Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1226: Trapped at the Ice Goddess Hall

Chapter 1225: Protector Shui Moves

Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter face. He could not let anything happen to his second aunt. Even if she ended up nursing grievances against him, he would not let her through. With his current strength, he could only manage to get ten meters away from Changyang Mingyue. If it were Yu Fengyan, she probably would have been reduced to a frozen sculpture before she even reached twenty meters away.

“Mother, dont come over. You cant come over!” Changyang Mingyue loudly sobbed as tears ran down her face. She was extremely sorrowful as she backed off step by step, moving further and further away from Yu Fengyan.

After parting for almost ten years, the two of them had finally met again in this land of ice and snow, but they could only look at each other from a hundred meters away. This was extremely painful to both of them.

In the end, the two of them began asking about each other from a hundred meters away. All their thoughts throughout the years poured out like a flood.

Unknowingly, the two of them had already talked for most of the day, but the sky did not show any changes at all, as if night did not exist in this land.

“Your majesty, you should return now. Your Profound Ice Body has yet to fully mature, so you cant leave the divine hall for too long.” At this moment, an emotionless voice suddenly rang out. Protector Shui finally spoke while she stood on the divine hall.

Jian Chen, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were all startled inside by the voice. They looked to the place where the voice originated from. Only at that moment did they realize that there was another person standing high up, fully clad in armor.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu narrowed their eyes the moment they saw her while their hearts wildly churned inside. This was because all three of them felt tricked at the same time. The protector had definitely been there before they had even arrived. She did not conceal herself and had instead casually stood there, yet they had failed to notice her.

The three of them also understood that if she did not speak, they would never have discovered her existence.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu looked at each other as their complexions became horrible. Not only were they unable to see through her strength, they could not even sense her presence, as if she was just thin air. They could only see her with their eyes.

“Surpassed Saint Emperor!” At this moment, the same thought appeared in all their heads. They had fought against Saint Emperors more than once, so they obviously had an extremely good understanding of experts at that level, yet protector Shuis existence was completely different. They had never witnessed her fight, nor did they know her strength, but they were extremely certain that she was definitely a supreme existence that had surpassed Saint Emperor.

The three of them were utterly astounded by the fact that there were still existences that had surpassed Saint Emperor in this age that lacked Saint Emperors.

Changyang Mingyue looked at Jian Chen and Yu Fengyan, reluctant to leave. She said, “Mother, brother, I will return. Dont worry mother, once my Profound Ice Body matures, Ill definitely visit home.”

Yu Fengyan felt a stabbing pain inside now that she was about to part with her beloved daughter. She looked at Changyang Mingyues face in reluctance as tears rolled down her face.

“Brother, if you ever come across anything you cant deal with in the future, come look for me. No matter what it is, I can solve it for you. I heard from protector Shui that youve already become very powerful and are now a Saint King, but dont look down on me. Im also a Saint King and at the Ninth Heavenly Layer. Youre not my opponent right now.” Changyang Mingyue faintly smiled with that. It seemed a little like she was boasting.

“What! Youre a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King now?” Jian Chen was shocked and disbelief was plastered across his face.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu became astounded as well.

“Remember to come visit me in a years time. I have a gift for you. Also, these icy plains are the territory of protector Shui. Shell know every single thing that happens here. Ive ordered her to bring you over as long as you are standing on the icy plains.” With that, Changyang Mingyue disappeared inside the divine hall.

“Mingyue, Ill be waiting for you to return home. Cultivate well,” Yu Fengyan called out when the door had closed.

“Aunt, sister is very well here. Shell return without much longer. Dont be so sorrowful,” Jian Chen comforted.

Yu Fengyan clearly understood that it was a great fortune for Changyang Mingyue to stay in this icy land, so she calmed down very quickly. All the worry and anxiety in her heart was rapidly vanishing without her knowing after personally seeing that Changyang Mingyue was well. Some light returned to her eyes and her mood took a drastic turn for the better.

Jian Chen looked toward protector Shui and clasped his hands, “Senior, there is still one matter that confuses me. May I ask why my sister has become the holy maiden? Please enlighten me.” Jian Chen was extremely curiously as to why Changyang Mingyue had become the holy maiden of the Ice Goddess Hall. However, he also knew that probably even Changyang Mingyue had no idea how to answer the question, which was why he asked protector Shui.

He had already learned from Changyang Mingyue that she was the most powerful person in the Ice Goddess Hall. Her strength was unfathomable. She stood supreme in the organization with everyone else working beneath her.

“You have no right to know about matters concerning her majesty. If it werent for the fact that you were siblings with her majesty, you lot would have frozen to death on the icy plains long ago. How would you still have been able to make it here?” Protector Shuis voice was extremely cold, as if she was completely emotionless. Shortly afterward, she turned to Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu, She looked at them like ants and said, “Tell me, where did you obtain the saint artifacts that contain a sliver of origin energy?”

The three of them looked at each other and they felt an ill omen. They hesitated slightly but still ended up responding, “They were given to us by the ancient Winged Tiger God.”

“The Winged Tiger God,” mumbled protector Shui. She said, “So it really was that beast. I never thought hed be far more complicated than I had imagined, actually able to deliver saint artifacts here without me noticing.”

Protector Shui fell silent for some time. She pondered for a while before continuing, “The saint artifacts on the three of you shouldnt have appeared in this world. Seeing how youre related to her majesty, I wont make things difficult for you. Hand over the saint artifacts, and Ill destroy them.”

The three of them changed in expression with that. The Sacred Dragons Armor and the Sacred Dragons Sword were clan treasures of the Dragon clan while the Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail and Scorching Godfire Hairpin were clan treasures of the Scorching Divine Phoenix clan. These items held significant value to them, so how could they just hand them over?

“Senior, you say you want to destroy the clan treasures of the Dragon clan and Phoenix clan as soon as you start talking. Arent you going overboard?” Jian Chen was furious as well. He spoke with a dark expression.

“Correct. The treasures are even more important than our lives. Its impossible if you want us to hand them over so you can destroy them,” Rui Jin angrily replied. Even though he knew that protector Shui was someone who had surpassed Saint Emperor, he still showed now fear.

“The only way for you to destroy the clan treasures of the Phoenix clan is by stepping over my dead body,” Hong Lian spoke firmly as well. Her eyes burned with red light since she was furious as well.

“I would obviously do nothing if your clan treasures were still how they were originally, but now, theyve stopped being the same. Theyre saint artifacts that dont belong to this world, so I will obviously destroy them. Ill let the three of you choose. Hand them over to me and Ill let you leave without a single scratch, or stay here with the saint artifacts,” said protector Shui slowly.

“Hmph, youve said in such a firm manner that senior Rui Jin and Hong Lians clan treasures were no longer the same as before. Have you personally seen the treasures before?” Jian Chen coldly said asked, but he was extremely nervous inside.

Rui Jin and Hong Lian became extremely ugly. They both had inherited memories, so they obviously understood the treasures very well. They understood that they were indeed very indifferent from how they were before. They had already discovered this the moment they had obtained them.

Hei Yu could not help but draw his origin energy machete and a layer of armor appeared on his at the same time. He furiously said, “I dont care who you are, but its impossible if you want to destroy our origin energy treasures. So what if youve surpassed Saint Emperor? Id like to see just how powerful these sovereign-like existences are.” A vast presence erupted from Hei Yu as he poured surging energy into his machete, allowing it to glow bright. Powerful blade Qi filled the surroundings.

Hei Yu knew that protector Shui was extremely powerful, having surpassed Saint Emperor, so he used all his strength.

Protector Shui looked at Hei Yu coldly and in disdain. She did nothing, but the next moment, a layer of clear ice crystals quickly spread up from his feet. The crystals of ice moved extremely quickly, coating his entire body in the blink of an eye.

Equipped with both the origin energy armor and weapon, Hei Yu had been frozen into a statue of ice before he could even deal a single attack.

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