Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1236: A Stalemate of Divine Halls

Chapter 1235: Battle Between Two Clans (Three)

Tao Zhengtian became pale-white because of what Jian Chen had said. His killing intent inside was so heavy that it had reached his limits. He yelled, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, I swear to the heavens that I will reduce you to nothing. You will regret living. I will make you pay a heavy price for what you did today.”

“Hahaha, I have never regretted anything Ive done. Tao Zhengtian, you may be stronger than me right now, but you still dont have the right to reduce me to nothing with your strength,” sneered Jian Chen. He immediately swung his Emperor Armament with lightning-like speed, shooting out five strands of powerful, black sword Qi.

Within a single moment, Tao Zhengtian easily dodged Jian Chens five sword Qi. Although the sword Qi failed to hit him, they continued on without slowing at all. They caught up with five Saint Rulers of the Tao family who were currently fleeing, impaling their bodies and vanishing.


The five Saint Rulers all howling an agony as their faces distorted. It seemed like they were suffering from excruciating torture. However, they stopped crying out after a few seconds. Soon after their silence, their eyes blanked out since the black sword Qi had reached their souls, dissipating them.

Although Tao Zhengtian placed all his attention on Jian Chen, he knew exactly what was happening in the surroundings. He saw how the Jian Chens sword Qi had perfectly hit the five Saint Rulers. It was impossible for him to not understand that Jian Chens sword Qi was not targeting him, but the Saint Rulers of his clan.

Tao Zhengtian immediately roared out in anger. He began to wildly attack Jian Chen with his lance since his hatred for Jian Chen reached the absolute limit. Although his clan was large, one of the strongest clans in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall, they only had around a dozen Saint Rulers. It was a devastating loss to lose five Saint Rulers in one stroke.

Tao Zhengtians lance and Jian Chens Emperor Armament had turned into blurs as they swung them. The two weapons collided form time to time, erupting with violent booms. Powerful streams of energy and residual sword Qi were launched in all directions, creating huge, bottomless pits as they struck the ground.

A few wounds had already appeared on Jian Chens body, dying his clothes red with blood. Even though he was injured, his battle prowess did not decrease, and instead, it became even mightier the more he fought. At the same time, he rapidly circulated Chaotic Force within his body, which not only stabilized his condition in an extremely short amount of time, but also allowed his wounds to rapidly close up.

Jian Chen really was not Tao Zhengtians opponent, but it was basically impossible for Tao Zhengtian to kill him. Heavily injuring him or dealing a fatal blow to Jian Chen was impossible in a short amount of time.

At this moment, another dazzling stream of golden light flickered. Tie Ta swept through the air with his axe, swinging it toward the Third Heavenly Layer Saint King. Before it had even struck its target, the supreme battle intent hidden inside collided against the Saint Kings soul like a great warhammer, shattering his courage in battle and stunning him for a moment.

In that moment, the golden light disappeared with a flash. The axe had already cleaved through the head of the Saint King, obliterating his soul. Even his body had been chopped into two by Tie Ta. Blood sprayed into the air and fell like rain.

Tie Ta smoothly removed the Saint Kings Space Ring before immediately moving away. With a flash of golden light, he had disappeared, appearing next to Nubis in a moment.

Nubis opponent was a Saint King of the Fourth Heavenly Layer. He possessed the same strength as Nubis, but as Nubis was a beast of antiquity, there was rarely anyone who could match up to him within the same level of cultivation. Although it was very difficult for him to kill someone like that in such a short amount of time, he had heavily injured his opponent with his poison.

He was poisoned by the venom of a Silver Striped Golden Snake, which was extremely potent. Coupled with Nubis strength as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King, the venom was countless times more powerful than before. Even Saint Kings were likely to suffer death if they were poisoned and did not do something about it soon.

“Big fellow, I can finish him. He cant last much longer, so dont worry about me. Go help the others,” Nubis obviously knew what Tie Ta wanted to do when he saw him arrive by his side. He hurriedly informed Tie Ta of the situation.

“Nubis, Jian Chen said that we need to finish off as many Saint Kings in the shortest amount of time as possible, or well have no chance once Tao Zhengtian pulls out his divine hall. Let me finish him off quickly, and then you can immediately go help out Jian Chen against Tao Zhengtian,” Tie Ta said with his deep voice.

“Alright, Ill leave this person to you, big fellow. Ill go help out Jian Chen,” Nubis still ended up abiding by what Tie Ta said. He passed his enemy to Tie Ta and immediately went up to assist Jian Chen against Tao Zhengtian.

The Tao family had a total of two Saint Kings. The first one was Tao Zhengtian while the second one was Tao Lin. In his battle against Nubis, Tao Lin had been poisoned, resulting in an abrupt drop in strength and then suffered a few attacks from Nubis. He was already heavily injured, and just when he could not last much longer, his opponent changed from Nubis, who was only a little stronger than him to the terrifying Tie Ta, making his heart sink.

Although he had never clashed with Tie Ta before, he had witnessed Tie Ta killing off two Saint Kings with ease. Probably even Tao Zhengtian was unable to accomplish something so glorious, so how was it possible for him to last very long in front of Tie Ta while he was heavily injured?

At that moment, Tao Lins fear for Tie Ta reached an absolute limit. He had no interest in fighting Tie Ta, so he turned around and fled as quickly as possible.

Tie Ta became slightly stunned by how Tao Lin fled. However, he soon smiled in a straightforward manner, “You cant run from me. Mysteries of War, Celestial Movement!” With that, Tie Ta vanished with a flash of golden light. He had basically reappeared the next moment several thousand meters away. Not only was he ahead of Tao Lin, who had turned to flee, he just happened to stop right in front of him.

Tao Lin was surprised by how Tie Ta had appeared in front of him like teleportation. Disbelief filled his face, but before he could do anything, a dazzling, golden light appeared in his eyes. He saw Tie Tas axe swing toward him as it glowed with an endless luster. Just when he wanted to dodge, the supreme battle intent smashed against his soul like a hammer, making it feel like thunder had erupted in his head. Not only did it shatter all his courage for battle, it jolted him to the point where he became dumbstruck.

The supreme battle intent from the axe was casually given off by Tie Ta. He did not use all his strength intentionally. Tao Lin was stronger than the two Saint Kings Tie Ta had killed before, so his soul was stronger as well. As a result, he obviously possessed better resistance.

Just as Tie Tas axe was about to land on him, Tao Lin suddenly stirred. As he stared at the rapidly-expanding axe in front of him, he immediately paled in fright and placed his trident before him without a second thought.


The trident split in half as it blocked Tie Tas strike. The great force blew Tao Lin away, who heavily struck the ground below, forming a great crater. His entire body was wedged into the ground as blood shot out.

Tie Ta did not plan on letting Tao Lin go. He immediately chased him with his golden axe.

“Tao Lin!” Tao Zhengtian sensed that Tao Lins life was in danger, so he furiously roared at the sky. He forced Jian Chen away with a full-powered attack before charging toward Tao Lin in attempt to save him.

Tao Lin was a Saint King of the Tao family and had deep ties with Tao Zhengtian. Tao Zhengtian could watch indifferently as the Saint Kings of other clans fell, but he could not allow the Saint Kings of the Tao family to die right before him.

Nubis charged over from afar in an aggressive manner to block Tao Zhengtians path. He sneered, “Tao Zhengtian, allow me, the great Nubis, to understand your strength.” With that, Nubis spat out a gray cloud of venomous gas while his hands turned into powerful claws. They were rather similar to Rui Jins dragon claws. He then clawed at Tao Zhengtians chest.

A vast energy surged from Tao Zhengtian, instantly forming a three-inch-thick barrier of energy around him. It blocked Nubis venomous gas while his claws became abnormally slow when they came in contact with the barrier.

“Piss off!” Tao Zhengtian angrily roared, hurling his palm at Nubis. It knocked Nubis away and cause him to vomit blood. Tao Zhengtian then shot toward Tao Lin with lightning-like speed to save him.

Tie Ta understood Tao Zhengtians intentions. He finally became slightly stern as he gripped his axe with two hands. Bright golden light quickly began to gather around the axe as the battle intent within rapidly skyrocketed.

“Mysteries of War, Void-smasher!” Tie Ta mumbled deeply as he suddenly swung the axe above his head. A streak of dazzling, golden light disappeared into the void.

Tao Zhengtian hurried toward Tao Lin without paying attention to anything, but at that moment, his expression suddenly changed. Just when he was three meters away, a dazzling streak of golden light seemed to appear out of nowhere, cleaving toward him with lightning-like speed. At the same time, a supreme battle intent suddenly erupted, slamming against his soul like a huge hammer.

The battle intent was many times more powerful than what Tao Lin had experienced. Caught off-guard, Tao Zhengtian immediately let his attention slip. However, he was a peak Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King after all, so both the strength of his soul and power was incomparable to Tao Lin. He basically returned to his senses in a single moment, and without any hesitation, he immediately stabbed out as hard as he could. Thus, his lance collided with Tie Tas axe.


A deafening sound immediately erupted in the air. Although Tao Zhengtian had managed to block Tie Tas axe with his hurried strike, he retreated uncontrollably from the violent residual energy. He became disheveled while his clothes became a mess. He was in an extremely horrible condition.

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