Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1145: A Bitter Battle

Chapter 1144: The Saints Fruit Appears

Jian Chen and the others had stayed in the very depths of the Death Cavern for three whole days. During that period of time, they always moved around and maintained an extremely low profile. They would avoid any vengeful spirits they could to save up strength for a final fight.

Jian Chen and the others came across Gustys again during the three days. He ended up fighting with Hong Lian, but he was firmly suppressed by her flames. In the end, he was chased away by Hong Lians Pheonix clans treasure.

Even though that was what happened, Rui Jin and the others all felt shocked by Gustys strength. If they did not use their origin energy treasures, they would not be able to do anything to him. They would not even be his opponent.

During those three days, they had traveled through half of the third zone. Unfortunately, they did not come across any signs of the Saints Fruit. They did, however, find a few Space Rings, but they had all been destroyed so they obtained nothing.

After making it past a hill, everyone in Jian Chens party narrowed their eyes. They virtually gazed in the same direction at the same time.

Within the churning black mist was the faint flickering of a multicolored light. It was extremely weak, but it was still eye-catching within the mist.

All of their eyes shined with interest. They stared unblinkingly at the flickering light. This was the first time they had seen the existence of another light source ever since they had entered the Death Nest.

Without any verbal signals or agreements, all of them walked toward the light. They were all filled with caution.

As they approached the place, the flickering light become brighter and brighter and more and more blinding. In the end, they finally discovered what the multicolored light was.

It was a small, man-sized tree that stood there all alone. It glowed with a blinding five-colored light that enveloped a radius of a thousand meters. The Yin Qi and grudges of the dead could not approach this region. It almost seemed like this region was an independent space.

The small tree had a total of nine leaves. Each leaf radiated with a hazy light, and it was very beautiful. They all seemed like flowers, protecting a fist-sized fruit inside. The fruit was red in color, but it shined with a rainbow light. A profound presence hidden within the fruit could be vaguely senses. It contained the truths of the world.

“The Saints Fruit! This should be the Saints Fruit!” Jian Chen exclaimed. He was extremely excited. After so many twists and turns, he finally found the legendary Saints Fruit in the Death Nest.

“What a wondrous fruit. It can actually grow in the Death Nest even though it is filled with vile energies,” Hei Yu said in amazement. He found it rather unbelievable.

The Saints Fruit seemed to be filled with holiness. Logically, a fruit like that should have only appeared in a blessed land filled with spiritual energy, yet it grew in the gloomy Death Nest. This was indeed unbelievable, almost illogical.

“Mo Tianyun used the corpses of countless fallen experts from ancient times to build the Death Nest. He used his abilities to draw out the essence within these experts to create such a heaven-defying fruit. What a great approach,” Rui Jin softly murmured. He felt complete admiration for Mo Tianyun.

“More accurately, the Saints Fruit grows by absorbing the essence and essence blood of those experts. Its a fruit of supreme vileness, yet it just seems divine. It really does seem like a fruit of the saints.”

“I understand now. Mo Tianyun really did possess great abilities. He actually forcefully transformed yin into yang by using a mysterious reversal of the infinite to transform evil into good. He used an absolute technique to transform the nature of the fruit, nullifying the evil energy within the Saints Fruit, which was why the evil fruit became a true fruit of the saints. It possesses heaven-defying effects and can assist people in breaking through to Saint Emperor,” Hong Lian said. She stared at the fruit as her face filled with shock.

Rui Jins eyes also turned golden. Two streaks of light shot out as he gazed around the area. He was using a secret technique of the Dragon clan.

“Did Mo Tianyun really do so much to create this zone of danger just to grow the Saints Fruit?” Rui Jin murmured.

Flames began to dance in Hong Lians eyes. She also used a secret technique of the Phoenix clan to observe the surroundings. She gradually frowned, “On the surface, it seems like the Death Nest was indeed created for the Saints Fruit, but the Death Nest seems to serve a much greater use than that from my observations.”

Hei Yu and Jian Chen both frowned when they heard Hong Lian and Rui Jin. They had originally thought that the Death Nest existed for the Saints Fruit, but only after hearing Rui Jin and Hong Lian speak did they understand that the Death Nest probably did not exist just for the Saints Fruit.

“Why did Mo Tianyun create a place like this? What did he want to do, and what is the other use of the Death Nest?” Rui Jin murmured. His eyes had stopped shining, but they now brimmed with interest. He was filled with an intense curiosity.

Hong Lian also stopped using her secret technique. She said, “Mo Tianyun really is worthy of being the most powerful human in the past. The secret techniques of my Phoenix clan are not enough to see through the secrets of this place.”

“Hm? Theres another color on the Saints Fruit. Theres six colors now,” Jian Chen suddenly said.

Everyone focused their attention on the Saints Fruit again. Indeed, they discovered that the nine leaves now glowed with another color. They were six-colored now while the fruit remained rainbow.

The light from the fruit became more intense with an extra color now on the leaves. The area enveloped by the light expanded to one thousand five hundred kilometers now as a special fragrance began to pervade the surroundings. A single breath of allowed Jian Chen and the others to gather focus while a comfortable feeling filled their souls.

The fragrance of the Saints Fruit drifted into the distance and actually drew over all the surrounding Saint Emperor vengeful spirits. Very soon, several demonic figures drifted over from afar, entering the region basking in the light. In the end, they stopped a hundred meters from the fruit and sat down, beginning to meditate and cultivate.

The light from the fruit could not harm the vengeful spirits. Instead, the spirits absorbed the fragrance of the fruit and became even more tangible. They benefited from it a lot.

The fragrance of the fruit drifted very far away and drew over many vengeful spirits. Soon, more and more Saint Emperor spirits drifted over form all directions. The Saint Emperor vengeful spirits that gathered here increased.

The expression of Jian Chen and the others became ugly. Now that so many vengeful spirits had gathered, it would undoubtedly make it much more difficult for them when the time arrived to collect the fruit.

“Lets retreat quickly to retain our strength. Its best if we dont end up fighting these vengeful spirits,” Rui Jin said to the others through a communication technique. They immediately began to silently retreat.

However, three vengeful spirits appeared in front of them just after they had retreated a few dozen meters. They just happened to obstruct their path.

“Sh*t!” Jian Chens heart sank. The five of them had already been discovered by the three vengeful spirits, so they could no longer hide.

Without saying anything, the three vengeful spirits attacked them. The disturbance was so great that the mist and energies within the Death Nest began to violently churn.

Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian went up to receive the attacks. They used all their origin energy treasures and attacked abruptly, wanting to deal with the three vengeful spirits quickly.

The three spirits were not their opponents. Their bodies collapsed from the attacks several times very quickly. They could not use their strength to the fullest before the origin energy weapons.

The five of them were not very far from the Saints Fruit. Drawn over by the fragrance, almost all the vengeful spirits of the region had gathered there. The sounds of battle alerted the other vengeful spirits very quickly, including those that were meditating around the fruit.

Immediately, all the vengeful spirits stood up and rushed toward Rui Jin and the others.

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