Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 111: Peaceful at Last

eling, everyone had finally reached the foot of the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Seeing the verdant plant life in front of him, Jian Chen disembarked from his horse and headed into the forest along with the group. The white horse stayed behind, but Jian Chen knew that after a while, it would leave by itself.

“From here on out, be careful everyone. Although the forests here have more wild animals than magical beasts, that doesnt mean we can drop our guards.” Captain Kendall looked at everyone solemnly before continuing to say, “Deere, Hu Po and I will walk in front of the group, Zhou Da Kai, Zhou Xiao Kai and Chang Ning Feng will walk behind the group. The rest will be in between us six.”

After that, the group maintained the position ordered by Kendall and moved onward. On the road, although many wild animals had attacked them, their strength was incomparable to the Class 1 Magical Beasts who were also not a threat to their group.

After 6 hours, the Flame Mercenaries finally reached the other side of the forest and entered the outskirts of the Magical Beast Mountain Range where the Class 1 Magical Beasts resided.

Captain Kendall who was walking ahead of the group twisted his head back and said to everyone, “Everyone prepare yourself to fight! From here on out, Class 1 and 2 Magical Beasts will be roaming around.”

However even before Captain Kendall had warned everyone, everyone but Jian Chen had already long since prepared themselves for battle and stared around themselves intensely.

The group continued to walk into the outskirts of the mountain range, but after walking for 4 hours, they had not seen a single Magical Beast.

Within the group, Jian Chen continued to walk with his eyes flickering with indifference. With each step he took, he was already aware of every finite detail of the magical beasts activity around them. However, whenever a magical beast was hiding in the tall bushes 10 meters away from them, they would retreat. Not a single one would dare attack them, leaving Jian Chen to be perplexed beyond belief on why they were doing that.

“Could it be that the magical beasts have realized the strength of our group and dont want to die?” Jian Chens eyebrows furrowed together as he thought to himself. When he had been in the Magical Beast Mountain Range before, he had never come across such behavior.

Unable to take it anymore, Jian Chen asked, “Uncle Kendall, do you not feel as if something is wrong?”

Jian Chens question had been heard by the sensitive ears of everyone in the group. The entire group turned around to look at him as Kendall asked, “Jian Chen, what exactly is wrong here?”

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before saying, “This place is where Class 1 Magical Beasts roam about, so why is it we have not come across a single one yet?”

Upon hearing this, everyone let loose a relieved breath of air. They had thought that Jian Chen actually had something in mind that was related to an unfavorable event.

Kendall laughed and said, “Jian Chen, this is actually very common. Although this is the roaming grounds for Class 1 Magical Beasts, but the Magical Beast Mountain Range is vast, and this is only just one of the many roads. Not coming across a magical beast isnt rare, every single time weve entered here in the past it has been like this.”

Jian Chens eyebrows furrowed together even more, in his heart, he knew that this wasnt how it was supposed to be.

“Captain Kendall, could it be that youve never come across a Class 1 Magical Beast yet?” Jian Chen asked.

“Its not that, we just merely dont see one often. The majority of the beasts that appear are Class 2 and 3. Of course, there are times where we dont see a single Class 1 Magical Beast at all.” He answered Jian Chens questions patiently.

“Captain Kendall, then on average, how many Monster Cores do you usually get?” Jian Chen asked.

“Not too few,” Captain Kendall thought about it before saying, “On average, we can get 4 or 5 Class 2 Monster Cores in a single day, and maybe 6 or 7 if our luck is good. Class 3 Monster Cores will be less since Class 3 Magical Beasts dont roam around here as often. So the chances of seeing one are slim, and since Class 3 Magical Beasts are hard to kill as well, itll be difficult for us to avoid any injuries. For that reason, if we come across any Class 3 Magical Beast, we try not to provoke it.”

Kendall paused for a moment before saying, “When Deere makes a breakthrough to a Saint Master, then with our combined strength, it will be easy to kill a Class 3 Magical Beast. However, until Deere becomes a Saint Master, we need to do our best and avoid Class 3 Magical Beasts. Although Class 3 Monster Cores sell for a higher price than Class 2 Monster Cores, I dont wish to see any casualties. If we get a little bit more money in exchange for our lives, what use would that be?”

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