Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1324: Returning to the Sea Realm

ore the four Saint Kings. The four of them were unable to dodge the sword Qis as they pierced through their chests.

The four Saint Kings all spat out a mouthful of blood. They were heavily injured. The four sword Qis had originated from the Righteous Yang Sword, so their power was incomparable to ordinary attacks. Even though they did not deal life-threatening damage to them, they had caused them unimaginable injuries, basically incapacitating them.

“You really are getting bolder and bolder to attack me after learning by identity. If it werent for the fact that you are direct descendants of the Changyang clan, I would have taken your lives long ago,” Yang Lie said with a sunken face.

The Saint Kings became afraid. They could already tell that their junior, who claimed to be their founding ancestor and had only just reached Saint King, was at a level they could not resist, even if they were all at Great Perfection.

This was because the Emperor Armament was just far too powerful. They believed that he could use all the energy hidden within the weapon.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Lie summoned the sword back. However, Changyang Qing Yun did not dare to run anymore.

“The five of you return and think about your actions and make up for the mistakes you made in the past. If it werent for the fact that the Tian Yuan Continent is currently facing disaster and is in need of people, why would I be letting you off so easily?” Yang Lie coldly said to the five of them. Afterward, he looked at Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao. He could not help but become filled with mixed emotions. After a moment of silence, he said, “During the period Im gone, you can deal with the matters in the clan. After I return, I will give you origin energy and will do my best to make you Saint Emperors.” With that, Yang Lie ripped open a Space Gate and left.

Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao stood there speechless. At that moment, they were strewn between all sorts of feelings and had no idea how to describe them. The return of their founding ancestor was something that they should have been happy about, but they did not feel happy at all.

The five other Saint Kings all left in a disheveled manner. They dragged their bodies toward Mercenary City. They wanted to use the Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters there to heal. However, the five of them were not calm. Their founding ancestor had returned, which had greatly shocked them.

Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao returned to the Changyang clan in Lore City and explained everything that had happened to Changyang Zu Yeyun. She immediately became stunned after learning that her child was the incarnation of their founding ancestor. She was strewn with emotions while her face reflected her bitter thoughts.

“I never thought that Changyang Zu Yunkong would actually be the incarnation of founding ancestor of the Changyang clan. This is just far too shocking,” Huang Tianba was speechless as he watched everything unfold on a mountain peak. He then returned to seclusion to undergo his final breakthrough.

Back in the sea realm, Jian Chen and Tie Ta successfully emerged from the Xuanhuang Microcosm and returned. They appeared in the huge whirlpool of energy.

The worldly ebb lasted for only half a year and was almost over, so the energy had already thinned. It was nowhere near as abundant as before.

“Fantastic, youve finally come out. I had thought an accident had happened.” The sea goddess joyful voice rang out as soon as the two of them emerged. They saw the sea goddess illusionary figure floating before them. She was extremely excited.

“Esteemed sea goddess, fortunately Ive succeeded and collected all the materials to reconstruct your body,” Jian Chen clasped his hands at the sea goddes with a smile before pulling out the two materials for the sea goddess to see.

The sea goddess could not help but tremble. She said, “Good! Good! Good! Jian Chen, I really havent misjudged you. Youve really completed the task I gave you. This is fantastic. This just just fantastic.” The sea goddess could not calm down for quite some time now that there was a hope of being revived. This was because she had looked forward for this day for far too long.

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