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Chapter 1278: Friend or Foe?

Chapter 1277: The Changyang Clan Breaks Free

Changyang Zu Xiao raised an eyebrow and nonchalantly said, “Our Zu branch has broken away from the protector clan. We no longer have anything to do with the protector clan. Yunxiao and I obviously havent come as representives of the Changyang protector clan. Theres no need for the grand elder to ask us members of the Zu branch about borrowing the Emperor Armament.”

Everyone present was greatly surprised by what Changyang Zu Xiao had said. Many of them showed disbelief.

Many of the Saint Kings had a certain understanding of the Changyang clan of the ten protector clans. It was divided into the Zu, Yuan, and Qing branches, and in the countless years it had existed, the three branches had always been on good terms. Even if a few disagreements arose every now and then, it would not threaten the stability of the clan.

Yet now, Changyang Zu Xiao had actually said that the Zu branch had left the protector clan and that they no longer had anything to do with the protector clan. Many found this difficult to believe.

“Changyang Zu Xiao, is that true? Has your Zu branch really left the protector clan?” The grand elder asked sternly. This was something significant.

“Changyang Zu Xiao, you cant be joking right? The three branches have been on good terms for over a million years. Since ancient times, all three branches have acted in unison, so why have you completely fallen out now all of a sudden?” A ruddy old man sitting beside Changyang Zu Xiao asked. He was a great elder from the Moyuan clan and was on rather good terms with Changyang Zu Xiao.

At this moment, everyone present turned their gazes to Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao. The Saint Kings from the Yiyuan sect and Yangji sect were particularly eager to hear the hole story as they rejoiced inside. They were extremely willing to see the Changyang clan be ripped apart, resulting in a great decrease in strength.

Changyang Zu Xiao remained expressionless. This matter had hurt him very much, so he heavily replied, “How can I be joking about something so significant? I am obviously telling the truth. Our Zu branch no longer has any connection with the Changyang protector clan.”

The room immediately fell silent, but all the people had already begun to accept the reality of the Zu branchs departure. Although this was a shocking piece of news on the Tian Yuan Continent, it was not enough to affect them. However, many people realized that the Changyang clans strength had greatly decreased with the changes. They would definitely fall off the throne as the strongest protector clan and might even end up as the weakest protector clan out of all of them. Many people from the other clans celebrated inside.

“Since the Zu branch had broken away from the Changyang clan, may I ask why there is no one from the Qing and Yuan branch present representing the Changyang clan?” A Saint Kings from a protector clan asked out of curiosity.

The grand elder looked around, and indeed, he failed to find the people of the protector Changyang clan. As a result, he said to a Saint King beside him, “Sixth elder, I will trouble you to visit the Changyang clan. Please invite them to our city so we can discuss the countermeasures against the World of Forsaken Saints.”

The sixth elder of Mercenary City immediately stood up and clasped his fist at everyone. He clearly said, “Everyone, I shall be dismissing myself temporarily.” Afterward, he directly left the miniature world.

Although the protector Changyang clan was extremely far away from Mercenary City, it would only take a Saint King a few seconds to traverse the distance. The sixth elder returned in less than five minutes and sternly informed everyone, “Grand elder, Ive visited the Changyang clan and discovered that its been sealed. Not only is it impossible to enter, the people inside cannot come out either. All methods of communication are useless as well.”

“What!” The grand elders expression changed as he immediately stood up. Even all the Saint Kings there were greatly shocked. A mighty protector clan had been sealed, locked up in their miniature world. This was just far too astounding to everyone present.

“Sixth elder, is that true? The Changyang clan has actually been sealed up in their miniature world? Theyre a protector clan for goodness sake. Just who on the current continent has such abilities? Even the path lord of carnal desires cant do something like this,” said an independent Saint King.

The grand elder did not probe into the matter further. He stared deeply at Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao, “Changyang Zu Xiao, our Tian Yuan Continent is currently facing a great danger. Although I dont know just whats happened to your Changyang clan, we just happen to be in need of people. We want to break through the seal. Do the two of you have any objections?”

At this moment, a minute change occurred in the gazes toward Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao. There was admiration and disdain. Many of them had connected the matter to the Zu branch since they had broken away.

Changyang Zu Xiao gently sighed. He knew that there was probably quite a few people who misunderstood the Zu branch, so he needed to explain, “Its all because of the Saints Fruit. When Jian Chen obtained the Saints Fruit back then, Changyang Qing Yun wanted to take it for himself, resulting in never-before-seen internal strife. Completely angered, Jian Chen worked with the three magical beasts to seal up the Changyang clan. This matter has always pained me the most. If you want to break the seal and free the people from the two branches, our Zu branch obviously has no objections.”

Everyone immediately understood what had happened with Changyang Zu Xiaos explanation, but they were once again shocked by Jian Chen and the three magical beasts extraordinary methods of doing things. They could actually seal up a protector clan. It would be difficult for even Saint Emperors to achieve something so extraordinary.

This was because every single protector clan possessed methods to deal with Saint Emperors.

“That was exactly what I thought. Changyang Qing Yun is just far too greedy. When the fight over the Saints Fruit occurred, he did not contribute much at all, so just why does Jian Chen have to hand over the Saints Fruit? In my opinion, the Yuan and Qing branches completely deserve it. Its all their own fault,” said the Saint King from the Moyuan clan righteously.

At this moment, four bloodied and messy Saint Kings staggered into the room. Every single one of them was horrendously old. Their life forces were extremely weak.

“Oh my god!” One of the great elders from the Yangji sect recognized one of the four and immediately paled in fright. He arrived before the four of them with a flash and stared at one of them in disbelief. He cried out, “Ji Tian, how have you become like this?”

“Its fairy Hao Yue. Fairy Hao Yues used a formation to siphon away our life force…” he weakly replied. Right after he finished speaking, he seemed to have lost all his energy, directly falling to the ground. He shriveled at a visible rate, becoming a dry corpse very soon.

Afterward, the three other Saint Kings all collapsed as well, suffering the same outcome as the great elder from the Yangji sect.

The great elders from the Yangji sect and Yiyuan sect all revealed extremely ugly expressions. They had already recognized the three other people. They were the Saint Kings they had sent to Flame City to retrieve the Bright Moon Divine Hall. They had never thought that they would fail their mission and lose their lives.

Losing two Saint Kings all of a sudden was an extremely heavy loss to both the Yangji sect and Yiyuan sect.

“This fairy Hao Yue has gone too far. Its fine if she doesnt want to lend her divine hall, but why did she have to kill our great elders? We cannot let the matter slide,” said a Saint King from the Yiyuan sect painfully.

“We will definitely come back with an explanation for this matter.” All the great elders of the Yangji sect were brimming with killing intent. Losing two Saint Kings weakened their strength by thirty percent.

The grand elder of Mercenary City stood up and said in a heavy voice, “Please stay yourselves. The matter at hand is to find a way to deal with the problem of the World of Forsaken Saints. We can look for fairy Hao Yue for an explanation after we remove the threat of the other world.”

“Correct. We need to get our priorities straight. The World of Forsaken Saints is a huge threat, so please dismiss your enmity with fairy Hao Yue for now. At the same time, fairy Hao Yue wont be easy to deal with since she can handle nine Saint Kings so easily, and shes protected by extraordinary formations. We cannot complicate matters at this time,” said the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion. Right now, she was the one who possessed the most prestige aside from the grand elder of Mercenary City.

The great elders of the two sects silently mulled over the matter before finally choosing to listen to the grand elder and pavilion masters suggestions.

They now understood fairy Hao Yues strength with the outcome of the Saint Kings. Even though she was just a soul, she was not as weak as they had imagined. They needed to group together if they wanted to take revenge.

Afterward, the grand elder and over twenty Saint Kings from various organizations visited the Changyang clan. At the same time, they sent envoys with valuable gifts to the Hundred Races, magical beasts, and Sea race, to inform them of the World of Forsaken Saints.

In the miniature world of the protector Changyang clan, the five great elders hovered in the air with sunken faces. They stared in the direction of the World Gate.

In the several months they had been trapped there, they had used all they had to attack the seal for every signle moment that passed. They had even activated the Emperor Armament several times, but they still failed to get through the seal. The seals strength had completely exceeded their expectations.

“Even Saint Emperor would struggle to get through this seal. Are we going to be trapped until we pass away?” Changyang Qing Jueri said with a sunken face.

“No, there needs to be an extremely great amount of energy to maintain this seal. For every day the seal exists, a portion of its power will be consumed. Once it runs out completely, well be able to break through, but we still need to attack the seal continuously for the time being, so we can speed up the consumption and get out earlier,” Changyang Qing Yun also said with a sunken face. It was an eternal disgrace for them, a mighty protector clan, to be sealed in their own miniature world.

“Once I break out, I will use everything and anything I have to deal with Jian Chen,” Changyang Qing Yunfeng also said with a darkened expression. Heavily killing intent filled his eyes.

Changyang Qing Yuns eyes were also filled with hatred. He said through clenched teeth, “Once the seal breaks, well control the Emperor Armament and visit Lore City. We will not let a single member of the Zu branch go.” Changyang Qing Yun thought back to when Changyang Zu Xiao did everything he could to stop him and killing intent immediately surged frhim. If it were not for Changyang Zu Xiao, he probably would have obtained the Saints Fruit long ago.

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