Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1376: Everyone Becomes a Saint King (Two)

Soon after Bi Lian finished refining the blood, she consumed the peach and tea as well. She entered a higher stage of cultivation.

Although the fifth grade immortal peaches possessed a tremendous amount of energy that did not match up to its size, absorbing it all could not be achieved by any one person. It would depend on the persons strength and talent.

Jian Chen practiced the Chaotic Body, so he had a tremendous demand for energy. He also refined energy at a rate far greater than ordinary people, which was why he was able to absorb an entire fifth grade immortal peach.

However, that was not the case for the group of people here. Even Ming Dong and You Yue who possessed extraordinary talent could only absorb parts of the energy. At that moment, white mist formed from pure energy drifted out of them and dispersed into the surroundings.

The mist was extremely thick, such that it shrouded them. From afar, they seemed to be wrapped in a large, white cocoon.

Jian Chen was helpless to deal with this situation. All he could do was watch because he was not powerful enough to seal in the tremendous energy right now.

He had learned from the sword spirits that an immortal was needed to seal in the energy from the peaches.

As the energy dispersed into the surroundings, the energy of the world in the mountain range quickly became very dense. It constantly increased.

Jian Chen sat on a nearby mountain as he used his soul to watch over them as he comprehended the sword. He had not understood all the sword techniques he had learned from the sword spirits.

Several days later, three tremendous presences suddenly appeared. Ming Dong, Huang Luan, and Bi Hai all broke through to Saint King, drawing in rainbow clouds, which covered a radius of several hundred thousand kilometers.

The rainbow colors from the clouds were bright and resplendent as three layers of them stacked on top of one another. They illuminated the world and dyed the entire region a shade of rainbow colors.

Jian Chen stood up on the mountain and waved his hand. Suddenly, a gentle force surged over and enveloped Dugu Feng and Bi Lian. He took them elsewhere, preventing any disturbances caused by Ming Dong, Bi Hai, and Huang Luans breakthroughs.

The rainbow clouds in the sky had caused a very large commotion on the continent. The birth of Saint Kings was extremely significant to the various organizations across the continent. Particularly in an age that lacked Saint Emperors, Saint Kings were even more valuable than they were before.

“Another persons become a Saint King. Fantastic, we just happen to be in need of Saint Kings.” All the Saint Kings in Mercenary City glanced in the direction of Flame City.

“No, there seems to be three layers of rainbow clouds stacked upon one another. Are there three people becoming Saint Kings at the same time?” Cangqiong was the first one to discover the abnormality of the clouds. He was surprised.

“Youre right. There really are three layers of clouds stacked together. We may not be able to see them from so far away, but I can clearly sense three,” said a Saint King at Great Perfection. Surprise filled his face since three people simultaneously becoming Saint Kings was very rare.

“It seems to be in the direction of Flame City. Have Saint Rulers of the Flame Mercenaries broken through?”

“That may not be the case. Theres some hermit and ancient clans in that direction as well. It might be them.”

Quite a few Saint Kings discussed the matter in Mercenary City. It was quite a significant matter for three Saint Kings to appear together on the Tian Yuan Continent. No one was certain who they were.

However, it was only a casual discussion. This matter was not enough to draw them over to see what was going on. Only the breakthrough of Saint Emperors would attract them.

Ming Dong, Bi Hai, and Huang Luan used the Violet Cloud Peaches and Comprehension Tea to become Saint Kings. The presences from them were as vast as an ocean. They were enough to kick up large gales that swept through the surroundings, where even the clouds in the sky were affected. The rainbow clouds churned as a result.

The three of them had not roused from their cultivation yet. The effects of the immortal peaches and tea were still present, allowing their strength to skyrocket, as if there was no end to it.

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