Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1388: Battle in Outer Space (Two)

ery evident when used by Saint Emperors, yet the Nine Godly Arts were still able to demonstrate such a great impact when cast by a Returnance expert. This could only be explained by the fact that the Nine Godly Arts were of an extremely high grade.

The Spiritkings indifferent eyes brimmed with interest. He became fixated on the Force of Slaughter that was wreaking havoc. He actually felt like he could not dodge the attack, as if it would catch up to him if he tried to move.

The Spiritking raised his Cloudstream Sword and endless white light condensed from the surrounding space. The sword became a streak of white light before surging out as an afterimage. He struck the Force of Slaughter with the sword.


The Force of Slaughter was dispersed by his sword, but the Spiritking was blown far away. His figure had become somewhat blurry.

The Spiritking tossed out his sword as he shot back. The Cloudstream Sword shot toward Xiao Ling while flickering with a dark light. The sword was like a venomous snake hidden within the darkness of space.

With a thought, Jian Chen controlled his two swords with his soul and directed them toward the Cloudstream Sword. His swords managed to stop it while he used the Illusory Flash to shoot toward the Spiritking. He condensed a sword from sword Qi in his right hand and stabbed it toward the Spiritking.

“Nine Godly Arts, Worldlock!”

Just when the Spiritking wanted to deal with his opponent in a similar fashion, Xiao Ling used the Nine Godly Arts again. She froze the entire region in a single moment, catching the Spiritking off-guard and immobilizing him.

The power of the Nine Godly Arts was incomparable to the basic sword techniques Jian Chen new. They were even more powerful since they were being used by Xiao Ling, a returnance expert. Unless the Spiritking was personally present, his clone would not be able to break free in a single moment.

Jian Chens sword Qi punctured the Spiritkings body, but no blood appeared. His body became more ethereal since his figure, which was condensed from a strand of soul and some energy, rapidly weakened.

The Spiritking remained composed despite being hit by such a heavy attack. He maintained the same expression as his surroundings became flooded with an endless white light. The light transformed into countless swords that attacked the surroundings, allowing him to break free from Xiao Lings technique. He extended his right index finger and shot a sword Qi into Jian Chens chest.

Unlike the Spiritking, Jian Chens body was composed of flesh. He grunted as he shot back in a flash. The sword Qi from the Spiritking wreaked havoc within him. It was like a snake, turning both his blood and organs to mush wherever it went.

The sword Qi in Jian Chen was a condensation of laws even more powerful than the sword Qi he could use himself. He dared not to deal with it carelessly. He immediately directed his Chaotic Force to surround the sword Qi before using his comprehension of the Way of the Sword to destroy it.

At the same time, the Spiritking experienced what Jian Chen was going through as well. Jian Chen had also managed to deposit a strand of sword Qi in the Spiritkings clone, but the Spiritking possessed a greater understanding of the Way of the Sword, so he dispersed it very quickly.

“Big brother!” Xiao Ling immediately began to panic when she saw that Jian Chen was injured. Her face was filled with worry. However, she knew how to help Jian Chen. She needed to defeat the Spiritking, so she immediately dismissed her thoughts and formed a seal with her hands. She used the Nine Godly Arts again.

“Nine Godly Arts, Descent of the Divine Beast!”

A huge white tiger condensed behind Xiao Ling. It stood there majestically, almost like a divine god had descended. It produced a roar before leaping forward. It seemed to pass through the fabric of space, ignoring the distance between the two of them and arriving before the Spiritking as if it had teleported. It swung one of its paws at the Spiritking with terrifying force. The attack contained the Force of Slaughter as well. It was filled with killing intent.

The Spiritking became rather stern for the first time. His presence skyrocketed as he recalled the Cloudstream Sword. He pushed his minor achievement understanding of Sword Origin to the maximum as he swung the Cloudstream Sword toward the white tiger with a blinding light.

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