Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1256: Killing the Beast and Obtaining the Leaves

Chapter 1255: Class 8 Xuanhuang Beast

Jian Chens gaze immediately landed on the highest point of the small hill, on the extremely obscure tree. His eyes immediately began to burn with desire. He did not even need to think about how great and valuable the tea leaves would be since they could help him comprehend the Way of the Sword.

Jian Chen used the Illusory Flash as he shot toward the highest point at an extremely fast speed. He was a blur. He was not far away from the tree, so he arrived right before it in a moment. There was actually a pool of water near the tree, and it was filled with green spring water. Both its size and depth exceeded the Spring of Life Jian Chen had come across in the small forest before.

However, Jian Chen did not care at all despite finding a much larger Spring of Life. He did not even glance at it, only noticing its existence from the corner of his eye. Currently, the focus of his eyes was the Comprehension Tea Tree. That was where he gathered all his attention.

The tree was only a meter tall, but it was extremely sturdy. It possessed a thick layering of bark that did not match with its height and many branches. However, there were only eighty-one leaves scattered across the whole tree. On each leaf, there were eighty-one veins. These veins seemed to have grown naturally without a specified pattern, but with a close observation, they seemed to fuse and resonate with the world, like they possessed the infinite truths of the world.

Jian Chen stared at the veins of the leaves, and gradually, his attention was drawn into them. In that moment, he seemed to have seen the pitch-black cosmos as the complicated and profound truths of the world flashed through his head. Vaguely, he felt like he had understood something, seen something, and grasped something.

However, this feeling only lasted for a very short amount of time. When Jian Chen returned to his senses, he immediately discovered that the feeling just then had completely vanished without a trace. He was still the same, having not understood or grasped anything.

Jian Chen gasped. The Comprehension Tea Tree sure was extraordinarily wonderful. Just by staring at the veins of a leaf, he had experienced something like that, as if he was about to comprehend the truths of the world. If he drank the tea made from the leaves of the tree like the Azulet sword spirits had said, wouldnt the effect increase by several fold?

On the Tian Yuan Continent, Heaven Saint Masters needed to comprehend the mysteries of the world to reach Saint Ruler. Advancing to Saint King or even Saint Emperor, required the comprehension of the mysteries of the world as well. It was just that the comprehension required was on whole different levels.

Among the three thousand great ways, the mysteries of the world comprehended by Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and even Saint Emperors were all a way. Their rough control over space and the ability to use Spatial Force was a way as well, and Saint Tier Battle Skills also belonged to one of the ways. This was even the case for the five realms of the Way of the Sword. Not only could the tea leaves allow Jian Chen to comprehend the first realm of the Way of the Sword as quickly as possible, they were also beneficial to the cultivators on the Tian Yuan Continent as well. The tea leaves could assist them in comprehending the mysteries of the world.

Clearly, Jian Chen understood this, and he immediately became extremely excited. Although the spring water and flowers he had obtained were unbelievable treasures, they were nothing compared to the Comprehension Tea Tree.

At this moment, Jian Chen felt the ground beneath his feet tremble. Soon afterward, soil was suddenly kicked into the air several dozen meters away, revealing a hole that was a meter wide. A three-meter-long, tiger-like Xuanhuang beast that was completely pitch-black with a single horn on its forehead leaped out. Its scarlet eyes shone with aggression as it stared fixedly at Jian Chen. It was filled with hostility and a powerful presence radiated from its body.

Jian Chen stared at the Xuanhuang beast that had suddenly appeared, and he felt slightly surprised. It had actually already reached the level of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King. However, it lacked intelligence and the abilities of Saint Kings, only possessing the instincts of a beast, so it only had the battle prowess of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King at most. But since it was a Xuanhuang beast born in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, even a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King would need tremendous effort to slay it with the toughness of its body.

Even though that was the case, the beast was still abnormally powerful; at the very least, Saint Emperors that came from the outside world would not even be able to flee before it, unless they were like Jian Chen and Tie Ta, whose strengths were not restricted.

The Xuanhuang beast pounded forward dexterously and immediately transformed into a blur, rushing over from several dozen meters away and arriving between Jian Chen and the Comprehension Tea Tree. It constantly growled with deep rumble.

Jian Chen understood what was happening when he saw what it did. Almost every region in the microcosm with life was protected by a few Xuanhuang beasts. Just like the small forest he had passed through earlier, it was the same with this hill covered in various vegetation, and clearly, the hill where he stood was the territory of this Xuanhuang beast. It was just that this beast was stronger than the two from before.

The Xuanhuang beast gave a deep growl in warning once again as it constantly raked one of its front paws against the ground. It held a stance that seemed like it was about to launch an attack, warning Jian Chen to leave. With its beastial instincts, it could clearly sense that Jian Chen was not easy to deal with, which was why it did not attack him as soon as it had seen him.

Jian Chen coldly smiled. He needed to obtain the Comprehension Tea Tree in front of him. He would not give up on it even if the Xuanhuang beast was at the level of Saint Emperors, let alone a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Jian Chen drew his Emperor Armament from his Space Ring unhurriedly. Stabbing out, a sword Qi a finger wide immediately shot out, striking the beasts head. It left behind a small gash.

The bodies of Xuanhuang beasts were extremely tough. Jian Chens casual strike had made it bleed, but the small injury was basically nothing to it. However, it had become furious because of Jian Chens attack. It roared before leaping toward Jian Chen with a wild gust of wind.

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