Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1227: The Sea Goddess News

Chapter 1226: Trapped at the Ice Goddess Hall

Rui Jin and Hong Lian were immediately shocked when they saw Hei Yu freeze into a statue in the blink of an eye. Hei Yu was protected by the origin energy armor and possessed an origin energy weapon for offense. He could even stand against Saint Emperors without suffered defeat, yet he was so fragile before protector Shui, having frozen without being able to resist at all. They had finally witnessed the terror of someone who had surpassed Saint Emperor.

Jian Chen and Nubis stared at the frozen Hei Yu in shock as well while their hearts churned inside.

Yu Fengyan could also tell that the three of them had fallen out with protector Shui. She immediately became nervous. She knew that they had helped her quite a lot for her to stand here today, so she was obviously extremely unwilling for anything to happen to them. In her opinion, the reason why the three of them had traveled so far to come to the Ice Goddess Hall was related to her. If the three of them were in trouble because of her, she would be filled with remorse.

“Senior, is it possible to let senior Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu go on Mingyues behalf?” Yu Fengyan called out. She really did not wish to see the three of them remain trapped here because of her.

Protector Shuis eyes were cold and completely emotionless, like ice that would never melt. Although she had heard Yu Fengyans request, she did not nothing. She did not even glance at her, completely ignoring her.

In reality, Yu Fengyan definitely would not have been able to stand there unharmed if it were not for the fact that she was the mother of the holy maiden.

“Are you going to have your saint artifacts destroyed, or will you be staying here forever?” Protector Shui coldly asked Rui Jin and Hong Lian.

“Hmph, even if I know were not your opponent, well never hand over the clan treasures. The only way for you to destroy them is by doing it over my dead body,” Rui Jin coldly replied before beginning to glow all over with golden light. The dazzling light of the Sacred Dragons Armor and Sword covered his body as terrifying ripples of energy pulsed around him. A packed layer of golden dragon scales quickly appeared as well, enveloping his entire body. Even his hands turned into huge dragon claws.

At the same time, fire surged into the sky beside him. With a clear phoenixs cry, Hong Lian turned into a giant phoenix that was several dozen meters long and surrounded by roaring flames. The Ninerefined Godfire Feathermail covered her body as the Scorching Godfire Hairpin hovered above her head. The flames around her rapidly turned to a pure-white, radiating with terrifying heat.

“Nubis, aunt, you two enter the artifact space first.” When Rui Jin and Hong Lian transformed, Jian Chen did not stand around either. He sent the two of them into the artifact space as soon as he could.

A deafening roar and a clear cry rang out at the same time. Rui Jin and Hong Lian moved at the same time, dealing a full-powered attack together. The Sacred Dragons Sword glowed with dazzling light as it was swung toward protector Shui with a shocking might.

The Scorching Godfire Hairpin was surrounded by scorching white flames. It radiated with heat that was even more terrifying than the sun while it shot at protector Shui with unbelievable speed as a white streak of light. Wherever it passed, the air became filled with a burnt smell. It seemed to be incinerating air.

“Looks like youve already made your choices. Very well!” Protector Shui coldly said. A gleam of light flashed through her eyes and the sword and hairpin came to a halt. An invisible barrier seemed to have stopped them in their paths. They could not travel any further no matter how terrifying they were.

The next moment, a layer of ice crystals appeared on the two weapons. The sharp presence of the sword and the terrifying white flames of the hairpin were unable to stop the rapid expansion of the ice. Wherever the crystals formed, froze the sword Qi in place and the instantly extinguished the white flames. In the blink of an eye, the invincible weapons were frozen in the air by a thin layer of frost.

Shock was spelled across Rui Jin and Hong Lians faces. The next moment, their faces suddenly hardened. The moment had become eternal as a thin layer of frost silently appeared on them as well. The ice crystals engulfed them before they could even react, turning them into ice statues.

Although the layer of ice was thin, it possessed unbelievable might. Not only did it freeze them, an extremely cold stream invaded their bodies as well, freezing their energy and their souls.

At that moment, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had all fallen unconscious. To them, time seemed to have stopped.

“Senior!” Jian Chen furiously shouted. He arrived beside Rui Jin and constantly threw punches at the ice. Each fist possessed all his strength as he attempted to free Rui Jin by smashing the frost.

However, the crystals were extraordinarily tough despite how thin they were. Jian Chens fists, which could easily destroy entire mountains, only produced faint thuds as they struck the ice. He could not even leave a mark on the ice, let alone smash through it.

Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament after seeing how his punches were useless. He stabbed out with everything he had.

Ding! As the sharp sword tip struck the ice crystals, the sword resonated at a clear frequency. His attack had basically reached the level of peak Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, yet they were still unable to leave a single mark on the ice.

Jian Chen did not give up. He roared at the sky as his hair and clothes fluttered from his aura. He swung the Emperor Armament at the ice that trapped Rui Jin, which rang out every single time he struck it. All his attacks contained everything he had, but the layer of frost remained unscathed despite wildly swinging the sword several hundred times. He still failed to leave behind a mark.

Protector Shui stood unmoving on top of the divine hall like an ice sculpture. She coldly stared at Jian Chen and said, “Go. You cant break through my Extreme Icelock. You cant even if youre a Saint Emperor.”

Jian Chen knew that he could not break through the thin layer of frost, so he stopped his pointless actions. He turned toward protector Shui and said, “Senior, youve already frozen up the clan treasures. Cant you let the three seniors go?”

“I am already acting on behalf of the holy maiden for letting you leave unharmed, yet you want to bicker with me?” Her eyes became much sharper now as heavy killing intent lingered with her words. With a wave of her hand, Jian Chen suddenly disappeared from the icy plains.

Jian Chen only felt like he had been trapped by an invisible force. The force was extremely great, so great that he actually felt like he was facing something as vast as the universe. He felt as weak as an ant before the force, lacking any power to resist at all. The thought of resisting had not even crossed his mind.

“Oh no. Is the protector going to do something to me?” Jian Chens heart sank. However, as soon as he thought that, he felt his body lighten. The invisible force had suddenly disappeared, which was then followed by a wave of heat sweeping over him. The world of ice had vanished. He now stood in a desolate region of land.

Jian Chen knew that he had returned to the Tian Yuan Continent, but he could not brighten up no matter what, because Rui Jin, Hong Lian and Hei Yu remained trapped on the icy plains of the north. They had not returned with him.

Suddenly, Jian Chen shot into the sky toward the clouds. He hovered in the air as he pulled out a map, quickly finding his bearings. He discovered that he was not very far away from the sea that separated the arctic from the continent.

With a thought, a golden streak of light immediately flew out of area between his eyebrows. It turned into a fist-sized golden tower that hovered in the air.

“Artifact spirit, find a place to hide with my aunt and Nubis. Ill be going to the Ice Goddess Hall again. If I dont return in seven days, get Nubis to take you to the Changyang clan in Lore City,” Jian Chen said to the golden tower.

Receiving an order, the golden tower immediately transformed into a golden streak of light and disappeared into the ground. Jian Chen traveled toward the arctic once more all by himself.

A day later, Jian Chen crossed the vast seas and landed on the icy plains again. He used the Illusory Flash as he hurried to the depths of the icy plains as a blur.

When Jian Chen had traveled less than ten kilometers, a terrifying stream of coldness seemed to have descended on him. The temperature there seemed to have plummeted suddenly and a layer of frost quickly formed on Jian Chen.

Jian Chen knew that it might have been a warning from protector Shui, but he was not afraid at all. He continued on at the same speed, circulating his Chaotic Force as fast as he could to resist the terrifying temperature.

Jian Chen could not allow Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu to remain trapped on the icy plains because of him. He knew his only chance at saving them was through his sister, so his intentions were very simple. He wanted to approach the Ice Goddess Hall to alert his sister.

More and more crystals formed on Jian Chen as his movements slowed down as well. The bone-chilling coldness constantly attempted to invade his body and freeze all signs of life within him, but it was obstructed by the tenacious Chaotic Force.

“If you dont back out of the plains right now, youll end up the same as the three of them,” an icy-cold and hazy voice rang through Jian Chens head.

“Senior, please let them go, or I will never stop!” Jian Chen replied. However, right when he said that, an extremely terrifying coldness engulfed him. Even his Chaotic Body was unable to stop it for a moment. He was instantly frozen into a life-like sculpture and was completely immobilized.

Jian Chen lost control over his body even as he devoted all his efforts to controlling the Chaotic Force to ward off the invading coldness, but the Chaotic Force was frozen as soon as it came in contact with the presence. He lost control over it.

Jian Chen was astounded, but he was unable to stop the advance of the coldness no matter how hard he tried. It quickly spread through his body, freezing up his blood, his flesh, and all signs of life within him. Even his chaotic neidan in his dantian was frozen.

At the same time, the coldness quickly spread toward his head in attempt to freeze his soul.

However, Jian Chens sea of consciousness suddenly began to glow with an azure and violet light. It glowed with a brightness that was comparable to the morning sun as soon as the coldness neared his head. The dazzling light illuminated his entire sea of consciousness.

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