Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1185: Poison of Heavens End

Chapter 1184: Poison

“Changyang Qing Yun has just gone too far to threaten you for the Saints Fruit with such conditions. His actions are no different from a shameless wretch. Hes not worthy of being a great elder of a protector clan,” You Yue said righteously. Jian Chen had only obtained the Saints Fruit with the assistance of Rui Jin and the other two after tremendous effort, so it should belong entirely to Jian Chen. Yet, Changyang Qing Yun had posed such a horrible condition on him as the strongest great elder of the Changyang clan as well as Jian Chens senior, which infuriated You Yue.

Tie Tas complexion became rather horrible as well. He silently pondered as he sat there before making up his mind in the end. He said through clenched teeth, “Jian Chen, its best if I leave here. Otherwise, youll probably get dragged into it when Changyang Qing Yun works with all the people to hunt me down. I know many Mysteries of War now. Even if Im not their opponent, I can run.”

Jian Chen raised his hand to reject Tie Tas suggestion without any hesitation. He stared at Tie Ta and responsibly said, “Tie Ta, dont ever say things like that again. The protector clans are very powerful, but theyre not enough for us to fear. Even if they unite all the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent, can they really kill us?”

“Tie Ta, dont be depressed. You cant forget that I have the Bright Moon Divine Hall as well. Master has said that the divine hall is so tough that even Saint Emperors cant get through its defenses, and shes cast down formations inside. There are absolute killing formations that can even wipe out Saint Emperors. As long as we have the divine hall, they cant do anything to us even if they unite the two continents,” You Yue said rather confidently. She felt an unhideable excitement inside since she finally had the power to help Jian Chen now. She could share Jian Chens burden with him, which was an extremely important matter to her.

At this moment, with a twitch in his expression, Jian Chen suddenly gazed off into the distance. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the structure and see outside clearly while the light in his eyes flickered.

Afterward, Tie Tas face twitched as well. He suddenly stood up and powerful killing intent bubbled from inside him. He said with his deep, muffled voice, “Tie Ta, the people of the Changyang clan have come attacking.”

Jian Chen shook his head and a sliver of doubt flickered through his eyes. He said, “Tie Ta, please wait. It may not be like what youve imagined. Lets go have a look first.”

A great group of people flew toward the city. They did not seem to be travel very quickly, and there were several hundreds of them.

The people in the city saw the spectacular scene in the air and the entire city was thrown into a great hubbub again. All of them had become stunned by this.

All of them knew that anyone who could fly in the air was at least a Heaven Saint Master without any exception. There were only around a dozen in the entire kingdom, and a few of them had only recently appeared too. Every single one of them possessed a great status within the kingdom, able to stand on equal ground with the king. They rarely ever appeared in public.

Yet now, they were seeing several hundred people flying in the air with a single glance. This pushed their shock to the utmost limit.

The group of people directly flew to the Changyang clan before all stopping at the front entrance in the end.

All the high-ranking members of the clan had gathered at the entrance. They all stood there silently and no one said anything. The gloomy Changyang Zu Yunxiao stood at the very front. Changyang Zu Yeyun accompanied him by the side, and only after them was Jian Chen, You Yue, Tie Ta, Changyang Ba, and the others.

Of the several hundred people, the old man who stood at the very front was the most authoritative great elder of the Zu branch, Changyang Zu Xiao.

Changyang Zu Xiao seemed rather decadent right now. His face was filled with loneliness, helplessness, sorrow, and so on. Unknowingly, he seemed even older now.

There were both the old and young in the group behind Changyang Zu Xiao, varying in strength. They could be as powerful as Saint Rulers or as weak as a few young men and children who were not even Earth Saint Masters. They were carried by the people around them through the air.

However, all of the older people were filled with loneliness. They were gloomy and their eyes were dull.

“Great-grandfather, whatre you…” Changyang Zu Yunxiao suppressed his sorrow and asked in doubt.

“Sigh,” Changyang Zu Xiao deeply exhaled. Tears pooled in his weather old eyes. He said, “Xiaoer, I can no longer stay in the clan after whats happened. Ive already left the clan now while the people behind me are all members of the Zu branch who were willing to come with me. Most of the others stayed behind.”

Changyang Zu Yunxiao violently jerked with that. He immediately clenched his fists before slowly letting go. He sighed at the sky and said, “Leaving is good too, leaving is good too…”

On that day, the Changyang clan increased by several hundred new members. However, all of them possessed great statuses. They were all members of the protector Changyang clan. Just the number of Saint Rulers exceeded ten. Even in the protector clan, they possessed a certain level of status.

Most of the Saint Rulers had chosen to leave with Changyang Zu Xiao, and only an extremely few number of people chose to stay behind. However, the group was not even a hundredth of the entire Zu branch.

Fortunately, the Changyang clan was extremely large after it had been modified, so even after increasing by several hundred members, it did not feel cramped. Changyang Ba made arrangements for the people appropriately while Changyang Zu Xiao obviously became the person with the highest status.

Jian Chen was touched by Changyang Zu Xiaos actions, filling him with warmth. He now knew that he was not alone in the protector clan. At least the Zu branch stood by his side.

Changyang Zu Xiao did not mention the Saints Fruit at all. After greeting him, Jian Chen directly went to where Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were staying.

Hei Yu currently sat on his bed. His complexion was dark as the poison remained within him. The saint artifact had turned into a fist-sized golden tower as it slowly rotated above him, shining with a hazy light.

Hong Lian and Rui Jin sat nearby in worry. They furrowed their brows while deep in thought.

“Senior Hei Yu, how are you? Has the poison still not been purged?” Jian Chens chest immediately tightened when he saw Hei Yus condition.

Hei Yu slowly opened his eyes and gently shook his head. He said, “The poison that got me is extremely rare on the continent. Its far stronger than the venom of the venomous beast ranked at number one, and even the artifact spirit cannot help me. Apparently, this is a poison that belongs to the ninth class. The artifact spirit can only use Radiant Saint Force at Class 8, so it is not enough to purge the poison.”

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