Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1334: Yadriam Appears

Chapter 1333: The Serpent Ancestor

Tie Ta was injured from the first clash, but not only did the injury fail to disturb his morale, it even made the battle intent within him burn hotter. The resplendent light on him became even brighter and more dazzling, illuminating the entire area. The light dyed the sky gold.

At that moment, Tie Ta, Jian Chen, and the hall master seemed like three miniature suns of different colors. Each of them glowed bright while their radiance illuminated the sky. It was a grand view.

“Mysteries of War, Mortality-breaker!” Tie Ta yelled out as he radiated with a supreme battle intent that permeated the surroundings. He held his axe with two hands as it exploded with light. Terrifying energy pulsed from it as the surrounding space became very unstable.

Tie Ta swung his axe, which turned into a resplendent streak of light, toward the upper half of the hall master. He wanted to disrupt his process of casting the secret technique.

At the same time, Jian Chen dealt an extremely powerful attack. A three-meter-long sword Qi had appeared in his hand, shining with a powerful, white light before he toward the hall master across from him. The attack contained strands of Chaotic Force.

The hall master finally became stern. Even though neither one of them had reached Saint Emperor, the battle prowess that both Jian Chen and Tie Ta displayed was extraordinarily terrifying, no weaker than an emperor. It was equivalent to facing two experts of the same level as him right now.

At the same time, they were not two ordinary emperors either. Jian Chens sword Qi matched the power of emperors, but it possessed a sharpness that an emperors power did not possess, causing it to become even more powerful than an emperors power in a certain sense. On the other hand, Tie Tas battle intent could unknowingly influence the souls of people. The hall master could not help but waver when his soul was struck by the battle intent. He could feel his morale collapse bit by bit. Other than that, Tie Tas Mysteries of War were abilities that completely surpassed Saint Tier Battle Skills. They were absolutely horrifying when it came to power. Some of Tie Tas attacks, with his current strength, were even more terrifying than someone who had recently become a Saint Emperor.

The hall masters tail surged as it cracked through the air. He wanted to use his tail to stop Jian Chen and Tie Ta. He had already reached the final stages of casting his secret technique.

Tie Tas axe landed on the tail and left behind a vicious gash. Blue blood shot into the air like fireworks.

Jian Chen went after the hall masters head from the other side. He was like a streak of light, having pushed his speed to the limits.

In the end, the hall master avoided Jian Chens fatal attack. Although the sword Qi failed to hit his head, his body was still pierced. The sword Qi emerged from the hall masters back with a dazzling glow, piercing through his chest.

The hall master grunted as blood flowed from the corner of his lips. His face had become pale. Another strand of sword Qi was deposited in his body, beginning to wreak havoc the moment the sword Qi made contact with him.

“Youre all dead today! None of you will escape here!” The hall master bellowed at the sky. The battle was shameful for him. With his status, he had actually been reduced to such a horrible position by two juniors who were not even Saint Emperors. This was not something he could endure.

A vast pressure radiated from the hall master in a bold manner, filling the surroundings. Even the experts several hundred thousand kilometers away could clearly sense it.

The hall master had finally completed casting the absolutely secret technique. A huge serpent dragon soared through the sky. It was over thirty thousand meters long and radiated a terrifying pressure. Not only did it alarm countless experts in the territory of the Serpent God Hall, even the experts in nearby regions of the Heavens Spirit Hall and Sea Goddesss Hall sensed it as well.

All the experts paled in fright as they gazed over from afar. This was because they could actually feel fear forming in the depths of their souls from this pressure. Some of their legs had even begun to tremble, almost causing them to drop to their knees involuntarily.

The huge dragon traveled through the sky. Every single scale flickered with light. It roared at the sky and the sound was deafening. It then shifted its eyes onto Jian Chen and Tie Ta, becoming fixated on them.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta shivered inside. They both stopped their attacks as they uneasily stared at the dragon in the sky. They had faced against a Class 10 Xuanhuang beast before, so they possessed a certain level of understanding in regard to power at that level. They felt like they were facing a Class 10 Xuanhuang beast from the presence radiating from the serpent dragon.

Several streaks of light shot over from afar with lightning-like speed before stopping several dozen kilometers away. They were spectators watching the battle from afar.

They were the hall elders of the Serpent God Hall. Every single one of them was a Saint King at Great Perfection. They had tailed the hall master when he had left and only arrived here just now.

“This is the serpent ancestor. He was the strongest hall master in ancient times, having reached the peak of emperor within two thousand years of cultivation. He was only a step away from surpassing Saint Emperor, but unfortunately, he failed to break through within the next eight thousand years. He died with a grudge. The hall master has actually summoned the serpent ancestors deceased spirit using a secret technique so that he can display his former glory once again,” a hall elder cried out. He was filled with disbelief. He struggled to imagine just how powerful the opponent of the hall master, a leader he respected very much, was for him to resort to something like this.

“Who are the two people fighting the hall master? How can they force the hall master to use something like that? Are they emperors as well? But thats impossible. There are no other emperors other than the hall masters of the Heavens Spirit Hall and the Sea Goddess Hall besides him. The presence and ripples of energies from the two people confirm that its impossible for them to be the other two hall masters.”

“Oh no, the hall masters been injured. His tail has already been reduced to a bloody mess.”

The esteemed hall elders of the Serpent God Hall all cried out as shock filled them. Since when did two great experts like that appear in the sea realm? How could they force the hall master into such an awful position? After all, the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was an emperor who had reached that level of cultivation many years ago. He had traveled a very long distance in that realm of cultivation.

The serpent ancestor suddenly opened its mouth and sucked at Jian Chen and Tie Ta. Immediately, a terrifying suction force appeared, pulling Jian Chen and Tie Ta off of the ground. They uncontrollably flew toward its mouth. They could not break free from it no matter what.

“Mysteries of War, Destruction!” Tie Ta bellowed as he began to shine with a dazzling, golden light. A supreme battle intent fused with his axe as an invisible energy. He then swung his axe at the serpent ancestor.

Jian Chen also struck out as hard as he could. Silver-white light enveloped his entire body, and with a wave of his hand, he shot out a three-meter-long sword Qi, cooperating with Tie Tas attack.

However, their two attacks failed to injure the serpent ancestor. He was a peak Saint Emperor in the past and had remained like that for eight thousand years. His strength had reached a shocking level. Even if he was already dead, the spirit summoned by the hall master was still extremely powerful.

“Quickly cut through the surrounding space so the suction will be dispersed through there. It can stop us from being sucked away,” said Jian Chen. When he had attacked just before and shook up space, he could clearly feel the suction force weaken slightly. The strength of the serpent ancestor really surprised Jian Chen. He was unwilling to be sucked away no matter what. After all, this was not a mindless Xuanhuang beast. It was being controlled by the hall master.

Tie Ta did not hesitate to try Jian Chens suggestion. He immediately struck the space in front of him with Jian Chen. Their attacks caused the space to violently tremble before a few slight cracks appeared. These cracks were effective. They allowed the two of them to break free from the suction force. They then made their way around the serpent ancestors body on different sides and sent barrages at it with all they had.

The hall master had vanished. He had disappeared into the serpent ancestors body. Although the serpent ancestor temporarily possessed its ancient might because its spirit had been summoned, the person truly in control of the whole thing was the hall master of the Serpent God Hall.

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