Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1335: Emperor of the Turtle Clan

Chapter 1334: Yadriam Appears

Clang! Clang!

Jian Chen and Tie Tas attacks landed on the body of the serpent ancestor, but a metallic sound was the only thing produced. Although the serpent ancestors body was condensed from the surrounding energy of the world by the hall master, the body still possessed some of its former prowess since it contained a sliver of the serpent ancestors deceased spirit. It was so tough that it had reached a shocking level. Both Jian Chen and Tie Ta were unable to harm it at all. It was like the serpent ancestor from the ancient times had returned, which was extremely terrifying.

However, it was still only a secret technique. It was only able to demonstrate a certain level of the serpent ancestors strength, unable to display all of his might from the past. Although Jian Chen and Tie Ta failed to harm the serpent ancestor at all, they could clearly feel that a vast amount of energy within it was rapidly being consumed.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta remained silent as they continued to attack the serpent ancestor as fast as they could to waste its energy. Both of them understood that the secret technique the hall master had cast would break once the energy ran out, and thus, the serpent ancestor would vanish.

The hall master, who was currently in the serpent ancestors head, knew Jian Chen and Tie Tas intentions. He immediately sneered and said, “This secret technique was personally left behind by the serpent ancestor. Its the treasure of our Serpent God Hall. Ive expended so much vitality to cast this secret technique, so how can I let you break through it so easily?” The serpent ancestors body churned in the sky. As if it was just far too big, the entire sky seemed to be filled. When it moved, it immediately caused the air in the surrounding area to surge, causing wild gales and a series of crackles. The serpent ancestor moved far too quickly, so the air crackled from static electricity.

The serpent ancestor arrived at an altitude of thirty thousand meters in the air within a single movement, not too far away from the barrier of the sea realm. Afterward, it struck out with a claw, enveloping a region several hundred meters wide. It locked down that region as it fell toward Jian Chen and Tie Ta with lightning-like speed.

When the claw fell, a mysterious energy surged out, causing the space to ripple. Jian Chen and Tie Tas faces changed slightly. Although they had not become trapped, they felt like they had sunk into mud, where their movements became abnormally sluggish. Even with his protective glow, Jian Chen was affected.

The serpent ancestors claw continued through the air with little resistance from anything. Jian Chen and Tie Ta were unable to dodge, so they had no other choice but to attack the claw as hard as they could since the claw was rapidly approaching them.

With a boom, Jian Chen and Tie Tas attacks struck the claw, but they did not prevent it from falling down. In the end, the claw still moved through where they were and viciously smashed into the ground, creating a heavy rumble. The earth violently shook as the mountains became riddled with cracks. It was as if a great earthquake had occurred, spreading for several hundred thousand kilometers.

The huge imprint of a claw appeared on the ground. It was so deep that it seemed bottomless. Jian Chen and Tie Ta seemed to have disappeared, having been pushed into the ground. Only a huge serpent dragon hovered in the air.

A burning golden and white light twinkled from the bottomless pit as Jian Chen and Tie Ta flew out together, bathed in golden and white light. The light was clearly dimmer than before, and both their faces were rather pale. A streak of blood ran from the corner of their lips. They were in horrible conditions, having been heavily injured.

A tremendous pressure fell from the sky. The serpents tail whipped down from above like a bolt of lightning. Just the pressure of the air it had created was enough to cause the ground to sink.

Every single strike from the serpent ancestor was significant. Jian Chen and Tie Ta seperated and dodged as fast as they could.

This was a tough battle. Jian Chen and Tie Ta could easily hunt Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts in the Xuanhuang Microcosm by themselves, even peak Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts didnt pose a problem to them, but the hall master was a Saint Emperor that possessed intelligence, many secret techniques, and rich battle experience. He was far more difficult to deal with than peak Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta worked together as they fought against the hall master in an intense fashion in the sky. Their battle was extremely destructive. The ripples from the battle wreaked havoc in the surrounding hundred thousand kilometers. The ground was reduced to a mess, completely different from how it had looked before.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta received heavy injuries several times. If it was anyone else, they probably would have fallen long ago, but one of them was in possession of the Chaotic Body while the other was a war god. They were in no sense ordinary. They were extremely tough, which was why they could last so long and maintain their peak-condition prowess.

The three of them fought for half a day without stopping. Even the hall master had become rather exhausted. He rarely ever experienced battles after he had become an emperor, and it had been a long time since he had fought in such an intense fashion. This infuriated him, but also made him feel extremely helpless because Jian Chen and Tie Ta were just powerful enough. They seemed like they were invincible where they possessed unending vitality. No matter how heavily injured they became, they could endure their wounds while their battle prowess did not decrease at all.

Quite a few people had gathered in the surroundings now. The battle between the three of them had alerted half of the sea realm. Not only had the experts in the territory of Serpent God Hall hurried over, there were even people from the Heavens Spirit Hall and Sea Goddess Hall that had come over to watch as well. All the people who had come, without any exception, were Saint Kings. They all remained several dozen kilometers away and none of them dared to get any closer because they could not endure the ripples that were created in this battle.

The most eye-catching part of the crowd was a majestic divine hall. It was the Octoterra Divine Hall that Jian Chen had left in the Turtle clan. Because they were worried about Jian Chens safety, Qing Yixuan and the others had hurried over from the Sea Goddess Halls territory in the divine hall.

The Saint Kings gathered in the divine hall watched the three emperors fight their intense battle with great attention. Every single one of them was shocked because they had believed that the sea realm only possessed three emperors, the leaders of the three territories. However, two experts had suddenly appeared and could fight the hall master of the Serpent God Hall even-handedly. Not only did this shock Qing Yixuan and the others, all the Saint Kings who witnessed this felt the same.

Saint Kings at Great Perfection did not possess this strength. The only explanation was that the two experts were emperors as well.

At this moment, a similar though crossed all their minds. Just where did these two unfamiliar emperors come from?

“Why do I feel like the emperor shining with a dazzling, golden light seems familiar, as if Ive seen him before?” Tai Dou stared at Tie Ta and asked a question out of curiosity.

“I sense that familiarity as well. Hes extremely similar to the golden-skinned friend that would stay Jian Chens side,” Qing Yixuan said in a heavy voice as her eyes shone with interest, as if she wanted to see through the two of them.

This was due to the fact that both Jian Chen and Tie Ta were enshrouded by a powerful layer of light, making it impossible to distinguish who they were. They only seemed like two streaks of light that moved about rapidly.

“I feel that as well. If that really is Jian Chens friend, then is the other emperor…” Lan Jing said before pausing. However, what he had said was enough to cause the hearts of the other Saint Kings in the divine hall to churn.

“Recurrence of the Serpent Ancestor! Spiritual Sacrifice!” The hall master roared at the sky. Seeing how he was unable to kill Jian Chen and Tie Ta after so long, he planned on using his final trump card. He would sacrifice the spirit of the serpent ancestor to make it even stronger and, hence, deal the killing blow to Jian Chen and Tie Ta in one stroke. He would not be able to remain at ease if Jian Chen and Tie Ta did not die today.

Immediately, an even more terrifying presence radiated from the serpent ancestor. At that moment, the deceased spirit seemed to have become a bundle of flames as it roared away. The spirit was currently being sacrificed and approached destruction.

“Its time for you to stop!” At this moment, a long sigh rang through the surroundings. Several dozen kilometers away, a slender beauty shrouded in blue light appeared.

With a flash, she traversed the distance and stopped before Jian Chen and Tie Ta. She calmly stared at the hall master and said, “In the past, the serpent ancestor was supreme. No one among the four races was his opponent. He stood as the most powerful in the word. He was loved and admired by everyone. After he passed away, his spirit remained, always secretly protecting the Serpent God Hall, which has earned him all our admiration. Are you trying to destroy the serpent ancestors spirit over your personal grievances today?”

“You little bi- Yadriam, you have no right to stick your nose in the matters of my Serpent God Hall as a part of the Sea Goddess Hall,” the hall master of the Serpent God Hall coldly responded, but he showed no intention of stopping. He continued on the path of sacrificing the serpent ancestors spirit.

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