Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1200: Returning Bountifully

ttention to the guards. All he thought about was how to split the monster cores he had just obtained. He did not plan on using them all himself. Although there was an astonished amount, the amount of energy he needed to reach the fourth layer with his Chaotic Body was just too much. Even after absorbing the monster cores, he would be nowhere close to breaking through. If he used the monster cores on the Changyang clan and Flame Mercenaries, their strength could indeed increase by quite a lot.

Jian Chens expression suddenly changed. He looked into the distance and saw four small specks appear in the sky. They shot toward the Changyang clan with lightning-like speed, entering Lore City in just a few seconds and stopped outside the main entrance of the clan.

They were four middle-aged men in blood-red robes. Each and every single one of them was expressionless and possessed cold eyes. They were completely emotionless and a vague layer of Baleful Yin Force seemed to revolve around them. It caused the surrounding temperature to plummet, such that they were unapproachable.

Two rubby old men appeared at the entrance like ghosts. They stared emotionlessly at the four middle-aged men and one of them coldly questioned, “Why have you come, people from the Bloodsword sect?”

“Theyve come for me.”

A clear voice rang out from behind. Jian Chen walked out and You Yue followed behind him.

The two old men smiled amicably when they saw it was Jian Chen. They nodded at him before vanishing with a flash.

Jian Chen did not know the names of the two old men. He only knew that they were Saint Rulers of the Zu branch, so he should refer to them as great-grandfather in terms of seniority.

“The four protectors greet the sect master.”

The four middle-aged men all knelt on one knee and called out in unison.

Jian Chen hurried to make them rise. The Changyang clan owed a debt of gratitude to the four protectors since they had saved the entire clan before. He had never forgotten this.

Jian Chen brought the four protectors to his own hall. He asked, “Protectors, is there any reason why youve suddenly come looking for me?”

“Sect master, the old sect master has passed over the position quite a long time ago. The four of us have come under the orders of the vice sect master to invite the sect master back to the sect so that we can hold the ceremony of succession, as well as plan the future of the sect,” replied a protector.

“Protectors, may I ask if there is anyone who is against me inheriting the position?” Jian Chen tapped the desk rhythmically with his finger as he stared at the protectors in interest.

“Sect master, there is no room for doubt about your strength. Including the vice sect master, everyone is extremely supportive of you taking on the position as sect master. No one has any disagreements,” said the same protector.

Jian Chen nodded slightly and said, “Alright then, but before I go to the Bloodsword sect, theres some matter I need to deal with. Why dont the four of you stay in the clan for a few days, and Ill go with you back to the sect after I deal with these matters.”

“As the sect master wishes!”

Afterward, Jian Chen found Changyang Ba and passed five hundred Class 5 Monster Cores, a hundred Class 6 Monster Cores, and ten Class 7 Monster Cores he had obtained from the Heavens Incense School to him to nurture the forces of the Changyang clan. Jian Chen did not care how Changyang Ba split the monster cores.

Afterward, Jian Chen entered the artifact spirit. In the center of the space stood a majestic hall. Jian Chen boldly sat on the throne in the center of the hall. Behind him quietly stood a white-robed, scholarly middle-aged man. He was like a servant.

The middle-aged man was the artifact spirit, the supreme ruler of the artifact space.

At this moment, a group of several dozen people entered the hall in an orderly fashion. They stepped gently and did not make any sounds at all. All of them were burly, thick-chested men who radiated with a bold presence. They were abnormally powerful.

After consuming the serpent dragons flesh and blood, their bodies had clearly become bigger.

“We greet the captain,” all sixty-six men dropped to one knee and thunderously yelled out. The commotion was so great that it contained an irresistible force.

Jian Chen said nothing. A special light flickered in his bright eyes as he slowly glanced over all of them. He became more satisfied and happy the more he looked before finally revealing a smile involuntarily.

Suddenly, Jian Chen stood up from the throne and walked down. He said, “Good, good, good. Impressive, impressive indeed. You have been improving at a divine speed recently. Of the sixty-six, forty-three of you have reached the Sixth Cycle while the remaining twenty-three are at the Fourth Cycle at the least. I believe that you will all be able to reach the Sixth Cycle without much time. You really have lived up to my wishes.”

Kai Er said, “Captain, our current achievements are all due to captains nurturing without holding back at all. If we did not have your nurturing, we would only have been able to reach Earth Saint Master at most with our talent. Reaching Heaven Saint Master would only be an extravagant wish.”

“Thats right. If it werent for captain, we probably would still be hunting magical beasts in the forests just to eat. We might not have even been able to live till this day, dying in the mouths of magical beasts by now. Our current accomplishments are all because of captain.” Mo Tian said excitedly. To all of them, becoming a Heaven Saint Master had once been an extravagant wish.

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