Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1134: The Hidden Power of the Flame Mercenaries

Chapter 1133: Several Hundred Liters of Divine Water

“Quickly recover your strength Hong Lian. Hei Yu and I will use this time to fill the thunderstones with energy,” said Rui Jin. He then sat down where he was with Hei Yu. He began to pour energy into the thunderstones.

Hong Lian ingested all of the divine water in one mouthful before sitting down far away. Immediately, scarlet flames erupted from her and enveloped the area around her. The surrounding temperature quickly began to rise.

The flames around Hong Lian burned more and more intense. They grew hotter and hotter. Her presence continuously increased. She was currently making a recovery.

Jian Chen sat down on the ground far away from Hong Lian. He then pulled out the Great Divination Technique from his space ring to continue his comprehensions.

Jian Chen was very interested in the Great Divination Techniques ability to forecast the future and reveal the truths of the world. He had wanted to grasp the secret technique for quite some time already, but it was extremely difficult to gain a grasp of the foundation, which was why he had always remained stuck.

Jian Chen entered a special state very quickly. He devoted all his attention to the wondrous state of comprehending the Great Divination Technique. He had forgotten about himself, about time, and about everything else in that moment. His mind entered a simple state of semi-consciousness.

Jian Chens mind seemed to have arrived in a vast universe. He stood in cold, dark space as stars littered his surroundings. They moved about silently in a profound trajectory.

Jian Chen seemed to have seen the birth of the universe and the chaotic age where everything came into existence. He saw laws slowly form, one after another, filling up the entire universe.

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to have understood something, but it was hazy, dream-like, and unrealistic. He could not grasp it even though he wanted to.

Jian Chen completely isolated him from the flow of time. He stayed in that state for a long amount of time, even he himself did not know how long. Finally, a call rang out from the depths of his soul, jerking him awake. He had exited the state at that moment.

“Master, Rui Jin and the other two have finished their preparations.” It was the artifact spirits voice. Jian Chen had ordered the artifact spirit to immediately wake him up if something happened.

Jian Chen quietly put away the Great Divination Technique. He knew it was extremely difficult to comprehend the Great Divination Technique. Grasping the basics would not be easy.

To one side, Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian stood side by side as they calmly gazed at Jian Chen. A pile of fist-sized quaking thunders had been placed near their feet as violent and extremely unstable energy pulsed from them. The pulsing actually managed to disturb the surrounding energy of the world.

Jian Chen stood up. After talking a little, he learned that he had actually sat there for a month already, which made him sigh inside about how cultivation really was timeless. Hong Lian had already recovered to the Eighth Heavenly Layer after ingesting the divine water of the world. Her battle prowess had increased by quite a lot.

Afterward, Jian Chen told the three of them where the eighteen crucial points were. He split thirteen of them between Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian, before picking up the large pile of quaking thunders and leaving an imprint of his soul on them. This was for igniting the quaking thunders.

All of them finished their preparations very quickly. Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian all drew their origin energy weapons. With an order from Jian Chen, they began to attack the crucial points as hard as they could in unison. They struck out multiple times in a single moment with attacks on the level of Saint Emperors.

At the same time, the quaking thunders turned into balls of light with a thought from Jian Chen. Close to thirty quaking thunders simultaneously flew out in organized groups under Jian Chens control. They flew to the five remaining points before exploding with deafening booms. Each cluster was as powerful as an attack from a Saint Emperor, so the five points were obliterated at the same time.

The eighteen points were destroyed at the same time with Jian Chen, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yus efforts. The destruction of the points caused the final layer of formations to pulse in an unstable fashion and a meter-wide passage gradually ripped open. It was very unstable.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed. Without any hesitation, he immediately charged toward the passage with the three others. The white tiger remained on Jian Chens shoulder, clinging to a strand of Jian Chens hair with its little paws.

The passage remained for a very short amount of time, closing up again in just a few seconds. The pulsing formation calmed down very quickly again, and they had successfully made their way through it, reaching the last region.

“This formation is just far too powerful. Even this is not enough to destroy it,” Hei Yu could not help but sigh in amazement as he stood by the last layer of formations.

Jian Chen stared fixedly at the lake that sprayed water. His eyes blazed with interest. After many setbacks, his hearts desire had finally come true, and he had found the source of the divine water. At that moment, both Hong Lians problem with strength and the difficulties the elite Flame Mercenaries faced while reaching Saint Ruler could readily be solved. They were no longer problems.

Jian Chen slowly walked toward the spirit sea excitedly. As he drew near, a heavy fragrance hit his nose. Many special plants and weird flowers grew around the lake. They were very extraordinary. Their smell possessed the special effect of calming people down. It was even effective to people at Jian Chens level.

A geyser formed at the center of the lake as it launched water into the air. The water was extremely pure and filled with spirituality, vastly different from regular lake water. Thumb-sized droplets of divine water existed within the normal water. Although they were together, the two did not mix.

A portion of the divine water hovered on the lake surface before falling back into it. Only the tiny portion that remained atop the lake mysteriously disappeared.

This was the source of the divine water of the world. All the divine water in the divine realm drifted out from here.

With a plonk, Jian Chen jumped into the lake. He swam to the center and paid no attention to the small amount that sank down.

Not much time passed before Jian Chen arrived in the center of the lake. A meter-wide pit existed there, and it was filled with divine water of the world. There was an extremely great amount, at least several hundred liters. The thumb-sized amount Jian Chen had spent a lot of effort to obtain earlier was like an ant next to an elephant.

The divine water of the world that was shooting out of the geyser and sinking to the bottom of the lake gathered at the pit from all directions. This was like the den for divine water, able to suck over all the dispersed water.

Jian Chen could not help but gulp down a huge mouthful of the water. A wonderful feeling immediately invaded his soul. At that moment, Jian Chen could feel his soul sublimating. It filled him with an indescribably great feeling, as if he was treading on air.

The effects of the divine water were extremely wondrous and powerful. Although it was less effective to Saint Kings than Saint Rulers, Saint Kings could still benefit from it. It was only a matter of quantity.

The mouthful of water Jian Chen had drank was equivalent to several thousand years or even over ten thousand years worth of water from the divine realm.

After a very long while, Jian Chen finally recovered from the wonderful feeling. He did not feel his strength increase in the slightest, but his soul was clearly much more refined now. The effects of the divine water were not great on experts that had reached a certain level of power, but it was a high-quality beverage.

Jian Chen hurriedly pulled out a huge gourd from his Space Ring and began to collect the water. The divine water in the small pit was rapidly pulled up as a suction force appeared from the gourd.

Jian Chen stopped after collecting several hundred liters. At that moment, the remaining divine water sat at the bottom of the pit. There was not much left.

Jian Chen sealed up the gourd and weighed the hefty gourd. Only then did he leave satisfied, returning back to the shore.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian stood silently on the shore as they watched Jian Chen. They did not go down to drink the water since it was useless to them even with the waters wonders. It was only somewhat useful to Hong Lian.

“Jian Chen, give me twenty-five liters of the water. This water is very useful to me,” Hong Lian asked Jian Chen as he arrived before the three of them with the gourd.

Without saying anything else, Jian Chen immediately pulled out a palm-sized jade bottle from his Space Ring. He extravagantly set aside fifty liters for Hong Lian. He had over four hundred liters in the gourd, so even if he gave Hong Lian fifty liters, the remaining amount was still enough to support the Flame Mercenaries for at least a hundred thousand years. It could ensure that experts appeared continuously for the Flame Mercenaries.

Even with Hong Lians mental fortitude, she could not help but become slightly overjoyed after obtaining fifty liters of divine water. She said, “Let me return to the artifact space. I want to recover my strength as soon as possible.”

“I just happened to want to enter the artifact space as well and check on the group of elites.” Jian Chen immediately pulled out the saint artifact and entered with Hong Lian. Rui Jin and Hei Yu remained outside, watching over and protecting the saint artifact.

Jian Chen appeared in a grand hall within the artifact space. He boldly walked over to the throne and casually sat down. Hong Lian went to her own dwelling to go into seclusion, planning on ingesting the water and returning to her peak condition.

“Is the artifact spirit present?” Jian Chen called out in the empty hall from the throne.

“This one is present. May I ask for masters orders?” The artifact spirit appeared beside Jian Chen and asked courteously.

“Bring me the group of people Ive left in here. I want to see them immediately,” ordered Jian Chen.

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