Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1305: Shocking Lightning (Three)

Chapter 1304: Shocking Lightning (Two)

The Heavenly Enchantress was fearless. She coldly stared at the path lord of carnal desires and emotionlessly replied, “Its not up to you to say whether my way of the zither can affect you or not. Lets try it.” The Heavenly Enchantress had already placed her zither in front of her as her slender right hand lay on the strings. Clearly, she had made preparations for battle.

The path lord suddenly began to glare. His eyes shone with an almost-visible light as he stared at the Heavenly Enchantress in shock. His evilness grew heavier, and he sneered, “You want to take me on? Let me put this straight first. If you lose, youll become by ninety-first wife. Are you willing?”

The Heavenly Enchantress face sank as her eyes instantly became filled with killing intent. However, before she could respond, Yadriam flew from the crowd and coldly said to him, “What a shameless human Saint Emperor. Youre a disgrace to the humans. Since youre so confident, Ill take you on. If I lose, you can do whatever you want to me, but if you lose, your life is mine.” With that, Yadriam began to shine brightly with blue light as an extremely terrifying amount of water-attributed energy poured out of her. It caused the surrounding space to violently shake and the energy of the world began to rampage.

The vast presence from her also made the surroundings shake, boldly enveloping the path lord.

The path lords body immediately sank. The tremendous pressure pressed his clothes against his body as his face darkened in that moment. He had never thought that the hall master would begin fighting right now, nor did he expect her to be so powerful. She had caught him by surprise.

The three Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent became rather stern. All of them grimly stared at the hall master. Although they had not fought Yadriam before, just her presence allowed them to sense her strength. Even Kaiser was not confident he could defeat her.

“Three of the four champions from the ancient times have fallen. Only the sea goddess is still alive. The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall has definitely obtained the legacy of the sea goddess, which is why shes so strong. Shes even grasped the shocking secret techniques of the sea goddess, so her strength cannot be underestimated. I cannot fight her as an opponent,” similar thoughts crossed Kaiser and Lankyros mind. The fear they felt for Yadriam had surpassed their fear for the Heavenly Enchantress.

This was because they had both thought of the great possibility that she was guided by an Origin realm expert. Her strength could not be compared to any regular Saint Emperor.

The path lords face darkened very much. He yearned to take the Heavenly Enchantress under him, to have her serve him everyday. He would never let such a beautiful woman go. Although her soul attacks were very powerful, he was confident he could deal with them, but that was not the case with Yadriam. At that moment, the path lord was caught in a conundrum. If he were to proceed, it would be extremely likely that he would end up fighting Yadriam, but if he were to hold back, he would feel very embarrassed as a mighty Saint Emperor.

“If I severe all my emotions and desires and complete my divine method, why would I still fear the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall,” the path lord harbored anger inside. He had a very strong feeling that if he completely severed his emotions and desires, he would definitely undergo a rebirth and transformation and become an Origin realm expert. It was just he could not make it past the last few stages.

“Hmph, you evil person. If you bully brothers friends again, I will never let you go. I will beat you until your soul disperses,” Xiao Ling viciously waved her fist at the path lord. She was extremely angry. She could feel a very dense feeling of familiarity from the Heavenly Enchantress. The feeling came from Jian Chen, so Xiao Ling knew that the Heavenly Enchantress relationship with Jian Chen was something else. This was why she was so protective of the Heavenly Enchantress.

The path lord immediately revealed a different expression because of what Xiao Ling had said. He only felt some fear for the hall master, but he felt terror from the bottom of his heart for Xiao Ling. He had personally experienced Xiao Lings power. Although she seemed like a naive little girl, the power she possessed was so terrifying that it was enough to slay Saint Emperors with a wave of her hand.

He also knew that even if he severed all his desires and emotions, he would still not be Xiao Lings opponent since he would reach Receival at most. Xiao Ling was at Returnance.

All the experts here watched on. Yadriam, the path lord of carnal desires, and the Heavenly Enchantress had all become the center of attention. There were quite a few people among the experts of the Hundred Races and Sea race who paid attention to Xiao Ling. Many of them felt extremely surprised and shocked that the barrier spirit of Mercenary City was actually an Origin realm expert.

A terrifying pulse of energy suddenly appeared from afar while the path lord was caught in this dilemma. Even though it was several hundred thousand kilometers away, all the Saint Kings gathered there could clearly sense it. The terrifying pressure shocked all of them.

They no longer paid attention to Yadriam and the others. They shifted their gazes away and sternly starred in the direction the energy had come from.

“Whats happening over there? Why has such a shock pulse of energy appeared, where even the mysteries of the world have been affected and have become disordered?”

“Have the people of the other world found another entrance and are coming to our continent through that tunnel?”

“Thats extremely likely. This matter is extremely important. Lets go over and check the situation out immediately.”

The Saint Kings all discussed with one another before rapidly creating Space Gates and leaving. Very soon, half of the people there had left, only leaving behind around a thousand Saint Kings to keep guard and carefully observe the movements of the tunnel.

The path lord used this opportunity to break free from the situation. He was the first one to hurry over. He was soon followed by the three Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent and the hall master. They all traveled in the direction of the terrifying energy pulse.

It had already become gloomy over Flame City. The moment before, the sun had been shining strong, but now, a thick layer of dark clouds had drifted over from somewhere. They enveloped the entire sky, blotting out the sun and causing the entire world to darken.

Lightning flickered within the dark clouds as heavy sounds of thunder rang out from time to time, echoing through the entire region. The terrifying sound made the ground shake, and at the center of the clouds was a rapidly-spinning whirl. Directly below the whirl was the tungsten alloy mine several dozen kilometers away from the city.

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