Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1372: Departure

Chapter 1371: Glory of the Turtle Clan (Two)

As soon as the Violet Cloud Peach reached their stomachs, it immediately transformed into a vast amount of energy. The energy was pure and powerful and filled every corner of the elders bodies.

The elders of the Turtle clan were all extremely shocked and stunned. They found the energy just far too vast and tremendous, having exceeded the limits that their bodies could withstand. What shocked them even more was that such a small peach contained this unbelievable amount of energy.

The emperors blood and divine water of the world were nothing compared to the peach.

The elders began to arduously refine the energy with fear and unease. They were afraid of being blown apart by the energy.

However, they all let out a breath of relief. The energy within a single peach was terrifying, but it was not as violent as they had imagined it to be. Instead, it was extremely gentle and did not negatively affect them at all.

As they refined the peaches, the Comprehension Tea came into great use. It took them into a wondrous state of mind. Under this state, the mysteries of the world, which they would usually take forever to comprehend, were being presented before them in a clear way. In their absent-mindedness, they seemed to understand and comprehend something. Their comprehension of the mysteries of the world rapidly skyrocketed.

Before Jian Chen had possessed his fated swords, he had used the tea to force his way into Sword Origin. That was more than enough to demonstrate how great the effects of the tea were on peoples abilities to comprehend the laws of the world. The elders were using the tea to comprehend the mysteries of the world that was far less significant than the Way of the Sword, so their understanding improved very quickly.

Jian Chen sat before the elders and carefully observed their states. He watched over them, to prevent them from encountering any accidents as they went through the process. This was the first time he had given someone the heavenly resources from the Xuanhuang Microcosm. He could test the true effects of the heavenly resources on the elders.

The presence of the elders rapidly strengthened as powerful energy pulsed from them. Their strength continued to increase.

Suddenly, a faint white mist drifted out of the bodies of the elders. It grew thicker and thicker before enveloping them entirely.

Immediately, the energy of the world in the secret room became extremely dense before dispersing into the surroundings

Jian Chen frowned when he saw this. He could tell that the white mist from the elders was the vast energy from the peaches.

“Theyre actually unable to completely refine a first grade Violet Cloud Peach. They still wasted quite a lot of energy,” Jian Chen thought while feeling some pain. The increase in strength brought on by the peach would decrease as a result.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, is there any way to prevent the leakage of energy,” Jian Chen turned to the sword spirits for help.

“Master, this is a common occurrence. Not everyone can absorb all the energy within a peach. Normally in the Immortals World, a weaker person will always have a senior of theirs watching over them when they consume the peach so that the senior can use their supreme strength to stop the leakage of energy or use some special method to seal the energy within them. However, you still dont possess that ability with your current strength, master,” Qing Suo told him.

Jian Chen gave up after listening to their explanation. All he could do was helplessly watch as the energy constantly drifted out of the elders. He could not stop it.

Jian Chen stayed there for close to a month before the elders finally refined all the energy they could. The moment they opened their eyes, a tremendous presence immediately radiated from them, rushing out like a flood. It blasted the room to pieces in a single moment, caused it to collapse. The entire clan was greatly affected by their auras.

Jian Chen put away the flowers, and with a flash, he left the room and returned to ground level. He stood with his arms crossed.

The secret room he had just been in began to collapse, quickly forming a deep ditch nearby.

The elders all erased their presences and rushed out of the ground. All of them stood behind Jian Chen while feeling emotional. They were all overjoyed when they sensed their current strength. They dropped to their knees and cried out, “We thank the ruler for your gift!”

At this moment, quite a few clansmen had gathered in the surroundings. They had no idea what had just happened, but they immediately bowed when they saw Jian Chen there. They politely cried out, “We greet the ruler!”

Jian Chen dispersed the crowd with a wave of his hand. He glanced over all the elders and smiled in satisfaction. He said, “Well done, you havent disappointed me. Your strength has rapidly increased and you have all reached the 15th Star, and five of you have even reached the 16th Star. In the entire sea realm, there is no organization, aside from the three ancient halls, that possesses over a dozen Saint King. From today on, even without me, you will be able to support the clan.

As he said that, Jian Chen glanced at the sky above him. The sea realm was enveloped by a huge barrier, which was why no rainbow clouds appeared when the elders all became Saint Kings

The elders excitement gradually vanished. They said rather gloomily, “Ruler, we wish for you to visit the clan often in the future. All of us will be thinking of you.”

Jian Chen glanced around the bustling clan and said, “The Turtle clan is a clan that stands at the very peak of the sea realm. I have finally completed the grand elders wish. I may visit you from, time to time, but I will be handing the clan to you from now on. Farewell!” Jian Chen jumped on the Zi Ying Sword and took off as a streak of light.

“We bid the ruler farewell!” The elders behind remained on their knees. Every single one of them felt horrible. Their joy from becoming Saint Kings had already completely vanished.

Jian Chen visited the grand elders grave before riding his sword to the Sea Goddess Hall.

Yadriam received him personally while several hall elders followed behind her. Now, all the hall elders looked at Jian Chen with gazes of respect and fear.

The most eye-catching person among them was a woman in a blue dress. She was alluring and no less beautiful than Yadriam.

Jian Chen greeted Yadriam before looking toward the woman. He clasped his hands at her and said, “I thank elder Atlantis assistance back when I was being hunted by the experts of the Heavens Spirit Hall and Serpent God Hall.”

The woman was Atlantis, the one known as the strongest below emperor. She was a hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall.

Atlantis bowed to Jian Chen and said, “The emperor must be joking. You probably only hid your strength intentionally back them. Even without my assistance, they wouldnt have been able to do anything to you. I was unneeded in that situation, so please forgive me for making a spectacle.”

“Jian Chen, please come in,” said Yadriam as she invited Jian Chen into the hall.

Yadriam and Jian Chen sat opposite of each other inside a well-decorated room. Atlantis personally served tea and fruit for them.

“It hasnt been peaceful over the past few days. Her majestys revival has thrown the sea realm into an uproar and the two other halls have wavered. Many people have broken away from them and joined our Sea Goddess Hall. If it were not for the fact that the two hall masters were still alive, the two halls probably would have dissolved already,” said Yadriam.

“This is a perfect opportunity for you to unite the sea realm,” replied Jian Chen.

Yadriam glanced at Jian Chen and shook her head. She gently sighed, “Thats not what her majesty wanted me to do. She said that having the sea realm balanced between the three halls is not necessarily bad.”

Jian Chen said nothing. He had nothing to say about the internal affairs of the sea realm.

Yadriam picked up a finger-sized piece of fruit and ate it. She said, “Jian Chen, have you come this time for your friend?”

“Yes, thats exactly why Ive come. Back in the territory of the Heavens Spirit Hall, her majesty told me, as she was leaving, that my friend has been sent to the Sea Goddess Hall for cultivation. Hall master, is my friend well?” Jian Chen inquired.

“You have no need to worry. After you friend was brought here by her majesty, she has enjoyed the treatment of a valued guest. I have already sent people with large quantities of divine quality crystals to help with her cultivation. She is completely fine right now, and her strength is rapidly increasing. Ill take you to see her right now.” Yadriam stood up and left as she spoke. She personally lead the way for Jian Chen. In her opinion, the only polite thing to do his would be to personally lead him to his friend.

The divine hall was extremely vast. Jian Chen went through twists and turns as he followed Yadriam before arriving in a forbidden zone. He stood in front of a large door to a secret room.

Yadriam opened the door and a ray of dazzling blue light immediately flowed out. An extremely pretty woman, who seemed to be in her twenties, sat inside cultivating. Her long hair ran down her shoulders. Her face was almond-shaped and her lips were like cherries. Her long eyelashes gently trembled, making her seem extremely enchanting. This pretty woman was Huang Luan, who Jian Chen had not seen for a long time.

However, the current Huang Luan had already undergone an overwhelming change in strength compared to before. She possessed the Water Spirits Body, so her talent was shocking. She cultivated at an extremely fast rate, especially after she had arrived in the sea realm. She practiced a cultivation method imparted on her by the sea goddess, and her rate of improvement could only be described as stunning. She had already reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler.

Although she was nothing compared to Jian Chen, there was rarely anyone in the world who could reach the Seventh Heavenly Layer in such a short time after just breaking through.

Huang Luan seemed to sense the door open and was roused from her state of cultivation. The moment she opened her eyes, her gaze froze. Her eyelashes gently trembled as she stared at Jian Chen in a daze. Her face was filled with excitement and joy.

“You two catch up. Ill be leaving first as I still have matters I need to attend to.” Yadriam left and secretly dismissed the people in the surroundings, leaving Jian Chen and Huang Luan by themselves.

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