Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1192: Sealing the Changyang Clan (One)

Chapter 1191: Shangguan Aojian

The sword spirits remained silent for a while before Zi Ying then explained, “Its not because the Innate Chaotic Body cannot cultivate, but no cultivation method in the world is suitable for the Chaotic Body. Only a corresponding approach will work. And the growth of the Chaotic Body is nowhere near as simple as you have thought. The first step of cultivation would be to forge and refine the body. Only after thats completed will Chaotic Force appear inside the body.”

“Was that gray energy that appeared on Xiao Baos hands before Chaotic Force?” The Heavenly Enchantress stared at Zi Ying without blinking. At that moment, she dedicated all her attention to Xiao Bao. She wanted to learn the mysteries of Xiao Baos Chaotic Body as soon as possible.

However, she could not help but think of Jian Chen when she thought about the gray energy that had appeared before. She had once seen the power controlled by Jian Chen, and her sharp senses picked up that the gray gas was extremely similar to the power used by Jian Chen. It was just that Xiao Baos power lacked a presence of destruction.

“Correct. Thats Chaotic Force, but its only Chaotic Force hidden within him to refine his body. Since Xiao Bao became excited just then, he subconsciously activated it. However, Xiao Baos Chaotic Body has not been fully forged, so all the energy he absorbs will fuse into his flesh and forge his body on its own. Only once this step has been completed will Chaotic Force appear within the dantian, and he will be able to cultivate,” Zi Ying explained in detail.

The Heavenly Enchantress sank into her thoughts. She mumbled, “Looks like its not that the heavenly resource was useless to Xiao Bao, but it was not enough to fulfill what he needed.”

“The Chaotic Force is a power that belongs to the apex of the cosmos. Forging a single strand of the power will require vast quantities of energy. Let alone a single ten-thousand-year heavenly resource, even ten wont be enough, because Xiao Baos Chaotic Body has not even progress to a tenth of the forging from my observations. Such a weak body cannot withstand the rampage of Chaotic Force,” Qing Suo seriously explained. She and Zi Ying were both sword spirits, but they had existed for an extremely lengthy amount of time. They had seen people with the Chaotic Bodies many times, so they possessed an extremely clear understanding regarding the strongest body of the world.

“Sigh,” Zi Ying suddenly exhaled. His gaze toward Xiao Bao became rather melancholy as he said, “I cant even remember how long its been since the Innate Chaotic Body has appeared. From what I can remember, even in our world, the Innate Chaotic Body only appeared three times since most Chaotic Bodies were acquired. Its just the energy of the world here is far too thin. Its already extremely difficult to accommodate masters Chaotic Body. Now with an Innate Chaotic Body, the resources are nowhere near enough, and the further he progresses, the energy he needs will become even more tremendous.”

The Heavenly Enchantress became stunned and she slightly frowned. From what Zi Ying had said, she could already tell that it would probably be extremely difficult for Xiao Bao to increase his strength in the future.

“Thingsll sort themselves out. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, I will obviously find a way to find the energy Xiao Bao needs in the future to increase his strength. The most important matter right now is for Xiao Bao to finish forging his body,” said Jian Chen. He paused and sank into thought before continuing, “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, Xiao Bao is in possession of the Chaotic Body just like me. Can I use my own Chaotic Body to help him forge his body?”

“No,” Zi Ying declined without a second thought. He sternly explained, “Master, Xiao Bao may be in possession of the Innate Chaotic Body, but in terms of strength, his body has not reached the appropriate toughness. He cant endure the Chaotic Force of the third layer.”

“Looks like I can only use heavenly resources,” Jian Chen regretfully replied. Just the resources required to elevate the Chaotic Body from the first layer to the third layer were terrifying while the energy required to reach the fourth layer was even more terrifying. Jian Chen could already imagine just how difficult it would become for Xiao Bao to increase his strength.

To the sword spirits, two Chaotic Bodies appearing at the same time was a grievous matter in this world that lacked energy.

Jian Chen calmed down and looked at Xiao Bao in his arms. He said, “Xiao Bao, the name your mother gave you is not great. Do you want your father to give you another one?”

“Okay!” Xiao Bao did not feel conflicted at all and agreed in straightforward manner.

“Then let me think what name I should give you.” Jian Chen furrowed his brows as he thought seriously.

The Heavenly Enchantress eyes grew cold and she took Xiao Bao back in one stroke. She said, “You dont need to worry about that. Ive already given Xiao Bao a name. He will be called Shangguan Baoer.”

“Shangguan Baoer? Why the surname Shangguan?” Jian Chen asked in uncertainty.

The Heavenly Enchantress coldly replied, “I will never let you change Xiao Baos surname to Changyang.”

Jian Chen pondered a little and replied in a serious tone, “I never planned on changing his surname to Changyang, but the surname Jian does not sound great either. Oh well, Ill go with your suggestion. Xiao Baos surname will be Shangguan, but I need to change his given name.”

Jian Chen and the Heavenly Enchantress became embroiled in an intense argument over Xiao Baos given name, but it was finally agreed on in the end: Shangguan Aojian!

Xiao Bao seemed rather happy with the name as well, so he constantly let out his excitement in a happy tone in the Heavenly Enchantress arms.

Afterward, Jian Chen pulled out twenty ten-thousand-year heavenly resources and gave them to the Heavenly Enchantress so Xiao Bao could establish a foundation in cultivation. Most of the heavenly resources were found on Dragon Island by the white tiger. Now that the tiger had reached Class 7, the heavenly resources were insignificant to him, so using them on Xiao Bao was more suitable.

At this moment, Jian Chen sternly made a request as he stared at the Heavenly Enchantress, “I have something else I wish you can help me with. My good friend Tie Ta is the war god of the Hundred Races. His identity has been discovered by the protector Changyang clan, and the great elder Changyang Qing Yun wants me to give him the Saints Fruit, or hell announce Tie Tas identity. At that time, the experts from both the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent will come looking for trouble with us. In order to keep Tie Tas identity a secret, I have decided, along with senior Rui Jin and the others, to seal up the passage between the Changyang clan and the outside world. However, it will be rather difficult for us to do accomplish that task that with our current strength, so I hope you can assist me.”

“Deal with the problems you caused yourself,” the Heavenly Enchantress replied rather ruthlessly before turning to the sword spirits. She said, “I hope you can pass on a suitable method of cultivation to Xiao Bao.”

Zi Ying did not hesitate at all. After all, this was Jian Chens child, so he extended a finger toward him. A violet light flashed out and disappeared into the center of Xiao Baos eyebrows.

Xiao Baos head dropped, and he immediately fell asleep in the Heavenly Enchantress arms.

The Heavenly Enchantress glanced at Xiao Bao gently. Now that her reasons for coming had been fulfilled, she no longer had any need to stay. She shot off into the distance as a streak of light with Xiao Bao, disappearing into the horizon very quickly.

Jian Chen sighed at the sky as the Heavenly Enchantress departed. He felt both joy and worry. He was joyous over the fact that he suddenly had a son, but he worried over the fact that the Heavenly Enchantress had declined to assist them in dealing with the Changyang clan. The pressure they would be under in carrying out the operations had increased a lot.

“Before Tie Tas matter has been dealt with, I cant expose that I have a son, or itll probably bring a lot of problems to Xiao Bao. Even the Heavenly Enchantress might get dragged into all of this,” Jian Chen thought. He knew that if he did not hand over Tie Ta out of his own accord after his identity was leaked, the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent and Beast God Continent would use everything they had to target his family and his friends, the people close to him in particular. As a result, he could not let too many people know about Xiao Bao.

“I never thought that the person who benefitted from absorbing the Supreme Yin Qi and Supreme Yang Qi from the Yinyang Saint Rock would be her,” Qing Suo murmured to herself as an odd light filled her eyes.

Zi Ying murmured as well. He said, “The mother of the Innate Chaotic Body will be blessed by the heavens. Since she has given birth to someone in possession of the Chaotic Body, she will receive endless benefits as well. Not only will her strength rapidly increase, her potential is unlimited. If she continues down the path of cultivation, shell definitely become an Immortal Emperor at the very least, and shell be the strongest one among all the Immortal Emperors.”

Jian Chen returned to the Changyang clan and did not tell anyone about Xiao Bao. However, Rui Jin obviously became extremely regretful when he learned that the Heavenly Enchantress had declined to assist them.

“We cant drag it out any longer. Weve already completed the preparations, so lets set off as soon as possible,” Rui Jin decided in a heavy voice. They had already made thorough preparations for what they were about to do next.

Afterward, Jian Chen, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and You Yue set off for the protector clan together. The Bright Moon Divine Hall floating above the city was taken back by You Yue. The Bright Moon Divine Hall would be their greatest defense while dealing with the Changyang clan this time.

A large number of magical beasts dwelled in an ancient, desolate mountain range that was extremely far away from Lore City. Not only were there terrestrial beasts, there were also birds that could fly in the sky. There were even quite a few Class 6 Magical Beasts.

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