Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1170: Ill Motives

Chapter 1169: Amidst Danger

“Making a full recovery as soon as possible is the most urgent matter. I need to return to my peak condition in the shortest amount of time. Only then can I deal with the dangers that come later.”

“Its a pity that Rui Jin and the other two arent here, or even if the great elders really were scheming to take the Saints Fruit, theres no need for me to fear so much. My strength is far from enough to contending with them sadly.”

Jian Chen thought inside. He set up a barrier at the entrance of the cave and entered the saint artifact to heal.

In the blink of an eye, two days past. Everything had been peaceful in the Changyang clan during that time. The seven great elders all stayed in the central divine hall to recover the Saint Force they used in the Death Nest. Jian Chen stayed in the artifact space for two days as well. He had recovered long ago with the artifact spirits healing and was currently adjusting himself to peak condition.

“I cant go outside right now. If I do, its extremely possible that theyll ask to take the fruit from me. If I dont hand it over, therell be conflict. I still dont have the ability to hold onto the fruit with my strength. Its best if I sit here and drag it out. I hope Rui Jin and the others can make it in time. I wont have to fear the Changyang clan by then,” Jian Chen planned inside. He was currently in the independent space of the Changyang clan, which could be described as the safest place possible as well as the most dangerous place possible. The place had existed for an extremely long time and possessed a wondrously powerful Emperor Armament. Even his divine hall and saint artifact would be useless once the Emperor Armament was used.

The thirty-meter-tall Wave-breaking Blade stood upright in the forbidden grounds of the Tyrants Blade School. It hovered a meter above the ground as it glowed with a hazy light. The light consisted of no ordinary glow. They were blades of light that possessed great power. An extremely domineering presence was vaguely coiled around the blade.

Guihai Yidai sat atop the blades hilt in simple robes. His entire body was surrounded by the terrifying light of the blade, but it did not harm him at all. It looked like he was being protected by the blade.

A powerful and pure energy constantly surged out of the blade before being absorbed by Guihai Yidao like a whale taking in water. His body seemed to be a bottomless pit, where no matter how much energy entered his body, it would be impossible to fill. All the energy disappeared like a rock thrown into the sea.

The Emperor Armament of protector clans had already been established as forbidden weapons. They could not be used in ordinary times since their power were just far too great. Several Saint Kings working together was required just to gain rough control over one, and they would suffer from a backlash afterward, heavily injuring those Saint Kings. This was why the Emperor Armaments were terrifying. There had never been a person throughout history who cultivated by absorbing the energy of the Emperor Armament. Even in the glorious age of Saint Emperors, no one dared to do that. There was only Guihai Yidao.

As the Emperor Armaments energy was rapidly consumed, Guihai Yidaos presence basically increased with every moment of time. The speed was astounding.

His strength increased rapidly. He had no need to comprehend the mysteries of the world since recovering his memories was equivalent to recovering his former cultivation level.

A few figures flew over from afar before kneeling down courteously outside the forbidden grounds. They were the great elders of the Tyrants Blade Sect, and they were all gloomy and dejected.

“Founding ancestor, weve returned. We were useless and unable to retrieve the Saints Fruit,” an old man said, depressed. He felt extremely regretful.

Guihai Yidao slowly opened his eyes. He gaze was extremely ordinary, but within hid an extremely sharp light, like a blade. It was acute and forceful. His gazed in the direction of the Death Nest, as if he could see the distant place through space.

“Thats not a problem. The Saints Fruit isnt that important. It can let people reach Saint Emperor, but you still can break through without it.” Guihai Yidao said in an extremely simple tone.

“But ancestor, reaching Saint Emperor has become extremely difficult. Saint Emperors have stopped appearing in the ten protector clans. We only have one human Saint Emperor now, and he became one by paving his own path of cultivation with his willpower,” a great elder bitterly replied.

Guihai Yidao glanced over all of them. All of the great elders shivered inside when their founding ancestors gaze passed by them. They all felt like that had been locked onto by an extremely sharp blade. They had actually felt dread at the bottom of their hearts.

The great elders were extremely shocked as their hearts churned. They also felt even more admiration for Guihai Yidao as well as more fear. They knew their founding ancestors true strength was much greater than the realm of Saint King he had recently reached.

“I can let you become Saint Emperors at most in a hundred years and at least a few decades. You can all wait until that day,” Guihai Yidao simply replied.

However, the great elders felt like they had been struck by a bolt from the blue when they heard what he said. They became filled with disbelief.

“Founding ancestor…”

“All of you are dismissed. In the next few years, properly consolidate your foundations,” Guihai Yidao cut off the great elder.

“Yes, ancestor!” Even though the great elders were doubtful, they dared not disobey Guihai Yidaos orders. They all left courteously.

After they had left, Guihai Yidao focused his attention on the direction of the Death Nest again. He mumbled, “Just what does Mo Tianyun want to do? Hes gone to great lengths to create the Death Nest. I must say its earned my admiration.”

“After a million years of reincarnations, my wounds from the laws have finally been erased. Ive understood a lot after so many reincarnations and so many lives. I have a lot benefited, so once I fully recover my strength, Ill definitely be able to reach another level. I just wonder when the nine of them are going to awaken.”

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