Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1404: Meeting Qing Xiao Again

Chapter 1403: Founding Ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion (Two)

Seven-colored rainbow clouds loomed over an ancient forest on the Tian Yuan Continent. They illuminated the surroundings with seven colors, spanning a million kilometers.

The clouds represented someone breaking through from Saint Ruler to Saint King and were was sensed by many people. It definitely would have been an extremely great matter for someone to become a Saint King in the past and would have attracted many experts on the continent to watch. However, after nine-colored rainbow clouds had appeared time and time again and had enveloped the entire continent, various experts and even some ordinary people had grown used to the clouds. They had become a common occurrence. As a result, the appearance of the clouds did not attract too much attention.

This was because this single layer of rainbow clouds seemed just far too insignificant compared to the several dozen layers of rainbow clouds or even the nine-colored rainbow clouds that had appeared.

A person currently sat within a cave deep within a forest. Energy pulsed around him, causing the cave to tremble and quite a few rocks to come loose.

He was the person undergoing the breakthrough. He had just overcome the bottleneck at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler and successfully became a Saint King.

However, before the surroundings could stabilize right after he had broken through, a streak of light shot over from the distance at an unbelievable speed. It stopped above the cave in the end and let out a dazzling but gentle white light. Terrifying pulses of energy emanated from it, filling the entire forest and causing the space there to tremble.

At that moment, the forest, which was constantly filled with the roars of beasts, fell silent. Everything descended into a deathly silence.

Only now was the item that had been obscured by white light visible. It was actually a jade-white duster.

The duster was not actually made from white jade. It only seemed like it was.

The jade-white duster hung in the air while its gentle white light filled the surroundings. The world seemed to have become much brighter. After arriving, a powerful energy surged out of the duster and headed down toward the ground.

The young man, who only seemed to be in his thirties, remained seated beneath the duster before slowly floating into the air. He was the person who had just broken through.

What was unbelievable was that the young mans cave was clearly constructed from rock. A thick stone slab isolated him from the sun, yet he seemed like he had fused with the surrounding rock right now. Not only had he left no mark on the rocks, but he seemed to have fused with them, moving freely through them.

The young man floated beneath the jade-white duster. Suddenly, the duster erupted with an extremely powerful energy, which surrounded the young man, though it brought him no harm.

From afar, the young man seemed to be encased in a huge cocoon.

Soon, a Space Gate ripped open several dozen kilometers away. The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion emerged there along with the other Saint Kings. They had reached that location after tailing the Emperor Armament.

However, when they all saw their ancestral weapon, they all became stunned.

“Pavilion master, what is happening?” One of the Saint Kings asked in shock.

The pavilion master shook her head. Her eyes were fixated on the jade-white duster. None of them could answer that question. Their ancient archives didnt possessed any record of the Emperor Armament breaking free from their control.

The three of them did not act recklessly. Instead, they waited silently in the distance, because an invisible force from the jade-white duster was currently preventing them from advancing any further.

The jade-white duster used its own energy to lock up an entire region of space and even Saint Emperors would find it difficult to break.

The wait lasted several days, and only after those several days did the energy from the duster slowly disperse. The young man guarded by the jade-white duster slowly opened his eyes as well. At that moment, the world seemed to darken slightly.

The pavilion master and two other Saint Kings felt dumbfounded. Shock filled their faces. They felt like they had seen a vast universe in the eyes of the young man. They could not help but be absorbed by it, almost losing themselves.

The three of them immediately felt astounded. The person before them had just reached Saint King. He was not as powerful as them, but his eyes made them feel like he was much stronger than them. This filled them with disbelief.

At the same time up north, on the same mountain as before, Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie were staring deep into the sea. However, at that moment, their faces changed, and they suddenly turned in the direction of the duster. An odd light filled their eyes, and in a single movement, the two of them vanished.

The pavilion master appeared otherworldly and divine as always. She clasped her hands gracefully and smiled, “From today on, the Tian Yuan Continent has gained another Saint King. This is a joyous occasion. May I ask what your name is?”

The young man said nothing. He did not even glance at the three people from the Pure Heart Pavilion and instead grabbed the jade-white duster in the air in a single motion. He rubbed it gently in his hands as reminiscence filled his eyes.

The jade-white duster was extremely gentle. Despite the unbelievably powerful energy hidden within it, it seemed just like a little lamb right now.

The eyes of the three Saint Kings almost popped out of their heads. The jade-white duster had always been enshrined in the forbidden grounds of the Pure Heart Pavilion. People visited it frequently. It was basically a consecrated object of the sect. It was extremely powerful, yet it was currently being wielded by him. The three of them found this difficult to accept.

At the same time, the jade-white duster possessed endless might. On any random day, even if they just wanted to use it a little, they needed supreme strength combined with secret techniques to wield it. Yet, the weapon was easily wielded by someone who was not even part of the Pure Heart Pavilion in such an easier manner. Moreover, he wasnt suffering from a backlash either. This shocked them greatly.

“The Wolf King of Greed, Feng Yixiao, was once my name, but from now on, he does not exist on the Tian Yuan Continent. There is only Feng Xiaotian!” The young man suddenly replied. He spoke very gently, but his voice seemed to be filled with an endless charm.

“Sir Feng Xiaotian, please return the ancestral weapon of our Pure Heart Pavilion,” the pavilion master calmly requested. She could not stand how the consecrated item of her sect was being tarnished by an outsiders hands. After all, it was their ancestral weapon that they had kept enshrined for many years.

Feng Xiaotian straightened his back while his entire presence suddenly changed. It had become divine. At that moment, he became dignified and awe-inspiring, as if he had transcended the world and stood above all life.

“I am your founding ancestor.” Feng Xiaotian sternly responded. His voice was filled with an undeniable prestige.

“Sir, thats not a joke you can make,” a Saint King replied with a heavy voice. He seemed slightly angered that someone would claim that.

At this moment, a Space Gate suddenly ripped open. Guihai Yidao and Yang Lie arrived together. When they saw Feng Xiaotian, they both broke into laughter, “Feng Xiaotian, I never thought that youd awaken after the two of us. So much for being a disciple of a large sect!”

A strange light appeared in Feng Xiaotians eyes. He said, “The two of you have really surpassed my expectations for the two of you t awaken before me.”

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