Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1256: Killing the Beast and Obtaining the Leaves

apon away. However, Jian Chen stood like a sword as he held onto the Emperor Armament. No matter how hard the beast tried, it was unable to make Jian Chen take a simple step, but web-like cracks quickly spread out in all directions with his feet at the center. They reached several kilometers away.

The Class 8 Xuanhuang beast possessed shocking strength, but Jian Chen knew many skills. He stood there as if his feet were rooted to the ground, redirecting the force that the Xuanhuang beast exerted on him into the ground. He achieved an effect where he seemed to be connected to the ground. It was impossible for the Xuanhuang beast to be Jian Chens opponent with just its bodily strength.

Jian Chen sighed inside. If the beast in front of him possessed intelligence, killing it would take some effort, but it just happened to lack that. All it possessed was great strength that could only follow its beastial instincts, so dealing with it was easy. Suddenly, Jian Chens gaze grew cold, and he suddenly channeled some energy through his sword-wielding hand. He raised the beast, which was still biting the blade, high up in the air. He quickly spun in a circle a few times before smashing it against the ground. It created a huge crater, but the beasts jaws remained tightly locked around the weapon.

Jian Chen arrived before it with a single step. He raised his foot high up into the air before viciously stopping on the Xuanhuang beasts head. The force was abnormally great, burying the beasts head deep into the soil below.

Roar! The Xuanhuang beast was angered by Jian Chens stomp, so it produced an earth-shaking roar. It finally let go of the Emperor Armament as it bit at Jian Chens foot.

Jian Chen coldly smiled. He avoided the huge mouth of the beast as he coated the Emperor Armament with a layer of Chaotic Force, taking advantage of its attack to stab the beast in the head. This time, Jian Chen felt an even greater resistance. The beasts head was unbelievably tough. Jian Chen believed that even steel that had been forged countless times would not be as tough as this beasts head.

This was because Jian Chen could split any type of steel, no matter how great, into two with a simple stroke of his blade like a hot knife through butter. However, Jian Chen had to use a lot of force, including Chaotic Force, on the Xuanhuang beasts head, and he was only able to stab half of the sword in, just happening to reach the center of the beasts head.

Jian Chen did not give the Xuanhuang beast the chance to struggle one final time. Sword Qi formed from Chaotic Force surged from the Emperor Armament, reducing the head of the beast into a mess in a single moment. The Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King Xuanhuang beast died in the end without even being able to let out a miserable wail.

Jian Chen found a thumb-sized energy crystal within the beasts body. Only after sensing the powerful and energetic ripples of energy did he nod in satisfaction. The energy within the crystal was equivalent to a Class 8 Monster Core.

Class 8 Monster Cores were extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent. Only the Gilligan clan was in possession of one or two Class 8 Magical Beasts.

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