Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1323: Yang Lie (Three)

A Space Gate ripped open and a middle-aged man in tight robes emerged. He carried a shiny silver blade. Strands of powerful energy would pulse from the blade from time to time, surprising the Saint Kings of the Changyang clan.

The Saint Kings all looked at the man who had suddenly appeared. Their eyes all narrowed because they were unable to see through the man at all. The blade he carried in particular even made them violently jerk away. No matter how they looked at it, the blade seemed like the Emperor Armament from the Tyrants Blade School, except it had shrunken by a lot.

The man was Guihai Yidao. He did not even look at the Saint Kings from the Changyang clan. His eyes were only fixated on Changyang Zu Yunkong. He happily smiled and said, “Yang Lie, youve finally returned!”

Yang Lie stared at Guihai Yidao for a while before a gleam of light flashed through his eyes, and he said, “Guihai Yidao, I never thought that you would have awakened already, and youve even recovered your strength to the level of a Saint Emperor.”

The Saint Kings were immediately surprised by what they had just heard. They all stared at Guihai Yidao with wide eyes while shock was plastered across their face. The middle-aged man before them was actually a Saint Emperor? They did not recognize him at all, nor did they know when the middle-aged man had become a Saint Emperor. The nine-colored rainbow clouds did not accompany his breakthrough.

Guihai Yidao laughed aloud. He was overjoyed after seeing an old friend. He said, “Yang Lie, I only came a few years earlier than you. The energy gathered in your Righteous Yang Sword is not lesser than my Wave-breaking blade. If you use the energy in it to cultivate, youll reach the peak of Saint Emperor very soon. However, returning to our level of cultivation will be rather difficult.”

“Were unable to reach the Origin realm? Why not?” Yang Lie asked.

Guihai Yidao stopped smiling and became rather stern. He gently sighed. “Yang Lie, your clan doesnt seem to be very peaceful. Deal with that first. Ill wait for you in the northern sea.”

“Sir, may I ask who you are? Why have I never heard of an expert like you on the Tian Yuan Continent?” Changyang Qing Jueri used this opportunity to ask Guihai Yidao a question.

If it was any other day, Guihai Yidao would have never paid any attention to what his juniors asked him. However, an old friend of his had just returned today, so he was in an extremely good mood. He chuckled, “I founded the Tyrants Blade School. I believe my disciples and grand disciples have told you about it already.” With that, Guihai Yidao directly departed through a Space Gate.

The Saint Kings of the Changyang clan became stunned. Back when Mercenary City had asked to borrow the Tyrants Blade Schools Emperor Armament, the great elders of the Tyrants Blade School had mentioned that their founding ancestor had returned. Although the five great elders had still been trapped in their miniature world back then, they had overheard the news from the conversations of a few other Saint Kings. They all believed that it was just an excuse the Tyrants Blade School had used to decline lending out their Emperor Armament. None of them had thought that their ancestor had actually returned.

It was unrealistic that someone who had been dead for a million years could return. It was just unbelievable.

“Changyang Qing Yun, Changyang Qing Yunfeng, Changyang Qing Jueri, Changyang Yuan Zhenghua, and Changyang Yuan Wuji. The five of you turned on your own clansmen over a Saints Fruit. Do you understand your crimes?” Yang Lie looked at the five great elders as his tone gradually grew cold. A domineering aura appeared. Even Changyang Qing Yun and the others found it difficult to not heed his commands.

“A- are you really the founding ancestor of our Changyang clan, Yang Lie?” Changyang Qing Yun asked in shock. He could already vaguely sense the answer to his question. Their Emperor Armament came from their founding ancestor in the first place, and only the true owner of the weapon would be able to use it so easily.

“How can that be false? The Righteous Yang Sword in my hand is the best evidence there is. Back then, all of you thought I was dead, but the truth is different. Back then, the nine other founders and I were all heavily injured. Our cultivation levels had fallen and our strength had decreased. Our souls had suffered from an unrecoverable injury. In the end, the ten of us made up our minds to leave behind a legacy and seal our memories into the saint artifacts. We used a secret technique to cast our souls into samsara, undergoing countless rebirths as we slowly cured the wounds of our souls. Its just that Ive only just recovered and returned; thats all,” said Yang Lie.

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