Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1224: Reuniting Mother and Daughter (Two)

hat you came across a few problems a few years ago. Are some large clans or sects bullying you? Dont worry. Once my Profound Ice Body fully matures, Ill go to the Tian Yuan Continent and teach all those people a lesson,” Changyang Mingyue firmly promised. She cared for Jian Chen very much, as if he was an eternal child in her eyes.

Jian Chen suddenly felt extremely warm inside. Thinking back to his youth, wasnt this exactly how his sister watched over him? She did not want him to be bullied at all, and his brother Changyang Ke had been secretly punished by her several times.

What she did not know was whenever Changyang Ke tried to bully him, he would not only fail, but end up getting the short end of the stick himself. He had never succeeded in benefiting at Jian Chens expense.

“Has mother been well? And how have father, first aunt, third aunt, and fourth aunt been? What about big brother and uncle Chang? I actually really want to go home. I miss mother so much, but I cant right now. Protected Shui wont let me,” Changyang Mingyue said in a rather depressed manner. Her joy from seeing Jian Chen just now gradually faded away as worry filled her face. She wanted to go home far too much.

Jian Chen suddenly snapped back to his sense as soon as he heard about Yu Fengyan. He immediately retreated to Hong Lians side and released Yu Fengyan from the Saint artifact. Originally, Jian Chen only planned on letting her out, but Nubis ended up coming out as well when he heard that they had arrived at the Ice Goddess Hall.

Although the coldness was much less than outside, it was still not something that Yu Fengyan could endure as a Great Saint Master. Fortunately Hong Lians was there to help out, keeping the low temperature at bay with her flames.

“Mother!” Changyang Mingyue became so excited to the point that she could not express her emotions properly when she saw Yu Fengyan. She charged up without thinking, but she stopped after just two steps. Tears rolled down her face as she slowly backed off in pain. She knew just how powerful the profound ice Qi she radiated with was. It was not something Yu Fengyan could endure.

Yu Fengyan became stunned the moment she saw Changyang Mingyue. Tears poured uncontrollably from her eyes while an endless number of thoughts bounced around. She bit her lip tightly as she stared at Changyang Mingyue and could not help but tremble violently.

“Mingyue!” Yu Fengyan called out the next moment and quickly ran toward Changyang Mingyue. There was only one thing she wanted to do right now, and that was to tightly embrace her daughter who she had thought of daily.

How could Jian Chen let Yu Fengyan run over? As soon as she began to move she was blocked by Jian Chen

“Xiangtian, let me through. Dont block me. Xiangtian, Im begging you. Let me through…” Yu Fengyan struggled in the space frozen by Jian Chen as she pleaded through her sobs.

Jian Chens heart ached inside. If he didnt need to, he really would not have stopped Yu Fengyan, but he was considering her safety right now. No matter how reluctant he was, he needed to stop her.

“Aunt, sisters Profound Ice Body radiates a terrifying coldness. You cant go over, or youll be frozen into an ice statue,” Jian Chen bitterly explained.

“I dont care. Even if I freeze to death, I dont care. Xiangtian, Im begging you, dont stop me. Just let me through. I just want to get a good look at Mingyue,” Yu Fengyan sobbed.

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