Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1398: A Sealed World (Three)

Chapter 1397: A Sealed World (Two)

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed through his eyes. He closely observed Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao. Under the senses of his soul, the two of them were hazy like mist, as if they did not exist at all. This was a representation of the Origin realm, but he suddenly discovered that the two of them were not actually of the Origin realm in terms of strength. They were still peak Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen could not help but think of the Emperor Armament of the Changyang clan. He was unable to tell the quality of the weapon due to his limited strength, so he had always believed that the Righteous Yang Sword was just an Emperor Armament nourished by Saint Emperors. Only now did he finally discover that it was nothing like an Emperor Armament. It was the weapon of an Origin realm expert. It had reached the level of saint artifacts, equivalent to immortal artifacts from the Immortals World.

However, what he found conflicting was that saint artifacts could only originate from Origin realm experts. His great-grandfather had reached the Origin realm in terms of cultivation, but his strength had stagnated at the level of Saint Emperors. He was unable to make his Emperor Armament reach the level of saint artifacts.

Jian Chen suddenly thought of something. He asked, “Great-grandfather, were you at the Origin realm in the past and not a Saint Emperor as the records say? Its just that you dont have enough time right now, which is why you havent recovered your strength to the Origin realm.”

Yang Lie smiled, “I never thought that youd be spot on. Great-grandson, youre right. I used to be an Origin realm expert. Except I suffered unimaginable injuries and my cultivation level fell, returning to Saint Emperor.”

“On the Tian Yuan Continent, there are only records of four Origin realm experts, which are the strongest human, Mo Tianyun, the Winged Tiger God, the war god Aergyns, and the sea goddess. There has never been a rumor of a fifth Origin realm expert. Since you possessed the strength of an Origin realm expert in ancient times and experienced a huge battle, which you became heavily injured in, why are there no records of your legends on the Tian Yuan Continent? Why do people still think youre just a Saint Emperor after all these years?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity. He found it all this information extremely confusing.

Yang Lie gently sighed. He stared at the vast sea as a sliver of reminiscence filled his eyes. He only said slowly a while later, “Great-grandson, I did not plan on telling you the reason, but you have the right to know the secret now, so Ill tell you.”

Jian Chens interest was piqued. He gathered all his attention to listen. He had already realized that his great-grandfather was probably hiding a huge secret, something ancient that had been buried by history already.

“My dear great-grandson, Im not a person from this world. Guihai Yidao and I originated from another world. It was a larger and higher world. All the people who surpass Saint Emperor and reach the Origin realm on the Tian Yuan Continent can proceed to that world. Its called the Saints World,” Yang Lie started to explain.

Jian Chen was shocked. He stared at Yang Lie in disbelief. He had already learned about the Saints World from the sword spirits, but he had never thought that the founder of the protector Changyang clan had actually originated from there. This was nothing close to what he had been expecting.

“The universe really is filled with endless mysteries. I never thought that there would be an even greater world beyond this one,” Jian Chen sighed in surprise and acted like he did not know about the existence of the Saints World. He then looked at Yang Lie and asked out of curiosity, “Great-grandfather, since theres another world out there, why are there only the two of you that have come down? Arent there more people?”

Guihai Yidao glanced at Jian Chen as he stood beside Yang Lie and said, “Do you think that people from the Saints World can come down as they wish? Powerful people are as common as the clouds in the Saints World. Let alone the Origin realm, there are countless people who have reached Godhood, the realm above the Origin realm. Any single one of those existences can easily destroy this world if they come down. Its extremely difficult for people of the Saints World to come down, regardless of strength, including ordinary people. It can even be described as impossible.”

“Guihai Yidaos right. Once people of lower worlds have enough strength, they can proceed to a higher one, but if people of higher worlds want to come down, its extremely difficult. We ended up here purely due to an accident,” revealed Yang Lie. He seemed to be in a slight trance as he thought of the past.

Jian Chen remained silent. He stared at Yang Lie and waited for him to continue.

“Great-grandson, I may have been an Origin realm cultivator in the Saints World, but experts of the Origin realm have no status at all in the Saints World. Its not as glorious as it is on the Tian Yuan Continent. If you use the Tian Yuan Continent as a comparison, the Origin realm in the Saints World would be equivalent to the level of Saint Masters or Great Saint Masters here, or maybe even less than that.”

Jian Chen already knew the status of Origin realm cultivators in the Saints World, so he did not find this news surprising. However, he did not reveal this secret of his, purposefully behaving as if he was in extreme shock.

Yang Lie continued, “I belonged to a small group of adventurers in the Saints World. There were not a lot of people in the group, only around fifty. All of us were at the Origin realm, aside from the captain, who was a Deity. One time, we all entered a newly-opened miniature world in search of treasure, but unfortunately, something important suddenly appeared. It attracted Godhood experts very quickly. As they fought, the place became extremely unstable. Huge cracks in space appeared, almost causing the place to collapse. Many people died from the shockwaves of battle, and my entire group, along with many Origin realm adventurers of other groups, was sucked into the spatial cracks. We fell into the chaotic streams of space-time.

“It was extremely dangerous within the cracks. Even Godkings fell and Infinite Primes had to move carefully. My entire group, along with over a thousand other adventurers, were all sucked away. I personally witnessed many people pass away. Even our Deity captain passed away. The laws of the world within the spatial crack were chaotic and time was an utter mess. Millions of years could pass in a single moment, and then time would rewind by thousands of years in the next. It was utter chaos in there. There were no colors nor any sense of time.

“All I could see were people of our group dying constantly inside the spatial crack. Some people were swept away by chaotic streams of time, either aging, rotting, being reduced to a pile of bones, which then turn to dust in the end, or turning into a newly-born infant in a single moment before vanishing completely,” Yang Lie said with a trembling voice. He was fearful of what he had seen in the cracks of space. Even after countless years, those scenes remained an inerasable shadow in his heart.

“All of us were filled with fear. We all thought that wed die in the end, but fortunately, a tunnel to another world appeared within the cracks of space. The exit was not far away from us, so we used everything we had to approach the exit while we were still alive. In the end, we left that damned crack in space through there,” Guihai Yidao finished the story for Yang Lie. Joy from narrowly avoiding death lingered in his eyes.

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