Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1093: Saving Bi Dao

painful and more and more chilling. Enduring the scorching, he no longer had any extra strength to suppress Bi Daos soul, allowing Bi Dao to regain control over his own body once again. Venerable Poisonswords shrieks also became pulses of a soul in Bi Daos head.

“You old bastard, didnt you want to devour my soul before? Lets see who will be devouring whose soul now.” Bi Dao was not a weakling. Without even talking to his nephew, he immediately began to devour venerable Poisonswords soul instead.

Originally, it would have been impossible for Bi Dao to devour the soul of a Saint King at Great Perfection with his powers, but venerable Poisonswords soul had become extremely weak under the scorching of the flames. Since his soul was also in Bi Daos head, Bi Dao was provided with this rare opportunity to devour the soul.

However, Bi Daos current strength was just too low. His appetite was nowhere great, so Bi Dao reached his limit as soon as he devoured a tiny portion—venerable Poisonsword was still a Saint King at Great Perfection, even though his soul had become extremely weak. It was impossible for Bi Dao to devour it all in a short amount of time.

The flames that burned venerable Poisonswords soul gradually subsided, and his soul stopped shrieking. All that was left was a gray pearl floating in Bi Daos head. It was filled with the presence of the mysteries of the world and the dense power of a soul.

“That foreign soul thats taken over his body has been wiped out. As long as a small portion of the soul remains in your uncles body, the comprehensions of the mysteries of the world in the foreign soul will remain because of the wonders of my fire and the environment, so if your uncle can absorb all of it, his strength will greatly increase. It is a great opportunity for him.” Hong Lian nonchalantly spoke. Afterward, she raised her hand and a ball of flames rushed out of Bi Dao, returning to her hand before disappearing.

Jian Chen obviously became extremely happy knowing that Bi Dao had obtained such a great opportunity to increase his strength. He arrived by Bi Daos side and asked out of concern, “Uncle, are you alright? How do you feel?”

Bi Dao slowly opened his eyes. They were filled with weakness and exhaustion. He had yet to convert the portion of the venerable Poisonswords soul he had devoured into his own, while even more fragments of the soul and mysteries of the world remained in his head. The weakness in his soul was due to the suppression he suffered as well as the fact that his bodys control was forcefully seized from him.

Bi Dao looked at Jian Chen with mixed emotions as gladness filled his face. After so many years, his nephew was becoming more and more outstanding.

“Xiangtian, youre fine now. The Yama Hall was the mysterious people who wiped out our Bi family long ago. Only you can complete the revenge now,” Bi Dao said.

Killing intent surged in Jian Chens eyes when he heard that. He grit his teeth, “I never thought that the mysterious people who wiped out the Bi family back then was the Yama Hall. I can finally avenge the Bi family now.

“Uncle, go rest first. Leave everything to me,” Jian Chen said to Bi Dao. He gazed around and saw that a large portion of the thousand or so assassins of Yama Hall had been slaughtered by the five Saint Rulers. Only a dozen or so Saint Ruler assassins remained.

Although there was the punishment of Celestial Decay if Saint Rulers or above killed those below Saint Ruler, that was only applicable to massacres, targeting those who kill millions of people. Just killing a thousand people would not lead to Celestial Decay.

Violent booms constantly vibrated around. The battle in the distance became even more intense. The five Saint Rulers now worked together as they encircled the Saint Ruler assassins, killing them one by one.

The Saint Ruler assassins were all limited in their movements. Although they could counterattack, it was very difficult for them to move, so even if they were more powerful, they could not resist the joint attacks of the five Saint Rulers. In the blink of an eye, two of the weaker Saint Ruler assassins were killed off by the five Saint Rulers.

On the other hand, the slaughter of those above Saint Ruler would not increase the sins of a person and lead to Celestial Decay, no matter how horrifying the slaughter was.

Jian Chen coldly stared at the remaining Saint Ruler assassins. With his Emperor Armament, he used the Illusionary Flash, charging toward them from where he was in the form of a blur. Everytime he passed by one of them, the Emperor Armament would turn into a black streak of light and a head would be launched into the air.

Even Saint Rulers at the Ninth Heavenly Layer were not Jian Chens opponent. Very soon, all of them died to Jian Chens hands. Their souls were all wiped out as blood dyed the sky, falling like rain.

Jian Chens white robes fluttered as his long hair swept about. He stood in the air with his Emperor Armament, which dripped with blood, seeming just like a god of slaughter. He glared at the destroyed divine hall and coldly called out, “How much longer are you going to hide, you, the real experts of the Yama Hall? Are you still not going to come out.

He had learned from Changyang Zu Yunxiao that there was not a lot of Saint Kings in the Yama Hall, but there was more than one.

Suddenly, an extremely thin spike appeared behind Jian Chen. It stabbed at the back of Jian Chens head with lightning speed and utter silence, wanting to wipe out his soul in a single stroke.

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