Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1235: Battle Between Two Clans (Three)

Chapter 1234: Battle Between Two Clans (Two)

Above the Tao family, Jian Chen, Tie Ta, Nubis, Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas hovered a hundred meters in the air in an arrogant manner. Every single one of them was calm and cool as vast presences radiated from the eight of them, blanketing the entire Tao family.

The air seemed to have become heavy under their presences. The weaker members of the Tao family all paled while a small portion of them even began to bleed from the corner of their mouths. Their organs had already become heavily injured, having ruptured from the supreme presences.

Even the Saint Rulers within the Tao family revealed rather unnatural expressions. Powerful energy revolved around them as they used everything they had to resist the unending pressure.


A cold snort rang from the central hall within the Tao family. At that moment, nine Saint King presences surged out without showing any indication of giving in, ramming viciously against the eight of them in the air like a wild tiger.


A deep sound actually rang through the air with the collision of the invisible presences. The surrounding energy was affected as well. Becoming violent in that moment, it swept out like a storm, kicking sand and dust into the air.

No one gained any upper hand from the clash between presences.

Tao Zhengtian flew up from below with a sunken expression as the eight Saint Kings from the alliance followed behind him. Every single one of them possessed rather ugly expressions.

“Youre the ruler of the Turtle clan?” Tao Zhengtian coldly asked as he stared at Jian Chen before quickly examining the seven other people around him. He immediately became shocked. He had never thought that the Turtle clan would actually possess eight Saint Kings. The number was only one less than his alliance, but what surprised him even more was that the injured five had made full recoveries already.

Tao Zhengtian understood Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas injuries extremely well. Three days ago, he had determined that they would not have been able to recover without several years of time and that they would end up suffering from irremediable after-effects in the future. Even if they were in possession of great medicine, they would still need quite some time. It had only been three short days, yet the five of them had made full recoveries. At the same time, they did not seem to be suffering from any after-effects, which completely overturned Tao Zhengtians understanding of things.

“Correct. I am the ruler of the Turtle clan. Tao Zhengtian, Ill be collecting my debt from three days ago with interest,” Jian Chen sneered.

A sliver of disdain appeared in Tao Zhengtians eyes. He sneered as well, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, your clan actually has eight 15th and 16th Star experts. This has indeed exceeded what I expected, but if you think that you can deal with my Tao family with just the eight of you, then you are mistaken.”

Jian Chens gaze gradually sharpened to the point where it was like a sword. Heavy killing intent was present inside as well. He sneered, “Really? Id like to see who made the great mistake.” With that, the Emperor Armament appeared in his hand. At that moment, Jian Chens presence underwent a sudden change. If he seemed like an ordinary mortal before, he was now like a sword surging with aura.

“Kill!” Suddenly, Jian Chen roared out. He immediately charged toward Tao Zhengtian in an aggressive manner with his Emperor Armament.

At the same time, Nubis, Tie Ta, Qing Yixuan, Tai Dou, Lan Jing, Xin Pian, and Mochas moved as well. At the peak of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, Mochas faced up against the ancestor of the Moxi clan who was at the Seventh Heavenly Layer while Lan Jing and Xin Pian faced against two other Saint Kings who were at similar levels as them, both at the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Qing Yixuans opponent was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King while Nubis and Tai Dou faced two Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

As for Tie Ta, he was dealing with two Saint Kings all by himself. However, they were the weakest Saint Kings within the alliance, one at the Second Heavenly Layer and the other at the Third.

Jian Chen had decided this after discussing their options on the way here. Including Jian Chen, all of them were to keep their opponent busy, and then Tie Ta, who was most powerful among them, would handle the killing by starting with the weakest.

Seventeen Saint Kings erupted in an intense battle above the Tao family. They fought with destructive attacks, where terrifying ripples of residual energy transformed into terrifying storms that wreaked havoc in the surroundings. Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers dared not to approach them.

Jian Chen and Tao Zhengtians battle was the most intense. Tao Zhengtian knew that Jian Chen was not as powerful as him, so he used everything he had right from the start in attempt to finish off Jian Chen as soon as possible. Then he would go assist the other people against the experts of the Turtle clan.

At his limit, Jian Chens battle prowess could reach the peak of the Seventh Heavenly Layer. He currently faced against a Saint King at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer, so he used his full power without holding back at all. He abused the advantages of the Chaotic Body as he constantly stabbed out with his Emperor Armament that bore strands of destructive Chaotic Force, attempting to harm Tao Zhengtian with every attack.

His every attack was extremely quick, where every single strike outpaced the previous. It formed a net of swords that seemed to be water-tight right in front of him.

However, Tao Zhengtian was at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer after all. He was well-versed in battle as well. His experience was in no way less than Jian Chens. Faced against Jian Chens torrential attack, he was still able to deal with it in a composed fashion. He even used his abilities as a Saint King to limit Jian Chens movements from time to time. Although Jian Chen would shatter the space before it had completely frozen, it still caused some problems for him, gradually forcing him into a disadvantage.

Although Jian Chen was not as powerful as Tao Zhengtian, their disparity was just a single Heavenly Layer. At the same time, Jian Chen had experienced countless battles of different sizes throughout his life. His experience in combat was extremely rich, so it was extremely difficult for Tao Zhengtain to finish Jian Chen off in such a short amount of time.

Mochas had also fallen to a disadvantage with Jian Chen. His opponent was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint King, the ancestor of the Moxi clan. He had already been forced to retreat by his opponent. He was not as composed as Jian Chen was.

Below, a huge barrier of energy had been erected over the territory of the Tao family. It protected all the weaker members of the Tao family, preventing them from suffering from the ripples of battle.

Even though the barrier was extremely tough, it was still rather difficult to block the ripples from a battle of seventeen Saint Kings. The transparent barrier had already begun to tremble under the constant barrage of the energy ripples, and it was shaking more and more.

Several tens of thousand people had already gathered within the barrier, including Saint Rulers. All of them stared nervously at the barrier above as it constantly shook. They all knew that the Tao family would have been flattened by the ripples of battle in a single moment if the barrier hadnt been protecting them.

At this moment, a golden, dazzling light flickered. Tie Ta quickly swung the meter-long edge of his axe across the air, blowing away the Second Heavenly Layer Saint King.

A supreme battle intent was present within the blade of the axe. It seemed to be able to annihilate the souls of people. As the target of Tie Tas attack, the battle intent experienced by the Second Heavenly Layer Saint King was the most intense. It collapsed his willpower to battle. He actually felt powerless before the strike.

The golden light grew larger and larger in his pupils. Not only did the battle intent shatter his courage to battle, it had drawn away all of his attention as well. His soul had already become silently injured after being struck by the supreme battle intent.

Spurt! The golden axe passed through the Saint King. From the top of his head, he had been cleaved in half. His soul was wiped out before it could even flee.

After killing the Saint King, the golden axe continued on without weakening at all, continuing toward the energy barrier that protected the Tao family.


A deafening sound immediately reverberated from the energy barrier. It was already about to collapse from the energy ripples of seventeen Saint Kings soon, so it immediately caved in after suffering an extraordinary strike from Tie Tas axe. It shattered loudly.

Without the protection of the barrier, the violent energy immediately surged toward the Tao family like a flood. At that moment, the various structures in the surroundings collapsed and countless people died or became injured.

Tao Zhengtian roared at the sky in anger. Extremely heavy killing intent radiated from him as he called out, “People of the Turtle clan, if youre bold enough, face against us ten thousand kilometers away!”

“Theres no need to move that far away. Isnt it pretty good to have a death match here?” Jian Chen sneered. He was not worried. No matter what the outcome of the battle was, the Tao family would suffer severely

“Argh! Experts of the Turtle clan, I want to skin you alive and wrench out your tendons!” Tao Zhengtian roared at the sky. A third of the elite members of the Tao family had passed away in the short moment since the barrier had shattered. They were all the future hope of the Tao family.

Jian Chen laughed at the sky, “Tao Zhengtian, didnt you treat my Turtle clan the same way three days ago? It would be rude of me to not return the favor. I just want to return the method that your Tao family used to deal with my Turtle clan. And this is just the beginning.”

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