Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1375: Everyone Becomes a Saint King (One)

eaven Saint Master.”

“Dugu Fengs not band. Hes remained as the disciplinary elder of Flame City for a very long time, committing meritorious services for the Flame Mercenaries. Hes even pushed back his own cultivation. It wouldve been impossible for the mercenaries to be as stable as it is right now without Dugu Feng,” Bi Hai said from one side. The gaze he used on Dugu Feng was filled with kindness.

“Yeah, I dont want Dugu Feng to busy himself because of the Flame Mercenaries and end up not cultivating at all. Ive been trying to convince Dugu Feng to return back to the clan over the past few days, but he will return again soon,” Bi Lian added as well. Dugu Feng had indeed made drastic contributions to the expansion of the Flame Mercenaries.

“My talent is nowhere near as great as Ming Dongs talent, so its impossible for me to catch up to him no matter how I cultivate. Since thats the case, I did some things that were more meaningful,” Dugu Feng nonchalantly replied. He seemed to never smile with his steadfast face.

“Dugu Feng, you dont need to worry about talent. I have my methods of completely altering your talent and allowing you to become a Saint King in the shortest amount of time possible, even insuring that youll become a Saint Emperor in the future,” Jian Chen solemnly said to Dugu Feng. He did not have many friends he truly trusted and Dugu Feng happened to be one of them.

Afterward, Jian Chen asked the others about Little Fatty and the others.

“Little Fatty, Senior An, Yun Zheng, and Wang Yifeng have not returned since they set off to train themselves on the continent. We only receive some news from them from time to time, but it seems that theyve been well over the past few years,” said Bi Lian.

“Lianer, command the Flame Mercenaries to search the continent for them and get them to return to Flame City as soon as possible,” ordered Jian Chen. The disaster was imminent. He needed to use the resources on hand to increase their strength.

Three days later, Bi Lian, You Yue, Dugu Feng, Bi Hai, Huang Luan, and Ming Dong were all brought to the mountain range where the tungsten alloy mine used to be by Jian Chen. However, the vast mountain range had become ordinary. It was no longer as famous as before. Ever since the metallic spirit had absorbed all the metallic essence, the tough tungsten alloy had all been reduced to simple rock.

“Jian Chen, why have your brought us here?” Ming Dong asked in confusion as he looked around. He had just emerged from seclusion.

“This place is open enough. Its a good place. I plan on making you all break through here,” said Jian Chen.

“Get us all to break through? Jian Chen, have you obtained some extremely impressive heavenly resources?” Ming Dongs eyes lit up and his interest was immediately piqued.

Jian Chen nodded slightly, “Yes, Ive indeed obtained some heavenly resources. They are enough to make your strength skyrocket. Ming Dong, youre already an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler and your talent is impressive. Its possible for you to break through to Saint King with this opportunity or directly become a Saint Emperor.”

“What!” Ming Dong was greatly shocked. He stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. Even You Yue, Huan Luan, Bi Hai, and the others were the same.

Jian Chen no longer wasted any time. He first used the blood of the hall master from the Serpent God Hall to strengthen their bodies before using the holy water of the spirit sea to alter their constitution and talent. In the end, he removed some Heaven-connecting Flowers, enough Violent Cloud Peaches, and a few Comprehension Tea Leaves from the artifact space to increase their strength.

Jian Chen did not behave stingily at all. The immortal peaches could only be consumed once in a hundred years, so in order to maximize their increases in strength, he could no longer bother with wasting anything. He brought out fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches and Comprehension Tea Leaves and used the best spring water he had on hand to make tea.

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