Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1223: Reuniting Mother and Daughter (One)

f the region outside the mist was like the churning sea, this would be a flat and peaceful part of the ocean. There was no terrifying wind or any icy temperatures that could freeze Saint Kings to death. Outside, even regular Saint Kings would struggle to survive, yet even people as weak as Earth Saint Masters could move around freely here.

Although the two places were only separated by a thousand meters of mist, they felt like they were two completely different worlds.

“Is this the Ice Goddess Hall?” Suddenly, Hei Yu pointed ahead and asked.

They looked to where he was pointing, and twenty kilometers away, a crystal palace that seemed to have been carved from ice stood quietly on the icy plains. It gave off a respectful presence, as if it had stood through many years of wind and rain. Although it was grand and beautiful, the four of them could clearly feel that it was filled with the ancient presence of time.

The crystal palace seemed to have stood all by itself for countless years, while the ancient presence was far heavier than any item they had ever seen that had managed to survive through the ages.

“This must be the Ice Goddess Hall. Weve finally arrived,” Jian Chen mumbled as he stared at the divine hall up ahead. His voice was filled with some excitement, and he instinctively began to walk over in a hurry.

The four of them stopped in front of the Ice Goddess Hall very soon. Only by standing in front of the structure could they feel its grandeur. They felt like ants standing before an elephant.

The feeling did not seem to linger around the building, but from the vast presence of the structure.

Dazed, they suddenly felt a different impression, as if they were not facing against the pretty Ice Goddess Hall, but the infinite cosmos.

A person in silver-white armor stood silently at the top of the structure. Her armor covered every part of her, including her face. Only two icy-cold eyes were revealed, but it was still possible to tell that she was female from the shape of her body.

She stood there unmoving like an ice statue, nor did she give off any presence. She seemed to have completely fused with the surroundings, becoming a part of the world.

Protector Shui glanced over the four of them with her emotionless eyes, but to them, she seemed to be transparent. None of them discovered her existence.

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