Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1278: Friend or Foe?

id not threaten their lives, none of them wished to be locked up by someone else.

“Lets move immediately and attack the seal from the inside. Well work with the people outside, so itll be even easier to get through this seal,” Changyang Qing Yun immediatelly called out.

The four others nodded simultaneously and all began to attack the seal with all they had. Immediately, a vast pressure descended from the sky, permeating the entire miniature world. The air seemed to have froze while all the energy of the world had stopped.

The five Saint Kings were extremely eager to smash through the seal. They used Saint Tier Battle Skills right from the start.

They could use Saint Tier Battle Skills at will as Saint Kings, completely charging them up in a single moment. An extremely powerful sword Qi erupted from the sword in Changyang Qing Yuns hand, striking the seal as sword a hundred meters long.

Changyang Qing Jueri did not use his Saint Weapon. He cleanly struck out with his palm, condensing a palm of several dozen meters in length as it struck the World Gate.

Extremely powerful wind-attributed Saint Force permeated Changyang Qing Yunfengs surroundings before turning into a whirlwind that wrapped around him. The whirlwind rapidly spun as it reached for the sky, connecting to the very top of the miniature world. It caused the frozen energy of the world to wildly churn. Afterward, he swung out with both arms as the whirlwind immediately surged toward the World Gate, causing the surrounding space to distort violently.

A three-meter-wide fireball hovered above Changyang Yuan Wuji. It shone brightly like the sun as its terrifying heat pervaded the miniature world, causing the temperature to rapidly skyrocket. Afterward, it immediately shot out as a red streak of light when Changyang Yuan Wujis hand waved his hand toward the World Gate.

Changyang Yuan Zhenghua also produced an extremely powerful sword Qi that he sent at the World Gate. Wherever it passed by, ripples would cascade through space.

Five Saint Kings had used Saint Tier Battle Skills in unison. The disturbance was so great that it was enough to destroy the surroundings. Even the space of the miniature world, which was much tougher than outside, found it rather difficult to endure. The figures of eighteen divine halls had already appeared in the sky, stabilizing the space.

Outside the World Gate, over twenty Saint Kings hovered sternly in the sky with the grand elder of Mercenary City at the front. All of them gazed at the invisible seal before them.

“Those three magical beasts sure are skillful. The seal theyve cast here is actually so powerful. It hasnt broken after three combined attacks from us,” the grand elder could not help but praise them. He felt much admiration for Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu. Afterward, he glanced at the surroundings Saint Kings and loudly said, “Everyone, the seal is far stronger than any one of us have imagined. Everyone use has to use our full strength to smash through the seal together.”

“Alright! Lets all prepare before attacking together on the grand elders signal,” a Saint King from a protector clan called out. Great elder Tian Jian of Mercenary City had now become a Saint Emperor, and they also had the protection of the barrier spirit which was a Returnance expert. They were so powerful that all the protector clans were now left in the dust. This also made Mercenary City the leaders of the entire continent in some certain sense, the evident representatives.

Within the miniature world, the Saint Tier Battle Skills collided with the seal almost at the same time, which immediately caused it to violently shake. However, it was still not enough to smash through it.

At this moment, the experts outside the World Gate used their powerful attacks as well. The strike was clearly much more powerful than the five Saint Tier Battle Skills. Rui Jins seal finally caved in after resisting so many powerful attacks, collapsing instantly. The Changyang clan, which had been sealed up for several months, was finally free.

As soon as the seal was broken, the five great elders eagerly charged out without even waiting for the rampaging energy to settle. As soon as they arrived outside, they discovered all the Saint Kings floating in the air.

They obviously knew that the reason they could have been freed was because of all these Saint Kings. They did not hesitate at all and immediately clasped their hands in gratitude.

The grand elder raised his hand and said, “The protector clans and Mercenary City are just one big family. We all protect the Tian Yuan Continent silently. Its nothing, so theres no need to thank us.”

At this moment, Changyang Qing Yun seemed to think of something. His gaze immediately grew cold. He clasped his hands at them all and said, “Since so many authoritative members of various organizations have gathered here today, allow me to announce a significant matter to everyone. This matter is so great that it can affect the safety of the entire continent.”

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