Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 135: Escape From Wake City

there was no way for him to go against the Tianxiong clan, which had an enormous influence over Wake City. Right now, all Jian Chen wanted to do was to escape from Wake City. That way, the amount of danger would decrease drastically.


At this moment, the angry roar of a magical beast came from behind Jian Chen. As the roar dissipated, another angry shout followed soon after.

“I, Tianxiong Lie, will heavily reward whoever catches that man!”

Hearing the sounds coming from behind, Jian Chens face changed slightly. Based on the voice, he could determine how strong the person was, and this was someone he couldnt afford to fight against.

“Tianxiong Lie, I presume thats someone else from the Tianxiong clan.” Jian Chen thought to himself secretly. Increasing his speed, Jian Chen began to run even faster.

The merchants and mercenaries that had heard the angry roar of Tianxiong Lie looked stunned..

“Tianxiong Lie, isnt that the current leader of the number 1 clan in Wake City?”

“To offend a member of the Tianxiong Clan and then be chased by them, means that they must be a strong person then. Forget it, Ive only just reached the Great Saint level, its best not to get involved.”

“The Tianxiong clan is the strongest within the city, if I were to help stop this person, then Tianxiong Lie would definitely reward me handsomely. Perhaps I can even become a friend of the Tianxiong clan. Something like this would be very fortuitous for me.”

A few of the mercenaries who were familiar with the power structure in Wake City began to talk about the status of Tianxiong Lie. As they talked to each other, a few of the stronger men had started to weigh the benefits of helping out.

It was obvious that Tianxiong Lie had quite an amount of prestige in Wake City. The moment he spoke out, many mercenaries had immediately been influenced. Seeing Jian Chen come running toward them, many of the mercenaries had already brought out their Saint Weapons and walked out to block Jian Chens path.

The moment one mercenary walked forward, all the other mercenaries followed suit, and helped to block Jian Chens path. These men were clearly enticed by the irresistible reward put up by Tianxiong Lie; after all, the Tianxiong clan was as powerful in reality as they were in name.

Seeing the group of people up ahead, Jian Chens face immediately hardened. But since he was going so fast, he was already right next to them in the span less than five seconds.

Just as Jian Chen was about to make contact, the mercenaries brought their Saint Weapons out to as they charged at him.

Not wanting to get entangled with them, Jian Chen leapt into the air to dodge the incoming group. Landing on top of the roof of a store, he disappeared over the heads over the crowd.

“Where do you think youre escaping to!”

Immediately a group of experts with faster reaction times flew up with him, and slashed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons.

A severe amount of killing intent flashed flashed from Jian Chen as the silver colored Light Wind Sword appeared out of nowhere. With a swish of his hand, it quickly flew at his pursuers.

“Ding ding ding ding!”

The sounds of Saint Weapons clashing against each other rang throughout the air as blood began to sprinkle down below. The few amount of mercenaries that had chased after Jian Chen were like broken kites that had back down to the ground uselessly. After dropping them to the ground and silently struggling by herse. lf there was no movement from them. Instead, a trickle of blood flowed from their throats and chests to the ground below them.

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