Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1199: The Heavens Incense School (Three)

ad, it would be impossible for Jian Chens group to benefit much at all, so it was best if they did not offend them all together. At the same time, his enmity with the Heavens Incense School was nowhere as deep as his enmity with the Changyang clan. Jian Chen also needed the monster cores supplied by the Heavens Incense School very much as well.

Jian Chen fell silent before saying, “Cleaning the slate is not necessarily impossible, but you see, the price needs to be a little higher.”

“Brother Jian Chen, may I ask how much you are looking for? Why dont you name a price and we can discuss further?” Lajund was relieved inside. His protector clan did not lack monster cores, so if the matter could be resolved peacefully, then so be it. Even as a protector clan, he could not afford to offend experts like Rui Jin and Hong Lian. On the other hand, Jian Chen possessed the Saints Fruit, so without long, a true Saint Emperor would appear by his side.

A devilish light flashed through Jian Chens eyes. After pondering over it carefully, he said, “Five Class 9 Monster Cores, twenty Class 8 Monster Cores, sixty Class 7 Monster cores, five hundred Class 6 Monster Cores, and three thousand Class 5 Monster Cores.”

Lajunds complexion darkened more and more with the numbers that Jian Chen demanded. His face twitched a few times unnaturally especially when he heard the five Class 9 Monster Cores.

The Heavens Incense School was very wealthy, but such a great number of high class magical cores would be agonizing even with their wealth.

“Y- y- you really are going too far. Do you think its easy to obtain so many high class monster cores? And those Class 9 Monster Cores in particular. Do you know exactly how powerful the magical beasts need to be in order to produce Class 9 Monster Cores?” An old man beside the school master yelled out furiously with wide eyes. In his eyes, Jian Chens group was committing daylight robbery, and they were stealing from a protector clan.

Jian Chen smiled as he stood with his arms crossed, “Of course I know. Only magical beasts at the level of Saint Emperors can produce Class 9 Monster Cores, but your Heavens Incense School is a protector clan that has existed for over a million years. You must have quite a few Class 9 Monster Cores.”

“Monster cores cannot be stored for too long, or the energy inside will solidify or leak away. The cores might even turn into tough pieces of rock. We have indeed managed to obtain a few Class 9 Monster Cores throughout history, but there are not many and weve consumed some ourselves. They have all been used once they surpassed their time limit, so there are extremely few that remain today. Five is far too many. I can give you two,” the school master said with a sunken expression.

Jian Chen shook his head, “No, every single monster cores must be present. Other than the monster cores, I want a Saint Tier cultivation method from your Heavens Incense School as well as some corresponding Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Remember, I only want the poison attacks of your school, so dont give me some foreign cultivation method in an attempt to trick me.”

Lajund had already fallen silent. Only now did he discover that Jian Chens appetite was far greater than they had imagined, nor did Jian Chen leave any room for bargaining.

“The cultivation methods of the Heavens Incense School cannot be passed onto outsiders. Youre dreaming if you think you can get your hands on our Saint Tier cultivation methods.”

“School master, they have just gone too far. We cant come to terms with them. Lets duel it out.”

“Were a mighty protector clan. When have we ever been stepped over by other people like this. Do you really think that were afraid of you?”

The Saint Rulers behind Lajung could not help but angrily yell. Fury burned within their eyes with deep disgrace. They had never been so embarrassed as members of a protector clan.

Jian Chen added, “Esteemed school master, looks like I need to add that before we came to visit the Heavens Incense School, we paid a visit to the protector Changyang clan and embroiled in a great battle with them in their miniature world. Weve witnessed the Emperor Armament, Encirclement of the Eighteen Halls, and the Origin Formation, but that was still not enough for them to keep us there. Instead, it turned their miniature world into a mess and countless clansmen were injured. I believe their losses were incomparable to a few monster cores.”

“What! The Changyang clan used the Origin Formation?” The school master and many Saint Rulers changed in expression when they heard about the Origin Formation. They were also in possession of an Origin Formation, and they understood its strength extremely well. It was exactly this that made them lose their composure.

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