Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1201: Distributing Monster Cores

ssy, black hair was kept in a coil with an exquisite pin. The hairpin shone with faint purple light. It had been crafted from invaluable purple gold. She possessed a rulers presence that could only appear after maintaining a position of authority for many years.

On the two sides of the desk stood a man and a woman. They were both Heaven Saint Masters, silently protecting the woman who read there.

At this moment, the door to the room opened silently. Jian Chen and You Yue walked in side by side. Without any additional movements, the door closed automatically, but there was no sound during the entire process.

The two Heaven Saint Masters kept an eye in the direction of the entrance, so they discovered Jian Chen and You Yue as soon as they walked through the door. Their gazes immediately sharpened, and just when they wanted to call out, they discovered that the space surrounding them had instantly frozen, and they were completely immobilized. They could not even speak.

The lady at the desk sensed nothing. She was completely drawn in by the book, and only when You Yue arrived before the desk and knocked on it did the lady suddenly realize their were guests. However, she became stunned when she saw Jian Chen and You Yue who had suddenly appeared and then rejoiced. She immediately put down her book and arrived before You Yue, grabbing her hands in a close manner. She excitedly said, “Brother, sister Yueer, youve come! Why didnt you send someone to inform me first?”

You Yue smiled, “Sister Lianer, we wanted to give you a surprise, so we came to visit you without notifying you. I hope you havent become unhappy because of this.”

Bi Lian pouted and said in some displeasure, “Brother, sister, theres not enough time for me to be happy with your arrival, so how can I be unhappy?” Bi Lian arrived by Jian Chens side and grabbed his other arm. She looked at him hopefully and said, “Brother, youre the captain of the Flame Mercenaries. Shouldnt you stay for a little longer now that youve come to your own territory?”

“I might have to disappoint you then. Ive come for a certain matter this time, so Ill have to leave very soon,” Jian Chen smiled.

Bi Lian immediately became dejected, but she knew that her brother had been running all over the place over the last few days. He indeed had a lot of matters do deal with, so she did not insist on him staying.

“Hmph, arent you having it too easy as the captain? You throw such a big burden onto your sister, yet you dont bother with it at all yourself. All you do everyday is travel and play.” At this moment, an old voice rang out from outside. The door then opened and Bi Hai walked in with his arms behind his back.

Bi Hai had originally stayed at the bottom of Mercenary City with Huang Tianba, but he worried about Bi Lians safety, so he had returned to Mercenary City.

Jian Chen and You Yue greeted Bi Hai as juniors, and Jian Chen then rebuked, “Great-grandfather, I must disagree with what you said toward the end. I havent been traveling and playing. I have been dealing with important matters instead.”

“I dont care if you have important matters to attend to or if youre running around playing. You better free up your sister soon, so she can break free from this mess and focus on cultivation. Otherwise, itll interfere with her future.” In Bi Hais eyes, the Flame Mercenaries were nothing. He cared more about Bi Lians personal strength. Even if someone managed to unite the entire continent one day, they would pass away without long if they did not possess absolute strength. Personal strength was far more important than anything else.

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