Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1115: Terrifying Rain

Chapter 1114: Entering the Divine Realm

The entire street fell into a deathly silence. Everyone stared at the Ju Bas eighteen tentacles with wide eyes as their hearts churned.

In the region of the Divine City, Ju Ba was a well-renowned expert. He was known to be invincible within his own level of cultivation and had never suffered a defeat. Only the ancestors of the three great clans, who had not appeared for over a hundred years, could keep him at bay, yet someone had actually easily severed his eighteen tentacles in Divine City, such that he could not even fight back. Everyone struggled to believe this outcome.

“Are my eyes wrong? Someones actually chased away king Ju Ba, forcing him to leave behind his eighteen tentacles to flee. He didnt even throw down a threat…”

“Just who is this expert? Even the renowned king Ju Ba isnt his opponent. Isnt that persons strength a little too terrifying…”

“The person who severed the eighteen tentacles must be a 15th Star expert. Only 15th Star experts have the power to do something like that in the world…”

“An esteemed 15th Star experts has come to our city…”

The people in the streets only returned to their senses after quite a long time. An uproar immediately erupted and many people became emotional. 15th Star experts were not common in the sea realm since most of them would be in seclusion. Rarely would they ever come outside.

The tavern remained silent. Everyone stared at Jian Chen who sat by himself, in fright along with some unconcealable fear and respect.

The two experts that had been recruited by the Blue Sky Adventurers both became rather pale. When Jian Chen had first joined them, the two of them had spoken in a fashion where they victimized Jian Chen. Now that Jian Chen had displayed his supreme strength, they immediately became utterly frightened.

The magical beast, who had gone out of his way to provoke Jian Chen, was affected in particular. He was filled with regret. If he had known that Jian Chen was this strong, he would have never said anything like that before even if he was a hundred times bolder.

The magical beast hesitated slightly before reluctantly arriving by Jian Chens side with unease. He said in a deep voice, “Esteemed senior Yang Yutian, Id like to take back what I said before and apologize to you. I hope you can be the bigger man and forgive my rudeness from before.” The magical beast was filled with sincerity. His apology came from the bottom of his heart. He understood the consequences of offending a 15th Star expert very well.

Jian Chen glanced at him, “You sure are smart. I just wanted to deal with you properly before, yet youve come to apologize yourself. Whatever, since you knew what to do, just punish yourself by slapping your face and then leave immediately. Ill let you off with that.”

“I thank senior Yang Yutians kindness.” The magical beast felt like he had just been granted a pardon. He politefully bowed to Jian Chen before decisively slapping his mouth several times. Afterward, he left quickly.

Zhou Chuyun walked over and wryly smiled, “I never thought that youd be a 15th Star expert. I was ignorant before, failing to recognize you as someone great. Please forgive me.”

“Oi, Yang Yutian, are you really at the 15th Star? Can you tell me how you cultivated? How many years have you cultivated, and what level have your reached now? I sure do envy you. The 15th Star is a Saint King.” The only female of the Blue Sky Adventurers walked over. She stared at Jian Chen with glowing eyes as admiration crossed her face.

She seemed to be in her twenties. She was full of life and was cute with her large eyes. Although her appearance could not be described as alluring, she was still a rare beauty.

“Liner, do not be rude.” Zhou Chuyun glared at the woman before smiling at Jian Chen, “Sir, this is my daughter, Zhou Lin. Shes still young, so shes a silly girl. I hope sir can avoid taking offence.”

“No problem. Captain Zhou Chuyun, lets head to the divine realm as soon as possible,” said Jian Chen.

Afterward, Zhou Chuyun brought the members of his group with Jian Chen and left. They directly traveled to the divine realm. Though, there were only ten of them now instead of the eleven from before.

The news that Ju Bas eighteen tentacles had been severed by a 15th Star expert rang through the city after they had left. The news caused a huge uproar, and the three great clans obviously heard about it as well.

Lan Mo became rather pale in the Lanshan clan. He mumbled, “I never thought he was actually a 15th Star expert. Fortunately, I held back in the tavern, or I probably wouldnt have been able to make it back to the clan safely. Only our ancestor whos disappeared for several decades can deal with an expert like that.”

However, an icy gaze flashed through Lan Mos eyes. He coldly said, “The large clans of Deorc City have also received news of the divine water of the world. Theyve already sent experts over. You arent the only 15th Star expert.”

The divine realm was a region filled with danger. Not only was it dangerous because of the feral beasts present, there was also dangerous aspects of nature. They were oddly powerful, even Saint Rulers needed to avoid them.

Jian Chen had already entered the divine realm with the Blue Sky Adventurers. They traveled through a desolate region on ground. A mysterious force pervaded the area, suppressing Jian Chens presence. He could only expand it to less than a thousand meters, within the range of his vision. Even flying was suppressed. Once his feet reached three meters above the ground, he would be pressed down by a mysterious but powerful force. Jian Chen could not resist it either even with his strength.

They walked as they talked. Jian Chen also learned the name of the other human Saint Ruler that had been recruited. He was called Liu Jun.

Along the way, they came across a few ignorant beasts. They were not powerful, so they were all dealt with by Zhou Lin and the Heaven Saint Masters.

Suddenly, an odd beasts roar rang out. Three crab-like feral beasts appeared before everyone. They were all ten meters wide and possessed long tails. Their shells all possessed a five-meter-long spike as they scurried over horizontally.

“Theyre 12th Star feral beasts! This is where our job starts!” Zhou Lin happily called out. The seven other Heaven Saint Masters charged up to the three beasts in unison, becoming embroiled in a great battle soon.

Zhou Chuyun gently sighed as he watched the eight people fight the three beasts, “We were originally disciples of a medium-sized sect beyond the sea realm. Other than Zhou Lin, the seven were elite disciples. Afterward, an enemy of our sect master came knocking and wiped out the entire sect. Everyone, over five thousand people, was killed, including the sect master and several great elders.”

“During that period of time, I just happened to be training on another island with the seven of them, which was why we avoided the disaster. We came to the sea realm after that, but Zhou Lins mother had already died in the sect.”

Zhou Chuyuns eyes became filled with pain. He could not bear to recall the past. It was filled with very painful memories. His heart would ache every time the past crossed his mind.

“We stayed in the sea realm for over three hundred years, always training in the divine realm. We used the items we obtained here to exchange for crystal coins so we could work hard on cultivation. After the past three hundred years, I reached Saint Ruler while the others went from Earth Saint Master to the Sixth Cycle of Heaven Saint Master. Theyre now stuck at the bottleneck of Saint Ruler.”

“My greatest wish is that once my strength reaches a certain level, I want to go take revenge for my wife. I know this is almost impossible, but I have always been working in that direction.” Zhou Chuyun gazed at the horizon as determination filled his eyes.

Jian Chen said nothing, listening quietly to Zhou Chuyuns story. He was not moved at all since stories similar to Zhou Chuyuns had already become innumerable on the Tian Yuan Continent.

There was no principle that those who adventured would not get hurt.

At this moment, Zhou Lin and the seven others killed off the three feral beasts. They returned to Zhou Chuyuns side dejected. They said, “What a pity. There are no thunderstones.”

Thunderstones were the material for creating quaking thunders. They appeared within the feral beasts that inhabited the divine realm, but they would not appear in every single one of them. Once filled with energy, the thunderstones would become quaking thunders.

The group of them continued on, but the sky began to darken not much later. Loud, deep rumbles of thunder rang in the distance.

“Odd, why would there be thunder here? Does it mean its going to rain?” Jian Chen stared at the sky out of curiosity. His face was filled with surprise. He was currently located below the sea. The barrier of the sea realm separated the land from the sea water above, but the place would not get any sun at all. As a result, it should have been impossible for storms to occur.

Zhou Chuyun and the others immediately became solemn when they saw the weather. Zhou Chuyun growled, “Sh*t, the weather of the divine realm has changed again. We better find a cave quick, or even Saint Rulers will struggle to survive.”

“Is it really that severe?” Jian Chen became even more surprised inside.

“The thunder of the divine realm is different from outside and so is the rain. The lightning here is extremely densely-packed. Its very difficult to avoid it on flat plains, and once struck by the lightning, it will injure your soul. Heaven Saint Masters will die without exception. Even Saint Rulers can only withstand a few strikes, and if struck thousands of times, even Saint Kings may die. On the other hand, the rain here is extremely corrosive. It will eat away your body, and it can ignore any defensive energy. No matter how tough the object is, it cannot withstand the corrosion of the rain,” explained Zhou Chuyun. He quickly ran, wanting to pass through the plains and reach the mountains before the rain arrived.

Jian Chen glanced at the murky sky. He said, “We probably wont make it. Its going to rain soon.”

Thunder echoed in the surroundings as the deafening booms constantly rang out. The entire world was illuminated by the strikes of lightning, and lightning continued to flicker in the distance. The lightning here was much more terrifying than any other place. It would engulf a whole region of several kilometers across when it fell, sizzling every inch of the region indiscriminately. Escape would be impossible for them if the region included where they were.

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