Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1406: The Fourth Class 9 Magical Beast

Chapter 1405: Returning to the Qinhuang Kingdom

The Tianqin clan reigned supreme within Walaurent City. Without any exaggeration, the entire city was under their control and countless people were honored to become servants of the clan.

On any other day, the Tianqin clan would appear like a slumbering primordial beast, quiet but filled with dignity. However, the Tianqin clan was filled with joy today. Even several kilometers away, the cheers and noise from the clan was still audible.

The reason was because the clan had received an extremely impressive guest. The arrival of the guest had even made many of the senior members of the clan weak in the knees, causing them to tremble. The clan used everything they had to receive him, treating him courteously and in reverence.

To no surprise, the guest was Jian Chen. He had come to the Tianqin clan to meet Qin Xiao.

All the senior members of the clan were startled by Jian Chens personal arrival. Although Jian Chen had come to their clans more than once in the past, his status now was incomparable to his past status, so his arrival was just like a dream to all the people in the clan. They were all ravished with joy.

When Jian Chen met Qin Xiao again, Qin Xiao had become a much more steady-minded person and more mature. He had already been married and was a father. His wife was a princess of the Zhuya Kingdom and had given birth to a son half a year ago.

Jian Chen could not help but sigh and become filled with mixed emotions when he saw the couple carrying their infant son, because he thought of his own child, Shangguan Aojian.

Jian Chen and Qin Xiao conversed in a pavilion within a garden. Although it had only been a few short years since they had last seen each other, a lot had happened since then. The two of them behaved like brothers who had just been reunited after being separated for several years, so they had an endless amount of things to discuss. They kept talking even after several hours.

“Jian Chen, back when I first met you, our strength was similar, yet now, youve already become a sovereign of the continent. Ive even heard the rumor that you are Mo Tianyun from the ancient times. I really feel joy for you and I feel honored to have a friend like you…

“Jian Chen, I know youve suffered greatly in the past. Many enemies hunted you down, and while I really did want to help you, I could not. I was useless. My strength was not even a ten-thousandth of yours. The other reason was that your enemies only became stronger and stronger. My father worried that I would end up causing a disaster that would end the clan, so he even put me under house arrest in the past. I could not even leave even if I wanted to…”

Qin Xiaos voice was filled with self-blame and guilt. Back then, he had entered the gathering of mercenaries with Jian Chen at Mercenary City. Jian Chen had saved him from danger time and time again, constantly pulling him back from the jaws of death. However, he was unable to do anything when Jian Chen experienced danger himself. He had been locked at home waiting for any news of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen patted Qin Xiaos shoulder to comfort him. He had never taken these matters to heart. The enemies he had offended were either hermit clans, ancient clans, or the ten protector clans of the continent. Any single one of them could annihilate the Tianqin clan with a flick of their finger. What Qin Xiaos father, the patriarch of the clan, had done was correct, stopping Qin Xiao from taking part in these matters. Otherwise, once his enemies came looking from the Tianqin clan, the clans name would probably no longer be present in this city.

After all, even Flame City had changed owners in the past, having been taken over by the Extinguishing Alliance for some time. If it were not for the fact that the Saint Kings of the protector Changyang clan had appeared in the end and taken away the people most important to Jian Chen, the outcome would have been unfathomable.

Jian Chen took the infant from Qin Xiaos wife. The infant was white and chubby, making him seem extremely adorable. He lay in Jian Chens hands and stared at Jian Chen with his large, bright eyes.

Jian Chen touched the childs face before pulling out a fist-sized amount of divine water of the world from his Space Ring. He fed it to the child to purify his body.

The effects of the divine water were extremely powerful. Not only could the water alter the physique of people and allow cripples to become cultivation geniuses, but it was also extremely beneficial to the soul as well.

As Qin Xiaos child was being fed the divine water, his physique was being purified. His talent would be extremely impressive once he grew up, and he would become a dazzling star on the continent.

After returning the child back to Qin Xiaos wife, he flew out of the clan with Qin Xiao.

Soon after Jian Chen left, the news that the greatest expert of the continent had visited the Tianqin clan spread across the entire kingdom. The news continued further on, beyond the boundaries of the kingdom, without slowing down at all, shocking countless people and catching the attention of many more.

Unknowingly, Jian Chens visit to the Tianqin clan had greatly increased their status. Even the imperial family of the Zhuya Kingdom began to curry favor from the clan.

Several days later, seven-colored rainbow clouds suddenly descended, enveloping a surrounding radius of a million kilometers, making many Saint Rulers envious. However, these rainbow clouds had appeared just far too frequently recently, so it was now a common sight. As a result, very few people went to check out who had become a Saint King, but most people were not as curious as they had been in the past.

Deep within a mountain range several tens of thousand kilometers away, Qin Xiao stood on a cliff as a tremendous presence permeated his surroundings. He seemed rather dazed but also excited.

He really found it difficult to believe that Jian Chen had actually helped him become a Saint King in just a few short days, allowing him to stand at the very apex of the continent.

Qin Xiao knew what it meant to the Tianqin clan now that he had become a Saint King.

The Tianqin clan had already become the leading clan of the five most powerful clans in the Zhuya Kingdom, but they only had five Heaven Saint Masters in total. They did not even have a Saint Ruler, but now, they had gained a Saint King.

After successfully helping Qin Xiao become Saint King, Jian Chen did not return to the Tianqin clan. He said a few things to Qin Xiao before leaving the mountains.

His next stop was the Qinhuang Kingdom, one of the eight great kingdoms on the continent. Jian Chen always grateful for the help the kingdom had provided. If he had not become an Imperial Protector of the kingdom, which allowed him to lead the elite troops through a Space Gate to save the Gesun Kingdom, the Gesun Kingdom probably would have been wiped out by the alliance of the four kingdoms long ago. He would not have known if the Changyang clan would have still existed.

Although the four Imperial Protectors of the kingdom had made an exception for Jian Chen and had allowed him to become the fifth Imperial Protector because of his talent in attempt to pull him to their side, Jian Chen was still unable to forget the assistance the kingdom had provided. He had already helped all the Imperial Protectors of the kingdom become Saint Kings and had returned his debt, but Jian Chen still had another important friend in the kingdom, the third prince, Qin Ji.

Aside from Qin Ji, there was also the leaders of the Eastern Deity Swords, Qin Wujian and his two sons, along with Dongyi Junbai, Qing Shaofan, and the other Imperial Advisors that had followed him to the Gesun Kingdom.

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