Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1176: Descent on Lore City (One)

Chapter 1175: Descent of the Bright Moon Divine Hall

Of the two great elders from the Yuan branch, Changyang Yuan Zhenghua was weaker than Jian Chen, but Changyang Yuan Wuji was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King. He was the third strongest person of the clan and his strength completely surpassed Jian Chens. Every single strike of his possessed mountain-shattering force, and he would use ancient secret techniques from time to time. It was very difficult for Jian Chen cope with, so he fell to a disadvantage.

All the heavy injuries on Jian Chen had basically come from Changyang Yuan Wuji, but the Chaotic Body gifted him with great vitality and battle prowess at the same time. His strength did not decrease at all despite his injuries, but he could not last for too long either.


With a muffled sound, Changyang Yuan Wujis palm landed on Jian Chens chest, launching him far away. The attack was very powerful. Jian Chen only stopped after flying several thousand meters and after colliding into a mountain. His entire chest had caved in and most of his ribs were broken.

Jian Chen clenched his teeth and Chaotic Force quickly circulated within him. He recovered just as quickly, but even with that, his speed of recovery was far slower than the rate he was sustaining injuries.

Jian Chen glanced around and saw that Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Qing Yun were still fighting far away. Tremendous ripples of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing whole clusters of mountains to tremble. On the other hand, there were no signs of movement from Changyang Zu Yunxiao after he had been blown away by Changyang Qing Yun.

Jian Chens face was extremely ashen. He was completely at a disadvantage right now. He could rival Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings if he fought by himself, but he was helpless against Changyang Yuan Wuji no matter how hard he tried. As a great elder, Changyang Yuan Wuji knew many powerful ancient secret techniques, so no ordinary Saint King could compare to him.

The independent space was sealed as well, and it could not be opened without the corresponding technique. He was now trapped here and unable to leave.

Energy pulsed up ahead as Changyang Yuan Wuji aggressively flew over. He glared fixedly at Jian Chen, as if he was afraid that Jian Chen would run away. Greed was evidently plastered across his face.

“Now that Qing Yuns busy with Zu Xiao, its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Ill eat the fruit as soon as I get it, and he cant do anything to me. All he can do is watch from the side. Ill be able to reach the supreme realm of Saint Emperors very soon and become the strongest of the protector clans!” Changyang Yuan Wuji laughed maniacally inside. He could basically taste the moment he would become a Saint Emperor, but he needed to suppress his wild excitement, or he would have begun laughing aloud.

“But this brats talent is very great. Hell probably reach Saint Emperor himself without much time, so hes a huge threat to me. Hes going to suffer a death sentence today anyway, so I might as well go all in and finish him off right now.” Thinking up to there, heavy killing intent immediately flashed through Changyang Yuan Wujis eyes. He had made up his mind about killing Jian Chen since he had decided he would take the fruit.

A silver lance completely condensed from energy appeared in Changyang Yuan Wujis hand. With its materialization, a powerful pressure appeared in the surroundings, crushing Jian Chen like a mountain. It caused his body to sink and stopped all his actions.

This was the pressure of a Saint Tier Battle Skill that originated from Changyang Yuan Wuji. The silver lance turned into a white streak of light, shooting toward Jian Chen with lightning-like speed.

Jian Chen was stern. With a thought, the saint artifact immediately transformed into a ten-meter-tall golden tower in front of him, helping him withstand Changyang Yuan Wujis Saint Tier Battle Skill.

At the same time, a three-meter-tall figure appeared beside Jian Chen with a flash of golden light. He was an extremely burly man who seemed like a small giant. His skin was goldish-brown, and a golden brilliance radiated from him.

This figure was Tie Ta, who had remained within the saint artifact.

Jian Chen had secretly informed Tie Ta long ago that the situation outside was very dangerous. As soon as he appeared, a dense layer of golden light surrounded him, and he called out, “Mysteries of War, Worlds Fist!” The golden light around him condensed on his hand, and at that moment, a wondrous power actually revolved around his fist. He then smashed the space in front of him viciously.


Tie Tas punch actually produced an extremely unique sound. It seemed like the creaking and painful wailing of space. It began to violently shake with Tie Tas attack, showing signs of ripping apart.

The eighteen divine halls in the sky consolidated even more than before. Every single one of them radiated with an energy that fused with the independent space, reinforcing it so that it became even more powerful than the outside world. The space became indestructible, like a metal cage.

The shaking space stabilized very quickly. Tie Tas expression immediately changed when he saw this, and he said, “Jian Chen, I cant break through the space here!”

“What!?” Jian Chen was shocked. He asked, “Tie Ta, didnt you say that your Mysteries of War can break through all limitations of space and travel through the void and that you can go anywhere you want to?”

Tie Ta scratched his head in a panic. He nervously replied, “Thats what the information I received said. My Worlds Fist can indeed break through the limitations of any region of space, but I never thought it would be so tough here. Its become useless. Looks like my strength is too weak and my level of understanding regarding the technique isnt enough.”

“God dammit,” Jian Chen swore inside. The plan could not adapt to the changing situation. He had never imagined it would end up like this.

It was already night outside right now. A full moon hung high in the sky, casting down beautiful moonlight.

A silver-white divine hall silently descended from outer space before stopping above the entrance to the Changyang clans independent space. The beautiful You Yue, dressed in white, stood on top of the roof as she held the Moon God Scepter that fairy Hao Yue had given her.

Suddenly, You Yue raised the sceptre and the gem embedded within it began to shine with dense moonlight.

At the same time, the full moon in the sky suddenly grew brighter. It actually began to shine with unprecedented brightness, as if it was resonating with You Yues sceptre. The two of them seemed to be calling out to each other from far away.

“I never thought that youd have a helper, but inside the protector clan, its useless even if you bring a Saint King at Great Perfection,” Changyang Yuan Wuji sneered back inside the independent space. The energy around him surged and rushed toward Jian Chen.

Tie Tas eyes slide over. A golden axe appeared in his hand, and he yelled, “Mysteries of War, Destruction!” A supreme battle intent suddenly appeared. It was enough to affect everyones mind. At that moment, all the clansmen who were watching from afar lost any bravery to fight as their morale collapsed. All of them shivered under the battle intent as they looked at Tie Ta in dread.

At that moment, Tie Ta seemed to have become an undefeatable war god in the eyes of many of them. Even Saint Rulers had lost their courage to fight in front of Tie Ta.

An extremely dazzling streak of light shot through the air, heading toward Changyang Yuan Wuji like a bolt of lightning along with the battle intent.

Changyang Yuan Wuji blanked out. The sudden battle intent had affected him slightly as well, but he could suppress the effects with his strength, so he recovered very quickly. Seeing the golden axe flying over, he wanted to dodge, but discovered that it had already locked onto his presence. He hurried and used an ancient secret technique and managed to block Tie Tas attack, but the powerful force launched him far away.

“What is this presence?” Changyang Qing Yun and Changyang Zu Xiao stopped fighting in the distance. They glanced at Tie Ta as doubt and surprise flooded their faces.

“The Mysteries of War, Destruction—i- isnt this a powerful battle skill used by the war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, in ancient times, the one mentioned in the records? The records say that Aergyns had used it to destroy a small portion of the entire continent with a single swing, and over ten Saint Emperors died to it.” Changyang Qing Yun stared blankly as disbelief flooded his face.

Changyang Zu Xiao stared at Tie Ta as Tie Ta bathed in golden light from afar. He murmured, “Surrounded in golden light and able to give off such a unique battle intent. I- is he…”

“Thats the war god of the Hundred Races. No wonder the Hundred Races had launched a large-scale invasion of our continent. That had never happened before after all, so it turns out to be all connected to the war god,” Changyang Qing Yun suddenly called out. He immediately guessed Tie Tas identity and became both fearful and surprised. Even with his mental fortitude, he struggled to remain calm.

The war god of the Hundred Races was just far too famous. His prestige was so great that even Saint Emperors would pale upon hearing about him. After all, he was a sovereign-like figure that had surpassed Saint Emperor. In ancient times, just the amount of Saint Emperors that fell by his hand was innumerable; only other experts at the same level of cultivation could match up against him.

However, Changyang Qing Yun realized Tie Tas strength very soon. He immediately calmed down very much and killing intent began to flow from his eyes in an undisguised manner. He said, “Zu Xiao, the war god of the Hundred Races has reappeared. We may not have been part of the matters during the ancient times, but you understand very well from the records. You know what you should be doing at this moment.”

Changyang Zu Xiao frowned heavily. He stared at Tie Ta fixedly as the light within his eyes flickered.

“Before the war god has fully matured, kill him immediately and remove the future danger. Otherwise, the Tian Yuan Continent will become doomed. The tragedy of the ancient times will be repeated, but this time, we dont have an expert like Mo Tianyun to stop him. Zu Xiao, lets forget our disagreements for now and kill the war god together,” Changyang Qing Yun coldly said. He charged toward Tie Ta first after he finished speaking.


At this moment, a deafening boom rang out from the sky, causing the entire clan to violently shake.

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