Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1255: Class 8 Xuanhuang Beast

Chapter 1254: Comprehension Tea Tree

Jian Chens face immediately became rather bitter when he thought of the fact that he did not have enough containers. The Springs of Life were everywhere in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, but they were extremely rare in the outside world. Could he only take ten thousand liters with him since he had entered the Xuanhuang Microcosm by coincidence?

Although it sounded like a lot, there were just far too many people Jian Chen needed to think about on the Tian Yuan Continent. Ten thousand liters was nowhere near enough.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, I want to collect some of the spring water in this place and take it out, but I dont have enough storage for it at all. Do you have any good ideas?” With no other choice, Jian Chen could only seek help from the sword spirits. In most cases, heavenly resources needed to be stored carefully through a special method, and he did not understand the spring water, so he obviously could not think of a better idea.

“Then do this, Master. Gather some of the soil in this place and use it to create pools in the artifact space. You can load the spring water into those pools,” Qing Suo immediately responded.

A sliver of surprise appeared in Jian Chens eyes. He asked, “Does that work? Wont it affect the efficacy of the spring water?”

Qing Suo giggled and sweetly answered, “Theres no need for you to worry, master. The waters efficacy will not be affected for at least ten years. Once master leaves the microcosm, youll have plenty of time to find even more containers to store the spring water, but all of them must be wooden.

Jian Chen completely stopped worrying with that. He did not need to worry about the fact that the containers needed to be wooden. All he needed was to pass down a single message when he returned to the Tian Yuan Continent and the Flame Mercenaries along with the Bloodsword sect would be able to help him find a large number of wooden storage items.

Afterward, Jian Chen immediately began to collect some of the Xuanhuang Microcosms soil. He sent all of it into the artifact space and got the several dozen elites of the Flame Mercenaries in there to create pools to store spring water.

Zi Ying glanced at the corpses of the two beasts and said, “Master, you can collect the corpses of the Xuanhuang beasts as well. Since these beasts have grown up in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, their flesh is extremely nutritious to cultivators. They will bring many great benefits if their meat is consumed over a long period of time.”

With that, Jian Chen collected the two corpses as well before strolling through the forest. After confirming there was nothing valuable left, the two of them headed off. They traveled in the direction the sword spirits provided, heading to the central region.

The Xuanhuang Microcosm was filled with various wondrous treasures, but almost all the good items gathered near the center. There were very few items on the outskirts.

Since they couldnt stay in this place for very long, the two of them traveled very quickly to save time. After entering the Xuanhuang Microcosm, the sword spirits maintained their human form above Jian Chens head, moving along with him. The task of looking for treasures along the way fell to them. After all, their knowledge and experience was incomparable to Jian Chen. Many heavenly resources seemed ordinary and did not stand out in any aspect, but their value would be incalculable. Jian Chen would not necessarily recognize them even if they were placed right before him, so he needed a guide like the swords spirits.

After traveling for another several hundred kilometers, a small hill gradually appeared before Jian Chen and Tie Ta. It was filled with wondrous flowers and the fragrance they gave off lingered in the air several dozen kilometers away. It was a faint but lovely smell.

Jian Chen smelled the unique fragrance from far away and subconsciously sucked in a deep breath. He immediately felt at ease and reinvigorated, as if his head had cleared up a lot at that moment. A light, joyful feeling filled him all over.

“These flowers cant be any regular flowers for them to have such great effects on Saint Kings,” Jian Chen praised from the bottom of his heart. The Xuanhuang Microcosm really was littered with treasures.

The two of them arrived at the hill very quickly. The whole place was filled with various flowers. Jian Chen had never seen a single one of them before, so he obviously could not name them.

Now that he was in the sea of flowers, the fragrance was becoming heavier and heavier. It slowly entered Jian Chens body through his nostrils, and he felt intoxicated. It felt like all his pores had opened up and the foul gases contained within him had all been released. Even though that was not really the case, the fragrance made him feel such a wondrous thing.

“These flowers are known as Heaven-connecting Flowers. Their fragrance can help you concentrate and refine things. If you cultivate in a place where a lot of these flowers are planted, not only can they refine the energy within you, they can suppress your inner demons, providing you with a smooth path for cultivation and your demons will not affect you,” Zi Ying explained to Jian Chen.

“I want to take all these flowers away and then plant some at the Changyang clan and in Flame City,” Jian Chen immediately made up his mind. He understood extremely well just how valuable these flowers were.

Qing Suo rolled her eyes at Jian Chen when she heard him. She giggled, “Master, these flowers arent easy to plant. They can only survive in the soil of the Xuanhuang Microcosm, and they need to be watered by the water from Springs of Life. The spring water appears naturally in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, but theyre a consumable in other places. If master really does plan on planting these flowers in all those places, masterll need at least several thousand liters of spring water to water them so that they can survive.”

Jian Chen secretly became speechless. Providing the soil for the flowers was no problem, but he could not afford the water. However, Jian Chen did not want to let go of the flowers with how beneficial they were to cultivating. He did not take them all. Instead, he dug away several dozen square meters of flowers to replant in the artifact space. He even removed a lot of the soil in the surroundings just in case.

Even thought it was just a few dozen square meters of flowers, he needed at least a few liters of spring water to support them every month.

At this moment, Zi Yings eyes suddenly froze. He stared at the extremely-obscure tree that grew at the top of the hill and cried out, “Thats a Comprehension Tea Tree. I never thought that wed come across one so quickly. Master, the tea that you make with the leaves of the Comprehension Tea Tree is extremely precious. Ingesting the tea can assist people in comprehending the ways. Even in our former world, a few leaves from trees of higher grade would cause many experts to fight until they were bloodied and bruised. Master, if you have the assistance of the tea leaves, youll be able to reach the first realm of the Way of the Sword in the shortest time possible once you forge the Azulet swords.”

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