Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1329: Little Resistance

Chapter 1328: Fighting a Saint Emperor

Jian Chen smiled sarcastically. He glanced back at the boundary behind him and calmly said, “Tao Zhengtian, arent you celebrating a little too early? Its still rather difficult to determine todays outcome.”

Tao Zhengtian stopped and did not continue running. However, he remained hidden within the divine hall. He believed that Jian Chen could do nothing to him no matter what, causing him to chuckle out loud. “Jian Chen. youre overconfident. Do you really think that you can act as you wish just because your strength has abruptly increased? I admit that I am no longer your opponent, but in this vast sea realm, who knows how many people are more powerful than me? Obviously, there are quite a few experts that can kill you. As of now, you are at the gates of death. No one can save you.”

As soon as Tao Zhengtian finished speaking, the energy of the world in the surroundings suddenly became violent as if it had been listening to his speech. A supreme force filled the surroundings. It became more and more powerful and denser and denser, causing the air to shake. Vaguely enough, it seemed to let out the deep, angry growl of a serpent dragon.

But Jian Chen ignored everything, as if he could not sense the changes occurring around him at all. Only Tie Ta, who stood beside him, stared at the sky in interest. He was tempted to take it on. His eyes were brimming with powerful battle intent. The war gods blood within him boiled as his body shone with a dazzling golden light.

“What happens to me is not for you to decide. However, this barrier has already determined that you will die today for sure, Tao Zhengtian,” Jian Chen sneered.

Tao Zhengtian chuckled because of his rage and bellowed, “Jian Chen, your arrogance and ignorance has surpassed everything I was expecting from you. Im right here, so if you have the power, come and take my life. If you cant do that today, Ill fill your Turtle clan with corpses and make them bleed so much that their blood will form rivers.”

Heavy killing intent appeared in Jian Chens eyes. He coldly said, “Tao Zhengtian, you will never get that chance. Even if the hall master of the Serpent God Hall is protecting you, I will kill you. No one can save you.”

With that, the powerful force around Jian Chen immediately became even more violent. Endless amounts of energy of the world gathered from the surroundings before condensing into a figure in the blink of an eye. The figure was a wide-chested, burly, middle-aged man. His face was blurry and obscured. As he stood there, he gave off an extremely powerful presence, like a monarch ruling the world.

“Esteemed hall master, please kill Jian Chen and eliminate any future threats.” Tao Zhengtian also discovered the figure completely condensed from energy in the sky while he remained in the divine hall, so he immediately made a request in excitement.

It was a clone condensed by the hall master of the Serpent God Hall by controlling the energy of the world using his mind. The hall master did not need to act personally to deal with Jian Chen since he was not even at the Great Perfection of Saint King. To the hall master, just a clone would be enough to deal with any opponents below Saint Emperor because he was a Saint Emperor, and one that had been a Saint Emperor for many years. He had made a corresponding amount of progress in the realm of cultivation as well.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, I like to see how you kill people before me,” said the clone of the hall master. His voice was loud and clear, booming out like rolling thunder, like a serpent dragons roar. Afterward, he pointed his finger at Jian Chen. It elongated and thickened into a pillar of energy as it shot toward Jian Chen. The energy in the surroundings constantly surged into his finger, making the pillar more and more powerful. The great force of a Saint Emperor was hidden inside the attack.

Jian Chen showed no fear. He taunted, “Hall master, just a clone of yours does not possess the ability to stop me. Its better if you come personally.” Suddenly, Jian Chens presence underwent a great change. Like a drawn sword, he glowed brighter. He had already reached Sword Origin, so his entire body seemed to have transformed into a sharp sword. He then collided with the energy the hall master had shot over with an unstoppable force. An extremely bright white light appeared around him, wrapping around him while giving off surging sword Qi.

The sword Qi caught the hall masters clone by surprise. It was just far too powerful and far too abnormal. He had lived for countless years and read many secret records, so he was extremely knowledgeable, but he had never seen such sharp sword Qi.

The sword Qi Jian Chen used after reaching Sword Origin was no longer condensed from energy after comprehending the Way of the Sword. Instead, it was a way, a method to use laws.

The clones attack failed to harm Jian Chen at all. Jian Chen swiftly broke through the energy attack like a sword, having approached the hall master. Sword Qi condensed in his hand as he stabbed at the clones head. A sliver of the hall masters soul was there, so once that sliver was wiped out, the energy used to condense the clone would disperse.

The hall master was unable to remain as calm as before. His facial expression greatly changed as a hint of disbelief appeared in his eyes. He had never thought that Jian Chen would have become so powerful already.

The hall master reacted extremely quickly despite his shock. During a crucial moment, he retreated to several hundred meters away as if he had teleported, avoiding Jian Chens fatal attack. Although he was just a clone, if the soul hidden within the clone was destroyed, he would still suffer an unimaginable injury.

Even to Saint Emperors, injuries of the soul would still be fatal. They were the most difficult to recover from.

Jian Chen seemed to have expected the clone of the hall master to flee long ago, so he immediately used Illusory Flash. He left behind a trail of blurs as he chased after the hall master like he was teleporting as well. With a white flash, the powerful sword Qi in his hand stabbed into the clones head.

This time, the hall masters clone failed to dodge in time. His head was pierced and most of his soul was immediately obliterated. Only a small fragment was left to flee into the distance.

Jian Chen extended a finger and shot a sword Qi a finger wide at the fragment of the soul, finishing it off as well.

At the same time, a miserable cry rang through the central divine hall within the territory of the Serpent God Hall. Closely following it was a tremendous presence that radiated out of the divine hall, like a slumbering primordial beast had awakened. It shook the entire divine hall.

A figure quickly charged out of the divine hall, storming off into the distance with a supreme presence. It vanished in a single moment, moving extremely fast.

“Its the esteemed hall master. The hall master has never appeared personally over the past few hundred years. Hes always been in seclusion…”

“That miserable cry seems to have come from the hall master. Whats happened to the great hall master? Has something gone wrong with his cultivation?”

“Just what has happened to the hall master? Why has he left in such a rage with such powerful killing intent? Has someone angered him?”

The various elders and emissaries discussed the situation within the divine hall. They felt utterly confused and puzzled. Even the few esteemed hall elders did not have an answer.

“I- impossible.” Tao Zhengtian and the four other Saint Kings of the alliance personally witness this exchange. All of them became stunned. They were filled with disbelief.

A clone of the hall master had actually been slain in such an easy fashion. This was an extremely terrifying matter to them.

After all, the hall master was a Saint Emperor. A being who possessed supreme strength. Not to mention the fact that the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was quite accomplished as a Saint Emperor, just a clone of his was enough to easily slay Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

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