Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1183: Threat

Chapter 1182: Xiao Bao the Cripple (Four)

The pill created from a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource finally dissolved in Xiao Baos mouth, which he then consumed. Immediately, a gentle and vast energy erupted within him, flowing into his limbs and bones and filling up his body.

The Heavenly Enchantress, the sixth elder, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and Qin Qin all stared at Xiao Bao, very focused. As the vast energy filled up Xiao Bao, Xiao Qian immediately said, “Xiao Bao, quick, use the method that I taught you. Use your mind to circulate the energy within you.”

Xiao Bao obediently agreed and immediately sat down. He placed his arms on his knees and closed his eyes with a serious expression. He quietly circulated the energy using the method that Xiao Qian had taught him before.

Very soon, thin beads of sweat appeared on Xiao Baos forehead. His complexion also became rather unnatural. He could clearly feel the tremendous amount of energy surging within him, but he could not control it as he wished since he had not begun cultivating. In fact, he was still rather unsure of how to control the energy. He was nowhere near a level of mastery.

The sixth elder paid close attention to Xiao Bao. He understood why he had come to the Three Saint Island. The Heavenly Enchantress had personally visited the union to bring a skillful Class 7 Radiant Saint Master back with her in order to prevent any accidents from occurring when the boy ingested the pill.

More importantly, the medicinal effects of the heavenly resource had already become extremely gentle after being refined into a pill. Even ordinary people would be able to ingest it without accidents, but the Heavenly Enchantress was still worried, so she had invited a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. This was more than enough to see just how important the boy was to the Heavenly Enchantress.

Energy appeared continuously within Xiao Baos body. It was not controlled by him, and instead, it expanded to every corner of his body by itself before slowly fusing with his flesh and organs, or more accurately, it was absorbed by Xiao Baos flesh and organs.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed and Xiao Bao had completely absorbed the pill. However, there was still no energy within him.

The Heavenly Enchantress, Xiao Qing, and Xiao Yue, who had been with him through the entire process, immediately extended an arm to sense the situation inside of him.

A while later, their expressions abruptly changed. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

“How is that possible? Theres still no Saint Force in Xiao Bao. Theres not even a drop,” Xiao Qian uncontrollably exclaimed.

“A ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource is enough for a person who cannot cultivate to undergo a complete rebirth and increase their strength by quite a lot at the same time, but Xiao Bao… no, its impossible…” Xiao Yue shook her head as she appeared to be rather pained. She seemed to refuse to accept what had just happened.

There was no room for doubt as to the amount of energy hidden within a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource, yet it was just like nothing to Xiao Bao.

Qin Qin was stunned by the outcome as well. She murmured, “Even a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource isnt enough to change Xiao Baos constitution. Does that mean that Xiao Bao really is that crippled? I- is he even more crippled than a cripple?”

The Heavenly Enchantress stared blankly at Xiao Baos chubby face with her enchanting eyes. She remained silent for quite some time and had become rather dejected. She dared not believe the outcome; she refused to accept it. It had affected her much more heavily than anyone present.

“I- impossible. This is impossible…” Only after quite a while later did the Heavenly Enchantress hoarsely speak. She could not help but think back to what had happened before.

Until now, only the Heavenly Enchantress knew the true identity and origins of Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao was not a child she had found elsewhere, but her own child. He was her own flesh and blood. She had been pregnant with him for ten whole years, and during the pregnancy, her strength skyrocketed at an unbelievable rate. She knew it was all because of the child in her womb. Other than the Dragons Saliva that Jian Chen had left behind, the main reason her strength could reach such an unbelievable level in such a short amount of time was Xiao Bao.

During her pregnancy, the Heavenly Enchantress knew that the child in her womb was extraordinary. When she had given birth to him, she had even concluded without a second thought that Xiao Bao was an unprecedented genius, someone that could even surpass Saint Emperor in the future. However, never did she think that the outcome could actually be like this. Xiao Bao was no unprecedented prodigy, just a cripple. Even a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource was not enough to change his constitution. He was even more crippled than cripples actually.

“Sigh, Xiao Bao is so pitiful,” Xiao Yue helplessly sighed. She became rather dejected.

Xiao Qian said after thinking a little, “We dont need to be too sad. Xiao Bao may be an ordinary person, but ordinary people can obtain happiness and joy as well. They can live everyday without worries, unlike the cultivators of the continent who would erupt into a battle of life and death with just the slightest provocation. Their outcome in the end is miserable.”

The Heavenly Enchantress closed her eyes rather painfully. She did not wish to see Xiao Bao be a normal person as they only had a lifespan of two hundred years. Two hundred years were just far too short. She could not imagine the scene of her son slowly aging before her eyes until he passed away.

The sixth elder stared at Xiao Bao weirdly. He furrowed his brows tightly and murmured, “Odd, so odd. It really is very odd. Even a Heaven Saint Master needs quite a lot of time to digest and absorb the energy within a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource, yet this child right before us used just two days. This is illogical.”

“Thats just how Xiao Baos constitution is. Weve fed him many thousand-year-old and several-thousand-year-old heavenly resources in the past, but all the energy would disappear in less than a day. Other than having a body more powerful than normal people, theres been no other changes,” Xiao Yue sat on the floor gloomily as she placed her chin on her knees. She was very sad that Xiao Bao was a cripple.

Qin Qin arrived before the sixth elder and hopefully asked, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, you are knowledgeable, so may I ask if you have any ideas to deal with Xiao Baos problem?”

“I really dont have any,” the sixth elder shook his head with a wry smile. This was the first time he had seen a ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resource fail to change someones constitution.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources were more than enough to allow a cripple undergo a rebirth. However, these heavenly resources were just too rare and too valuable. They were not items ordinary people could afford.

Suddenly, the sixth elder seemed to think of something and his eyes suddenly began to shine. He said, “Perhaps only such a sacred item will have an effect.”

“What is it?” The Heavenly Enchantress suddenly snapped open her eyes and stared at the sixth elder in interest.

“The Saints Fruit!” The sixth elder stressed every single word. He was extremely stern. The Radiant Saint Master Union possessed a very lengthy history, so they had clear records regarding the fruit. They just did not have the power to compete for it, which was why they never participated in obtaining it.

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