saint Weapons in the hands of the ten Protector Kings suddenly shattered. They were destroyed by the Emperor Armament like a hammer taken to a nut, while a small, bloody slash appeared on their necks, before quickly expanding.

Not only did Jian Chens attacks shatter their Saint Weapons, it even cut through their necks. Slivers of brutal Chaotic Force entered their heads from their neck, wiping out their souls.

The ten Protector Kings were killed off in a single clash with Jian Chen. Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers were as weak as an ant before a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King. They could not even resist.


Hei Yu had lost interest in playing any more. With a deafening boom, he swung out as hard as he could and split the ruined divine hall in half. All the formations within collapsed before the attack.

The divine hall had been completely destroyed. Losing their greatest protection, all the assassins hiding within flew out and fled in all directions.

“Hahahaha, Im right. There really is a supreme experts whos come to seek trouble with the Yama Hall. Even the extremely tough divine hall has been destroyed. God is on my side, Im finally free!” Venerable Poisonsword laughed aloud as he charged out of the ruined divine hall. He did not stick around, joining the group of assassins as he fled into the distance as fast as he could.

“Senior Rui Jin, dont let them escape, or therell be endless future troubles,” Jian Chen coldly said, before charging at the Yama who had just ambushed him.

“Dont worry, leave it to me,” Rui Jin nonchalantly replied before forming a seal with his hands. He called out, “Secret technique of the Dragon clan, Dragons Domain!”

The surroundings suddenly lit up, and in that instant, the deep-blue sky disappeared. The entire world became coated in a thick layer of golden light that expanded in all directions to several kilometers away with Rui Jin as its center. It formed an independent world, severing the connection to the outside and thus trapping all the assassins in there.

Also, a mysterious power filled the golden world, firmly trapping them all where they could not move at all.

There were quite a few Saint Rulers hidden among the assassins that fled. Trapped by the mysterious power, they immediately began to struggle as hard as they could, but even with their strength as Saint Rulers, they could not break free no matter how much they tried.

Yama was also affected. Although it did not immobilize him, he seemed to have sunk into quicksand, where his movements became slow.

Jian Chen charged toward him threateningly with the Emperor Armament. With a black flicker, the weapon stabbed mercilessly toward the Yama with a destructive energy.

A sliver of panic appeared in the Yamas eyes. Even at his peak, he was not Jian Chens opponent, much less now that his body was restricted, dulling all his movements. It made it even more impossible for him to block Jian Chens attacks.

“Jian Chen, are you really going to kill all of us? There are quite a few assassins of the Yama Hall outside. Arent you afraid that theyll come hunting your Flame Mercenaries with their assassination skills?” The Yama called out in alarm, wanting Jian Chens determination to kill to waver.

However, the Yamas threat did nothing. Jian Chens Emperor Armament stabbed mercilessly into his chest, impaling him. Slivers of destructive, brutal Chaotic Force entered the Yamas body through the Emperor Armament, destroying all signs of life within him as they snaked toward his soul.

The Yamas body was reduced to a bloody mess before the brutal Chaotic Force. The violent pain caused him to shriek, and the top of his head immediately shattered. His soul had fled from his body, escaping into the distance.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chens eyes. Controlling the surrounding space with his thoughts, he trapped the Yamas soul so that he could not flee.

The Yama was a Saint King, but he was extremely weak as a soul. He could not break free from the space frozen by Jian Chen with Jian Chens comprehension at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler.

The Yamas body fell out of the sky. With his sharp eyes and quick hands, Jian Chen immediately removed the Space Ring from the Yamas finger, before quickly checking it.

A while later, Jian Chens face lit up in joy. He pulled out a rock with a radius of half-a-meter from the Space Ring and involuntarily smiled without restraint, “Hahaha, this trip was not a waste! Ive finally found the Heavens Soulstone!” Jian Chen felt extremely excited after obtaining the rock. He felt several hundred times more excited over this than wiping out the Yama Hall since he needed to find fewer and fewer materials for the Azulet swords now.

The Yamas soul immediately understood that the rock was extremely important to Jian Chen when he saw how Jian Chen rejoiced after obtaining it. He immediately used a communication technique on Jian Chen, “Captain Jian Chen, I can tell you where this rock comes from if you let me go.”

Jian Chen stared blankly as he pointed the glowing Emperor Armament at the Yamas soul. With dense killing intent in his eyes, he coldly said, “Speak. Where does this rock come from?”

“I will tell you if you agree to let me go. Otherwise, I wont say anything even if you kill me.” The Yama replied with no room for disagreement.

“If you dont talk, Ill wipe out your soul right now and then learn this from another person.” The killing intent in Jian Chens eyes deepened while the terrifying energy from the Emperor Armament ripped through space. It seemed to be trying to suck the Yamas soul into the void.

Sensing Jian Chens killing intent, the Yama knew that Jian Chen was not joking. Making up his mind, he decided he might as well tell him and said, “This rock comes from the Wasteland Continent.”

“The Wasteland Continent? Isnt that the place the Hundred Races inhabit?” Jian Chen whispered inside before swinging his hand. The Emperor Armament cleaved through the Yamas soul, wiping it out.

The master of the Yama Hall disappeared from the world just like this with his strength at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Saint King.

Jian Chen rejoined Hei Yu, Rui Jin, and the others with the Emperor Armament dripping with Saint King blood. He coldly stared at the assassins from the Yama Hall trapped in the Dragons Realm. He then turned to the five Saint Rulers that had followed along. He said, “Kill all those here without mercy!”

“Yes, captain,” the Saint Rulers replied in unison. They were all extremely polite. They immediately charged toward the cloaked people, killing the assassins below Saint Ruler at leisure.

Down below, venerable Poisonsword in Bi Daos body was immobilized by the mysterious force within the Dragons Realm. He immediately began to panic when he saw that the group of experts who had destroyed the divine hall had begun killing off the assassins. He called out, “Seniors, I am not a member of the Yama Hall. I was trapped in there until you came along and destroyed the Yama Hall. That was how I managed to break free. Please spare me, seniors.”

Venerable Poisonsword meekly begged the people who had easily destroyed the divine hall for his life. Even with his former strength, he would not dare to offend them, much less now.

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